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[1.61] Server Maintenance

Today, 14:47

Hi all,


The following updates are live this update:

  • Fixed two Easter Eggs that could not be collected.
  • Fixed edge case where the sale price could not be retrieved for some items.
  • Quest markers now prefer doors with no or lower level requirements.
  • Additional server logging to diagnose crashes and other issues.
  • Compatibility for running the client on newer Java versions up to Java 11.


Springtide Celebration Update

08 April 2019 - 12:49

When spring comes to the lands of Eldevin the bluppities start hiding their chocolate eggs throughout the realms! This years Springtime Celebration is now live and will run until the 29th of April.


  • The Springtide Egg hunt has returned, search the realms for your favourites!
  • Chocolatier Ernie has returned to Eldevin Market.


The following changes went live:

  • Fixed the icon on the kill 1000 fish achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where player summons could attack creatures that the player could not attack.


We wish you all a happy Springtide and hope you enjoy this event!

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