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25% Rule for Guilds in Arena

15 January 2019 - 20:47

For those that are unaware there is a rule in arena that each arena can not have more than 25% from the same guild.


Arena is a solo activity... Arena folks keep their secrets to themselves otherwise the arena would be pointless. Arena has a very small pool of people and they happen to be from the same few guilds. If you notice the 16 player arena do not start because of this and sometimes even the 8 players even in various ranges. Arena is slow most people used to find fun in arena because of the fast pace ever changing environment. I'm looking to get this rule entirely removed because i simply don't understand it's purpose other than to slow down arena. Maybe to inhibit multis but then again if people have clones they can easily move them out of guild.


Please chime in with your likes and gripes.

Potential issues in inventing/the economy/gear oversaturation

10 January 2019 - 16:17

Issue #1 - everyone wins and everyone loses with inventing. Most things aren't worth it to invent. Especially because everything is a guaranteed success. What happened to the risk factor?

Issue 2 - inventor 2 175+ potions. Enough said dont make inventor 2 pots anymore.

Issue 3 - inventor 250+ potions. Yea every recipe doesnt need to be a sure win.

Issue 4 - gear is oversaturated stop the supply as clearly there isnt a feasible way to increase demand.

Please add more issues you have with this topic.

Potential issues in composing

10 January 2019 - 16:12

Issue #1 - Composing allows you to brew practically epic potions for a poor man's penny. These high level potions ruin the game and makes hunting super boring.

Issue #2 - way too easy to farm the upper level frags. Already a topic discussing the issues with legendary over saturation.

Issue #3 - There is next to no way possible to keep giving composing more content because of the exponential growth of powerful potions it provides.

Add more issues you find with composing.

Potential issues in Titan Hunting.

10 January 2019 - 16:07

Issue #1 - tp200+ why does this exist? Pretty much turned TH more into the haves and have nots.

Issue #2 - most of them simply aren't worth hunting because of oversaturation.

Issue #3 - Scripting farms. Ofcourse your gonna ask for evidence but as a player that plays often it's so easy to see. Ask anyone that follows titans they will say the same.

Issue #4 - titans can and sometimes do especially in seasonal times spawn and die in about 15 minutes.

Issue #5 - Stupid speed limiter that spams your logs. So annoying

Add any additional issues you see in this aspect.

Potential issues in the arena.

10 January 2019 - 15:58

Issue #1 - arena only has like 8 regulars... 16 person tourneys NEVER START and it takes a century for regular ones. What caused this down fall? Alot of things mostly arena tokens. Worst idea ever to do with arena.

Issue #2 - arena previously used to have a range of 1-1200 and you have changed it to accompany 1-4000+ and have kept the amount of arenas spawned to about 50. Thus we dont often get a good spread of arenas in alot of ranges.

Issue #3 - alot of the moves are boring and pointless. Enough said there

Issue #4 - The risk to reward in arena is terrible. With the update to arena your pretty much guaranteed to hardly make a profit.

Issue #5 - games getting smaller and people are cramming into few guilds. The 25% guild member rule is inhibiting arena starting speed. Isnt arena a solo activity?

How do you plan to address this? If there is a plan at all. There have been so many ideas but nothing official stated.

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