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Whydoiplay's annual Forbes best workplace in Fallensword

23 June 2020 - 15:01

This is the annual Forbes list (FS version) of best workplace.

Census done by multiple anonymous surveys and thorough imagination.


Rank 1: Hunted Cow Studios (+2)

Rank 2: For Frack Sake (+1)

Rank 3: Minions of Mirkwood (-2)

Rank 4: Disposable Heroes (+1)

Rank 5: The Evil Dead (+1)

Rank 6: angellife (-2)

Rank 7: We are Legends (neutral)

Rank 8: NoDrama (-1)

Rank 9: Secret Alliance (-1)

Rank 10: King of all Kings (+12)

Rank 11: The Empire of Gods (+11)

Rank 12: The legion of Fallen Gods (-8)

Rank 13: Secret Alliance (-9)

Rank 14: Gardens of the Moon (+12)

Rank 15: Bushido (+11)

Rank 16: Dark Seige (+10)

Rank 17: Czech Knights (+9)

Rank 18: Gateway to Eternity (+8)

Rank 19: The Rising Immoral Phoenix (-5)

Rank 20: Mischief and Mayhem (+35) 



In Recent News:


Rank one still goes to Hunted Cow Studios for consistent updates and improvement on the app and game. The next DXP has been announced. They take the cake for rank one.


Rank second is FFS, CFO Pointyhair announce new upgrades and updates to FSHelper to many of players gameplay pleasure and also praise for improvements to the interface screen and helpfulness. Also controlling ranked 1 overall and uncontested EVP insaner making the move to guild advantage.


Rank third goes to the legendary MoM, although the main reason for the decline is CFO rome no longer selling Kraganaths Krushing Helm for 1 fsp, shareholders and inventors are displeased with this new policy. 


Coming in fourth is Disposable Heroes, CEO cucu has consistently outperform sales goals by producing tier 5 weapons and armory, it is because of him that prices are sustainable and stable.


And in fifth place is the The Evil Dead, since the announcement of new CEO Moon, the company has been in a steady increase in profits and revenue, many of the new reforms and strategies are being implemented by the new boss.


 Angellife has been in a steady decline in recent months with no new recruits and multiple leavers. CEO has also been inactive to meet company quarterly goals.


With the new CEO of NoDrama (Waz) is increasing improving the old guild structures of PvP especially involvement in the ladder.


Kind of all Kings, great leadership under CEO LordG. What else to say?


The Empire of Gods CEO, Ivan, recently announcement Stock compensation for all members of +1 Christmas giftbox. Very generous Leadership. 


Ever since the departure of VP ironlegs (RIP) and the recent leave of long time shareholder Juvi, the legion hasn't been the same. 


BadP, senior executive of Secret Alliance tried to make a chance within the guild but fail to gather enough support, therefore leaving to join FFS. Thus dropping the stocks to all time lows.


Upon starting a new guild, CEO Buj, envisioned a future for all members to succeed together. With the new recruits of active members, the guild is doing better than most others. Stocks are being "snatched" up by new investors.


Dark Seige leadership CEO shadow came back a few years back and since then, the guild has been prosperous under her leadership, climbing very quickly with new high ranked officials and active members. Stocks improving year to year 10%.


Czech Knights profits have quadruple over the years. Outperforming most composing and breakdown companies. Mainly because CEO Ptak and CFO  aly has consistantly provide the entire community with resources for break down DQ. We all thank them for the support.


Profits were good for Gateway to Eternity but because of Covid19, there has been slowdowns. CEO CrazyC has been looking to reward for weekly and monthly leveling.


The Rising Immortal Phoenix has taken a big gamble and lost. Maintaining company strategy to recruit new players, the new players are often unconscious of the resources being used and devote to nothing in return. Investors are displeasd.


Mischief and Mayhem making the most gains this year by obtaining the rank one spot in guild GvG. CEO TheC set company value of CRAB and is determined to get 200/0 Guild GvG ratio for shareholders and investors.


SE hunting while it lasted.

04 July 2019 - 19:18

SE leveling guide

By Whydoiplay                      

SE leveling is basically killing SEs to level up. You need to use high level doubler and fight it solo without using a group.


Gear Strategy: This is not your normal hunt, you MUST max out your ATTACK stat, your second stat will be DEFENSE

    All gear must have attack!! You need this the most. the second highest stat on the gear should be defense.   In the case that you cannot find primary attack and secondary defense, you can opt for damage for secondary.          

