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In Topic: Shadow Bunny Showdown VII

07 April 2021 - 17:23

come on you were just being lazy. i still manage to get 270k kills with all the lag and time outs and errors you guys could of got ur 9k kills easter with highest globe booster. 

A. I got my 9k kills. B. I was going to do another hunt to try for top 100, but couldn't because the game refused to load for close to 90 minutes, and frustrated me to the point that I just decided to give up on it instead of being awake until 5 A.M. Crass assumptions will get you nowhere. HCS deciding to let people keep extra chests they shouldn't have, and then not giving everybody else extras to make it more fair for everyone doesn't help anything either, and because I know someone is gonna bring up that they're running the event again, I don't care. A lot of people got extra chests that they shouldn't have, so HCS should've given everybody else some extras as well.

In Topic: Shadow Bunny Showdown VII

06 April 2021 - 18:40

Great job being unfair with global rewards again. The top 100 aren't the only people that were dealing with lag, and errors. I was going to do another global hunt with full stamina, but couldn't due constant 502 errors, and I guarantee that I'm not the only one. If you're going to give out extra rewards like this you need to give them to everyone, or no one. Especially when problems with lag, and errors are effecting everybody, not just those in the top 100.

In Topic: Giveaway by mdgmmx

17 July 2020 - 01:04


In Topic: SS Auction

18 May 2020 - 09:04

PMed you in game, but I'll post it here as well just to be safe. BIN on #9. Payment has already been sent. Phenomenal work as usual :).


09:03 18/May/2020  

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