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#979484 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by Mister Doom on 13 April 2017 - 15:30

Yeah, we'd like to see a wide range of thoughts on it :)


A game-wide poll is doomed.


It'd be like asking a den of crack addicts, "Hey, that is quite bad you know, would you mind if we made it a little less potent?" Then deciding what to do about it based on what the junkies replies were... Pointless.


If you (Hoof) think that everything is fine and hunky dory as-is then fine, whatever, don't make a change. IF you see that things have become ridiculous and agree with those of us who can separate ourselves from our uber-pot dependency, then you DON'T NEED the 'permission' of the masses to fix stuff in your game... ¬_¬

#979483 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by Mister Doom on 13 April 2017 - 15:26

There are seven Epic Quest that gives stamina bonuses to new players. I see some new players get to level 150, and then I don't see them playing anymore. Granted I see a handful that are still playing. Up around level 250. They have fallen in love with the game like I have. Only how long have these Persians been in effect? I have had my experience with some higher level composing pots. They have made it easier for leveling which is good for me because I would like to one day get to where EOC is now. I am not sure about the other Buffs like PVP there are a few that I have used. But I know I will not try to clear any Benny's when I click on someone's profile and they have 70 buff applied. I want even look at them to see what or how high they are, if there are not leveling buffs. I am just not going to spend the gold or FSPs trying to get high level pots or Buffs. I'm not even going to use composing Pots to try clearing a bounty. If I see that person already has 60 Buffs cast on them.

Now I have had players cast high level buffs on me to hit and to defend in GvGs. But I've never used high level composing pots to do so. I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have level 60 composers in their guilds.

So I'm not too sure how I feel about PVP buffs. But diminishing leveling Buffs in a game. Where new players are looking at players Over 3200. Then they realize that they can only move so fast after doing the handful of Epic Quest. And not having Buffs that they​ feel would be the only way for them to advance. Such as a few of the Potions from the chest from Events. Well I just don't see why any current leveling Buffs would need to be diminished


Stat affecting buffs, not 'levelling buffs'. Being able to drink a potion and then roflstomp everything in Uber-pot god mode spoils the game.


It is exactly the same as activating cheat mode.

#979281 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by Mister Doom on 08 April 2017 - 16:09

The question here is......would you have won NOT using composing or Epic pots? I mean, would you have won using pots that have always been available instead? I'm guessing yes, easily. So, if this is the case, composing pots aren't really helping you win, they just allow you to hit harder ;)






'Winning' using skill, mathematics and knowledge of the game isn't the same as blindly drinking some potions and then smashing stuff without care.


In this case it is NOT just the winning that counts.

#978753 Max Stamina Gain Increase?

Posted by Mister Doom on 01 April 2017 - 18:48

Seems like you've left out the endurance shrine (guild structure) stam gains and relic bonus.

#978681 That Friday feeling

Posted by Mister Doom on 31 March 2017 - 13:25

I remember when legendary events were rare and came out of the blue.

Ahh, those were the days.

#978662 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by Mister Doom on 31 March 2017 - 09:22

I'm not suggesting we do this, but one option for 'overpowered' skills would be to give them a diminishing return. This would allow the potions levels etc. to remain unchanged and ensure that the higher levels are still more powerful, but not crazily powerful if you know what I mean? It would also open up to possibility of even higher level buffs of some skills where it would have made them too powerful previously.


This is purely an example, but something along the lines of this:


Sample Skill: +1 per point to attack up to skill level 250. After 250, +0.1 per point to attack.


Go with this initial idea Hoof, apply it to all stat affecting buffs, for all aspects of the game.


Job done, you hit the nail on the head with your first strike of the hammer.

#978411 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by Mister Doom on 25 March 2017 - 05:36

You know, getting aggressive and disrespectful to fellow players is not putting forward the best opportunity to motivate Hoof into implementing his proposed change. I suggest people just calm down and stop trying to go after each other. It's not helping.

#978344 A quick and easy overview of Daily Quests

Posted by Mister Doom on 24 March 2017 - 06:59

Maybe it could be pinned in the 'Game Help' section?


I don't mean to sound harsh but this isn't really deserving of a permanent spot on the general discussion tab to be honest.


Even better, link to it in the http://www.fallenswo....php?cmd=guidessection. That way it doesn't even need to be pinned at all. More up to date forum threads can be displayed on page one, and people will always be able to find this thread anyway. Win win.

#978168 This Nonsense again...

Posted by Mister Doom on 21 March 2017 - 23:54

Been looking at it with Zorg and we may have found the issue - we'll be taking look tomorrow to see what we can do to resolve it for good :)


Sweet. Let Zorg do the actual fixing though Hoof. I could do with a free stam refill... lol

#977578 The Hunted Cow epics.

Posted by Mister Doom on 04 March 2017 - 22:49

I think doing that might further drive the prices of the lower level HC Epics to unreachable points for anyone who is actually reasonably close to the items level.


Sure, but then again if they want one they could hunt one themselves instead of buying. The titan has an increased spawn rate compared to other titans. Letting these epics have prestige and a respectable price tag isn't inherently bad. It's how all epics used to be...

#977385 iggy on forums ?

Posted by Mister Doom on 03 March 2017 - 01:35

Yep, I've had a few people ignored/blocked on here for years.


It's not 100% though, you still get a little bit of text, basically telling you that there's a post missing and it's from someone you've blocked.


Just follow the instructions wazzimoto wrote. It's fairly straight-forward.

#977262 The need for gold

Posted by Mister Doom on 01 March 2017 - 09:19

That is precisely Urck's point, Doom. Having spent all that money/effort getting a large stam bank, Urck gets to EOC and finds that the game mechanics negates the point of him having upgraded his stam bank ("not profitable" in Urck's words).


I guess you may have been restating his point, but it sure reads like the opposite.


Yeah I intended to simply restate but I got carried away. Obviously I agree with UrcK here.

#977255 The need for gold

Posted by Mister Doom on 28 February 2017 - 23:10

You do understand that beyond EOC each level you earn a smaller and increasingly smaller amount of gold ? we are forced to continually hunt for next to NO gold ...rendering spending the large stam bank NOT profitable ...


Also, players having 'large stamina banks' is not limited exclusively to EOC and is not even relevant to this discussion. You can't possibly think it is a good idea to have game mechanics that are designed to negate character upgrades? That is just pure nonsense.


I'm really tired of seeing players complain that higher levelled players have this and/or have that. You don't automatically get these things, we weren't 'born' with these upgrades. Each and every one was either earned through hard work in-game or paid for with (just as hard worked for) real money.


"Lets make it so the game negates their upgrade, that's how we foster morale and make people want to make their characters better!" - Does this make sense to anyone?

#977116 3126 to 3150 Quests.

Posted by Mister Doom on 24 February 2017 - 18:26

Very good, next do Present Darkness...

#975872 Guild store Item Repair Button

Posted by Mister Doom on 23 January 2017 - 23:51

"Sent Yesterday, 06:48
plz check out my latest post under general discussion regarding guild store repair button, comments are appreciated."


Not sure why my input on this would be asked for...


That said it has always been my opinion that guild tagging itself was a horrible addition to the game that made people lazy, dropped the value of every piece of armour in the game, created guilds that coddle instead of teach and made each LE event (after the first) a little more pointless each time they happen.


So making it easier to keep 'guild tagged' gear fully repaired? Yeah sure why not, the damage was already done a long time ago. Why not take another action that people should do themselves and let a single person do it for all, we are all looking for ways to play less anyway aren't we. Strangely.

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