Buff Strategy: After you find your att/def set, find the correct buffs. (THE HIGHER THE LEVEL, THE EASIER THE HUNT)
1) Basics: Distil 150, Brewing Master 200+, Doubler 1200+, Librarian 300+, Adapt Learner 300+, (Remove Conserve, this is important because Conserve Cancels Arterial Strike)

2) Auction house potions: Constitution 250 (25k gold), Force Shield 200 (100gold), Wither 350 (50kgold) (can sub for wither450)  

3) Flinch 400+, Dark Curse 225+, Coordinate attack 350, Coordinate defense 350, Shield wall 500, Keen Edge 400, Arterial Strike 300,   Sacrifice, Reckoning, Golden Shield, High Guard, Last Ditch, Shockwave, Stun, Super Elite Slayer, Shatter Armor, Spectral Knight   Unbreakable, Side Step, Defiant, Mesmerize, Demoralize, Stalker, Epic Forge, Epic Craft, Empower, Enchant Everything (optional)  

4) Bloodthirst, Poison, Ignite, Berserk, Smashing Hammer, Entrench, Barricade (You might want to remove or add these buffs if you kill too quickly or hard to kill)  

5) Summon Shield Imp (you might want to spam buy this buff because it can win a fight for you and save your exp)  

6) Nightmare Visage (25-175) Adjust accordingly to the SE's attack that you are fighting  

7) Recommended Epic potions are Easter Egg Bottle, Glass of Eggnog or Shimmering White Opal Potion for insane exp drops. (Remove Conserve)      


Where to find SEs? Use the Fallensword Offical Guide.


Which SEs to target? All and Any SE over level 2225.


Mourarchian (Super Elite)

  2225 Low HP, High attack, nmv175. Your damage >5k. One of the lowest HP SE, try to max barricade and remove berserker if you're ready. 


Emperor Sidd (Super Elite)

  2400 High Defense. No need for NMV. Just keep trying. Your damage >15k. Low attack but high defense means you will get a ton of combat unresolved. Wait for Mesmerize to kick in and you should be able to knock him off his feet.


Gunnolf the Corrupted (Super Elite)

  2575 Medium attack, NMV100. High armor, wait for spec knight or shatter armor to proc. Your dmg >20k. Well rounded guy, just smash him with all the buffs on.


Grooango the Trickster (Super Elite)

  2625 High Defense. No need for NMV. Just keep trying. Your damage >15k. This guy is very similiar to Sidd, you need to wait for mesmerize to kick in to drop that defense so you can slap him silly. 


Nahuatl the Gigantic (Super Elite)

  2650 Medium attack, NMV100. High armor, wait for spec knight or shatter armor to proc. Your dmg >20k. The only SE with a ridiculously high armor. Wait for the armor reduction procs.


The Soul Thief (Super Elite)

  2900 NMV175. Spam purchase SSI. Your dmg >5k. He has over 400k attack, he won't miss you even if you had wings. You're gonna die a lot here but if you can hit first and activate shockwave and your buffs kick in, luck is on your side. Remember to lower damage as he has one of the lowest HP pools.


Drogorath The Vicious (Super Elite)

  2925 NMV175. Spam purchase SSI. Your dmg >20k. You're in the big leagues now, the last few don't miss much but if you paid attention and have the proper buffs, you will only die a few times...


The Drunken Sleepwalker (Super Elite)

  3000 NMV175. Spam purchase SSI. Your dmg >20k. This guy is personally my hardest to kill. It says he's drunken but he's kinda like Jackie Chan drunken, he becomes stronger and you're gonna die a lot but if you read this far you got this.


The Boom Hawk (Super Elite)

  3275 NMV175. Spam purchase SSI. Your dmg >10k. One of the community favorites, lower HP pool, low defense, max your defenses with nightmare 192 if possible.


Empress Tinny (Super Elite)

  3400 NMV175. Spam Purchase SSI. Your dmg >20k. The all rounded MVP. Good luck           


      Final thoughts, remember to keep in mind that this is not your regular hunt. You need to get into 20 rounds of combat. Not kill the SE in the first round.   Artieral Strike boost the exp gain for every round of combat therefore the lower your dmg the better for most instance. Conserve cancels Arterial Strike.   Check the SE log and hunt when no one else has killed any high lvl SE for hours. (at least 12 hours for all to spawn) If you read this far, then message me in game "SE hunting is fun" and I will give you a gift. At first try or even your first twentieth try, you will die. You will keep dying but don't be discouraged because you're learning. Read the battle logs, why did you die? Did you not have enough damage to combat unresolved? Did you die because SE was able to hit you? Adjust yourself and once you get the hang, you will enjoy the sweet exp gains. 




That's it folks, if you want to contribute, my in-game username is Whydoiplay, send me a Thanks  ;)
Below are two examples of "perfect" (maybe perfect  :P ) hits. Perfectly calculated 20 rounds of combat  with insanely expensive potions and composed brews and the results speak for itself.

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