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In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.3)

23 September 2020 - 15:36

Hi DAWy,


We are glad you are enjoying the app and that you have chosen it as your preferred way to play. Rest assures, we are working hard to get the next update out and available for download. I am afraid however, that as this app is still in development and available in Beta, issues and down time like this is unavoidable. It is for this reason we are unable to offer any compensation for this down time. Sorry if that is not the response you are looking for, but we hope you continue to play and enjoy the app when the next update goes live very soon! 



In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.3)

04 September 2020 - 12:54

Hi Tilley,


Thank you for your continued feedback on the Fallen Sword mobile application, and thank you for letting us know about the displayed xp on the pvp victory screen, this is a display issue our end and that xp value is the amount the defeated player lost as apposed to the victorious player gaining. This has now been fixed our end and will display correctly next update.


As for Notifications, I'm afraid we do not have an ETA on their implementation. We do agree that they will be amazing addition and give the app an edge over the browser, but at the moment we have other features higher on the priority list. We will hopefully have them implemented and working soon though as it will be a good feature to have! 



Conix :)

In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.2)

23 July 2020 - 09:32

Arena: When I opened an arena to join, I was spammed with “Success” on the app (I just opened the arena and did not join). Please see attached image.

I actually noticed this when looking into arena joined messages and as a result, it has already been fixed, will be in the next update. Thank you for reporting it though as it could have easily gone unnoticed.


The Sealed display bug is still an issue on app and browser (“always” negates Rage and Stun) - still need to grab a screenshot.

Sealed should select 2 buffs at random to negate, so if it is always selecting Rage and Stun this is an issue, will have a look into this and hopefully have a fix very soon!


Thanks again for all your app feedback,


~Conix :)

In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.2)

22 July 2020 - 16:41

Hi Tilley,


Thank you for getting back to us with more feedback on the app!


App still doesn’t show how much PvP rating is being transferred on the ladder.

Thank you for pointing this out, It was on our list of things to do but has been missed for this update. Have put it to the top of the priority list for the next one. 


I am unable to send guild tagged gear to other guildmates. It is requiring that everything be sent via ST and not just sent to them.

A system to send items has yet to be implemented on the app, but rest assured it is on the list. It has come up a few times in the last couple weeks and as a result has moved up the priority list. Hoping to have it implemented for the next update!


It also doesn’t show if I have entered an arena without clicking. Can there be a color difference between arenas I have entered, arenas I haven’t entered and arenas that I cannot enter due to guild restrictions? Would be a good quick glance instead of clicking.

You should be able to see if you, or another member of your guild, have joined a tournament on the row itself. It should look something like this.



Can you confirm if this is visible for you as it could be a bug that it is not showing up. We can also look into a way to make this more obvious in future versions of the app, tweaking the colours slightly, like you suggested, could be a really good way to do this!


Thanks again for your feedback on this newest update, 


~Conix :)

In Topic: Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.2)

22 July 2020 - 16:23

Seems the settings tab in the main menu doesn’t load now. I’m using iOS app


Hi chaotic1x,


Thanks for pointing this out, we have found the cause and a fix has been implemented! We will aim to release a new update as soon as we possibly can in order to resolve this issue!



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