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In Topic: Legacy in general

22 October 2015 - 23:06

I know my voice isn't appreciated around the Legacy community based on my mischievous behaviour in the past, and somewhat recently. But put all that aside for a second as I would be more than happy to see big changes happen around Legacy, I'm open minded, so whatever updates are presented to me, I would be happy with whether it's major or minor.


Legacy is a very old school text based game. Our mindset probably needs to change and be more accepting, and appreciate the updates given. But I do agree with Will in the fact that Legacy definitely does deserve some love and attention as the community within Legacy is second to none, you cannot fault or compare the loyalty of the player base in Legacy. We do deserve better.


I'd love to see major updates on the combat system, tier 2 items, balancing weapons, a major overhaul of the graphics i.e character designs etc. One thing I'm not fond of recently is the inventory, I do prefer the old one, but that's just personal preference I suppose.


I won't stop playing Legacy for as long as it's available, trust me. I'll be here right to the end. This is my 2nd account, played Legacy when it first started so I'm pretty much OG.

In Topic: Legacy 10 year anniversary

24 April 2015 - 00:07

I would like to say the Legacy community feel hugely let down by Hunted Cow Studio's that nothing has been done to keep a yearly tradition going. As Legacy approaches it's 10th year anniversary, we feel that something special should be done to remember and celebrate a huge milestone this game has achieved. Along with that comes many great memories, but with the lack of interaction from Hunted Cow Studio's and Zorg is really disheartening.


There is something very wrong when Legacy has been left on the back burner for such a long time. A community which is passionate about a game, people who have stuck around 10 years playing this game or those who have stuck around for many years and still play to this day. If that's not loyalty, then I have no idea what is. All we ask for is something back, something special....not a poxy toolbox, I mean we've had those before! Let's have a double exp weekend, throw in some credits, special gang items, platinum...OR maybe those updates we've been promised time and time again.


I hope the staff at Hunted Cow Studio's and Zorg are paying attention to this thread. As a community we want to feel apart of this company and for you to show us that you care, but at the moment we feel hugely let down! It would be nice for HCS staff to come pop by, say hello, interact with us, we won't bite...OKAY, maybe a little ;).


That's my vent out the way! Hopefully, I will see some responses from HCS staff.

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