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Pvp Protection in the PvP Ladder

23 September 2020 - 14:53

I've seen multiple occasions on various ladders where a player/s hits everyone once, or even multiple times for a few hours, and then opts out to leave the ladder.

*Said* player/s gain Dominance medal ticks, and smasher medal progress without a risk of being hit back or bountied.

As an example, I just had a guildmate log in, and try to return a few ladder hits. Only to find out they couldn't due to the player buying protection and leaving the ladder ( and his pvp range )

Can I just ask what the cows thoughts are on this? I know you have oodles in the pipeline, and other priorities, but I'd just like you to see how frustrating this can be to anyone who plays the ladder or plans to.


~ Maeh

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