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In Topic: Game Suggestion: Adding Inventor Medals

09 June 2020 - 16:12

Fantastic idea... I support this. Too often we invent solely for DQ and sometimes we don't even attempt the invent DQs but this would give a new incentive. 


Inventing is such a big aspect of this game. We've all got pages of pages of items we can invent and a push like this can create more potion makers or high end epic makers  :)

In Topic: Double Composing XP LV

07 June 2020 - 14:49

Thank you

In Topic: Shadow Bunny Showdown VI

11 April 2020 - 15:00

Thanks for the event. Happy Easter.



Q: Does the easter egg and shadow bunny give same amount of contribution point per kill?

In Topic: Scavenging Caves!

19 August 2019 - 02:48

I hope this gets resolved and tested by more individuals at the HCS... I believe we, the community, need to be reassured that we can participate in any event or future event without being afraid of bugs or unfair advantages. Scavenging has always been an attractive way to risk your resource in order to make bank and come up on top. I personally tried scavenging in the past two events (mirkys (new) and wily (new)) and risked 5 million gold both time, but both times I never gotten any new or even any old legendary gear drops. Both the times I used the recommended gold and never gotten any drops. Now I'm just waiting for the big gold spenders to just farm them so I can buy them off auction because I know there's no value for me to do scavenging.


Q) Could the recommended gold amount be set too low?


Q) What's the actual rate? Can we drop 10x or even 25x the recommended gold for a guarantee battle with (a) or any legendary creature?

In Topic: Scavenging Caves!

16 August 2019 - 16:15

Is the level 3100 legendary a new creature? I found no information on Wily Minions on the official fallensword guide and it doesn't have a (New) next to it's name.

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