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#909149 #WTP Roadmap 2014

Posted by Nastasha on 13 December 2014 - 06:08

Not saying whom, not publicly at least (cow gods know where to find me)  but there is a practice, a trial by fire, hazing, whatever you want to call it.  There are a handful of players that specifically target us lowbies in the WL with the sole intention of running us from the game.  This even had an effect on me, and on a few occasions I thought to leave, yet I am stubborn, and it's hard for me to back down from a fight.  But this fight isn't fair, I have no choice but to run or be killed.  Then a chase ensues, and I am  like a rabbit on the run.  Fleeing to the hive helps, after the initial attack, but still, it makes me feel unwanted.  I am a loyal HCS gamer, and I feel I deserve a modicum of common respect.  There is no respect in this practice.  It is bullying plain and simple and it's bad for the game imo.  


I have been under attack likely by the exact same people, and it is a definite problem. It is like a gauntlet of hazing that in my opinion should not exist.


This is without a doubt bully behavior, and the major factor in bully's being bullies is because they are in an environment that support it. I do hate to say it, but Zorg's attitude related to this issue in the past was "WL is for AVs!", so no matter if he realized he was doing it or not, he approved of such horrible conduct. This gave the bullies a get out of jail free card that clearly continues to this very day. The same can be said about trolls (people just intentionally trying to get a rouse out of people for their own amusement/insecurity etc.). Legacy is a breeding ground for this sort of activity, as well as blatant sexism. We have a choice of saying "well that is just the way it is!" and putting our nose to the air, or admit that it not only hurts Zorg's bottom line, but it also effects our abilities to create a safe space for new players.


This is a problem.


I feel on this #WeThePeople Roadmap we need to find a way to address this issue with a creative solution. I am not sure if this will help or not, but perhaps if we have the Elders abide by a strict no bully or trolling policy, then be giving the ability to favor and disfavor, it might help the problem. That is if the Elders themselves don't have any trolls or bullies in their ranks >.> <.<


That is something I feel should be addressed in this Roadmap. With that said I will try this;


PROPOSAL: A strict "No Bully and No Troll tolerated Here" pledge Elders make, as well as the ability for Elders in good standing to be able to D-fave and fave. In addition this should mean that whenever someone is D-faved, another player is Faved (such as the person that spoke out? The person that was bullied?).


I add that secondary amendment to the end, as I fear D-favs were handed out like candy for quite a bit there which created a hostile environment.

#908655 Legacy Roadmap 2014 Vote

Posted by Nastasha on 11 December 2014 - 13:03

These three would actually be very helpful for new players..


You are right, I completely agree. I never said the other options are not needed. However I don't think they directly effect player retention as much as giving players a "testing ground" for our gang politics. Starting brand new players as Rogue I feel is a huge step in that direction of letting them try things out a bit, then find a reason to stick around.


In truth one problem I do see with this idea as I propose it, is to be honest the gang symbols need a face-lift at the very least. The gangs as a whole are a bit stale, internally with the positions as well as externally with their visual appeal or lack there-of.

#888724 Legacy's Future

Posted by Nastasha on 08 September 2014 - 08:44

I have grown a fondness towards Legacy over the last 6.5 months, and nearly the whole time I have also had these questions on my mind as well. I see the passion, love, drive, and talent within our player-base. It is clear to me that HCS juggling so many balls ends up with important things left on the floor. In years of searching I have never found a game that suits my needs and desires as much as Legacy does, and were it to fall completely to the way-side it would be sad.


Let's face the music, either HCS needs to step it up in a big way (go ahead, steal our ideas!), or players from within your own game may move on to other games outside your portfolio. Worse even your own players may end up becoming your biggest competitors as they venture out and use their talent to their full potential and create their own game(s).


Don't give up on us! The ball is in your court!

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