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#992235 My Anniversary

Posted by Sadiablo on 10 June 2018 - 05:32

I will forever be nostalgic of the community that gothador once had. When the bovine gods actually showed us attention and the population thrived. Yes, there were games like Everquest out there and others that were coming to life, but I remember.. when Tabula Rasa and Guild of Wisdom were in their prime and we had radio nights with Jinxeth doing DJ and we would all kick back and run after stuff from an invasion.  All while trying to Dodge Morbid or Sephidroth. 


Those were some great times, and I will always be thankful for the day I met you OG. One of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And others that I got to know pretty well like Nyarlathotep and Nibbler and Mystical. There were some incredible people here, and while I cling to that nostalgia it leaves me a little forlorn as well knowing that those people have moved on to other things and we'll never share the joys of exploring the realms and doing things as a group/family. 


It's bittersweet in a way, but I also remember the fun I would have talking to Capadocious and Morbid and Gallowmere after coming over here from Vampires!. But now it's as you said darling, phantoms in an old empty Mansion more often than not unfortunately :(

#960593 HCS: Open Tickets

Posted by Sadiablo on 11 March 2016 - 21:13

Subscription GO‑026199: Submitted 17 days ago


Any chance you guys can look into this?


Maybe we can sticky this too so whenever someone has tickets open for several weeks / months without any attention they can just post the ticket number and get it looked at?

#959651 Gothador, still a great place to kill spit when mad as hello

Posted by Sadiablo on 23 February 2016 - 05:58

Especially from OG, <3

#937377 something new

Posted by Sadiablo on 27 June 2015 - 01:41

Yeah, I'm not really seeing myself as a "Belladonna Storm" personally,  so I'll keep looking :D

#936632 Christopher Lee

Posted by Sadiablo on 19 June 2015 - 00:46

Definitely, Infernal or Spirit. All the ghosty vampire haunted stuff he did is great for that

#934481 something new

Posted by Sadiablo on 03 June 2015 - 04:34

You didn't, it was just an aftermath post letting the rest of the 10 remaining gothador players we aren't allowed to make those kinds of posts, even though it didn't offend anyone and it wasn't even really political or religious, it just referenced a well known author making a statement to a religious entity. You weren't making a political or religious speech yourself or preaching anything, and if the dozen or less people who actually post keep getting censored now there's going to be zero activity on the forums and then they will be 100% obsolete, instead of only 99.999% obsolete. 


But, on to happier topics now?

#934038 something new

Posted by Sadiablo on 30 May 2015 - 06:10

I don't know what was posed but doubt strongly there was any reason to edit it , it didn't offend anyone,

we're the handful of players keeping the  game and its forum alive. Censorship on the few people actually posting anything isn't going to help anybody. It's actually kind of sad because we've been trying to get admins and developers to pay attention to this forum and maybe take a few ideas an  put them into the game without so much as a "we'll think about it" for years. But someone makes one comment and * BAM  *!!! There's an admin? Just wow..

#927503 future gothador

Posted by Sadiablo on 08 April 2015 - 04:27

Spent a lot of time and money to play by yourself. That's rough.


That's the situation all existing players are in. We poured hundreds of dollars or more into this game to build it up, and to keep it alive. Not just by paying our subs either. By buying USP and paying for websites like The Guild of Wisdom's Book of Wisdom (just as an example) as a player resource since there was never anything implemented server side for that.  Basically, HCS put the game in front of us, said "here are the quests, have fun" and never gave us realm lists, quest databases or anything.

We have done everything ourselves since day one. The only thing we didn't do is create the game, but we keep it alive, research everything, develop places people can go to look for things that are never provided for in the game and contribute all the suggestions that would revamp the game and maybe breathe life back into it, that ultimately all get ignored.


Many of us either have, or know someone who has spent potentially thousands of real life dollars to help get this game up and running or keep it alive. That's on top of the 11+ years we have been playing and spending 20-40+hrs a week leveling up and doing events as a cult to help other players.  We've spent more time and attention on this game than the developers ever have, but sadly.. HCS seems to have the attention span of a humming bird with ADD. 


As soon as they got up to about 90,000 ACTIVE players, they went "Hmm ok, lets go do something else" and out came Fallen Sword,  they got a few players there then "Ah well, off to the next thing" and Sigmastorm came out. Rinse and repeat and you have today. 

Instead of maintaining anything that's been successful, as soon as it gets any margin of success they abandon it and move on to another project and leave everything else behind to rot. 

They've been so focused on IoS games and Android platform games and Eldevin  that they entirely forgot about gothador. 


Yes, I do understand the concept of "Lets see if we can duplicate that success on another project" but, there's a point where you have to stop putting out new stuff every few months that people could really care less about and go back and pay attention to the projects that even made you successful in the first place or kept you in business long enough to do all those other new projects.  And that's not happening. 


People have been asking, begging, venting for fixes to problems that have plagued gothador since the day it went live and they have all been ignored so that something new could be pushed out. That never leads to a successful situation either. Any good business people know that. Put out 1 solid product before moving on to something else, then if it comes up, fix what you have before you put out something new. Don't keep pushing out new stuff that's only half assed while you have a good thing wasting away.  That leaves a sore spot for a lot of ppl who feel neglected and like they've been wasting years and thousands of dollars on a product put out by people who could care less about it.  And if they don't care about it, it's hard for us to continue to care. 

#927121 future gothador

Posted by Sadiablo on 05 April 2015 - 20:23

Unfortunately, Gothador has turned into a post apocalyptic world with only about 15-20 survivors. Living in mud hunts, and with nothing to eat or drink but cactus juice and tree branches. 


There's no civilizations or populace.  It's the world after a nuclear holocaust.  It's like the story of the time machine, you would find only ruins of the cities there were with nothing but holograms and ghosts. 

The game was abandoned by the gods, and their followers died off as well.  Unless they make a re appearance and re shape the world, it's going to stay dead. 

#891580 Maybe a new creatures/realm

Posted by Sadiablo on 27 September 2014 - 18:51

Will it be called Mister-T?

#887077 Invasion Please?

Posted by Sadiablo on 23 August 2014 - 06:55

Flip the switch on the monster vending machines PLEASE?  It will be a huge help to all the new players or those returning and making new alts!

#885527 First cow to post wins

Posted by Sadiablo on 15 August 2014 - 01:31

RIght, I have the link in my signature to the post Iago started asking us all for ideas. We gave him several pages of ideas and then he vanished off the face of the earth and we never saw or heard from him again. So we don't know if any of the ideas were passed around to the other 2 staff members or if they stayed in Iagos desk under all the cobwebs. 


Btw, Love your sig Happydays. I <3 the Tonberry



#885096 Invasion Please?

Posted by Sadiablo on 13 August 2014 - 23:01


#885052 Invasion Please?

Posted by Sadiablo on 13 August 2014 - 16:56

Like an invasion creature retirement home? :lol:

#884862 Invasion Please?

Posted by Sadiablo on 12 August 2014 - 20:26

From what I understand,  it's been a couple years really since there was an invasion. 


A lot of people really want  or need gear better than what there is available from questing and random monster kills, and unfortunately that means items from Invasions,  Squiggs, insects, yvew  etc, who knows. 


Can you guys please flip the switch and throw an Invasion or 12  :D  into the game?


It will help out all the new players who have never gotten to experience one , as well as all the old players that are still hanging on. Either to gear their own characters/alts  and to help make items for newer players. 


Any help Divine Bovines?



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