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Titan Design Contest 2022

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#1 Arioche



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Posted 08 September 2022 - 14:59

Hello everyone!
We are here to offer you the chance to see your creations rise in the Titan world, so we're holding a Titan Design Contest that everyone can enter!
Entry Period
You may enter the Design Contest between Sept 8th, 2022 at 3pm (Server Time) and Oct 6th, 2022 at 3pm (Server Time)
How to Enter
  • You must have a Fallen Sword Account
  • Fill out the Titan Template below and post it here on the Titan Design Contest 2022 Forum Thread
  • Entries will be collected as they are posted. Please note that any further edits to your post may not truly reflect what has been entered.
Entry Rules
  • ONE entry per person
  • The forum thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. It is NOT a discussion or feedback thread.
Entries will be automatically disqualified if they:
  • Contain offensive or obscene material.
  • Contain any personally identifiable information or personal data about any individual.
Failure to comply with the rules may result in your disqualification.
The Fallen Sword team will select a number of winners from qualifying entries. Winners will see their Titans come to life in Fallen Sword. They will also receive all items associated with their Titan upon their release.
Titan Template
Name: [The name of your Titan]
Classification: [Select one from the following: Aquatic, Avian, Beast, Canine, Demon, Dragon, Dwarf, Elf, Feline, Golem, Greenskin, Human, Magical, Mechanical, Mounted, Plant, Reptile, Undead, Vermin]
Lore: [The lore behind your Titan]
Physical Description: [What does your Titan look like?]
Sample Template
Name: The Great Mog
Classification: Beast
Lore: Emerging from its mountain home once a year, the Great Mog searches the land for harbours brimming with newly caught fish. What a fortuitous day for the Great Mog!
Physical Description: It's a colossal white cat!
We look forward to seeing all your entries!
~ Fallen Sword Team

#2 Revitalize



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Posted 08 September 2022 - 15:22

My story telling abilities are not the greatest, but this could be pretty cool to see.
Titan Template
Name: Johari The Eyeless
Classification: Golem
Lore: Once a man of great ambition and drive, Johari, a blind man, wanted to become the greatest warrior-mage the world had ever seen. A man known to be kind and caring, but ruthless on the battlefield. He ventured far and wide in search for greatness. Johari slew any man, woman, beast or pest alike that ever dared cross his path.
One fateful evening while he rested before a great battle, the wizard he planned on facing the next morning had concocted a dire curse and placed it upon Johari as he slept.
This curse that was placed had done nothing more than work against the wizard, because Johari had melded with the forest beneath him and became the mountain itself that he laid upon. When he woke up, everything around him started to tear and crumble.
Johari had become what he sought out to be, but the manner it happened in, sent him into a never ending rage, annihilating anything in his way. Even those he had come to care for.
Physical Description: Mountain - Forest hair - waterfall mouth - eyeless - Long, Ridged limbs - weighs up to 100b tonnes
Level: 1221
Item: Johari's Mighty Maul (Weapon) Handle made of an unknown lightweight diamond (3 feet long) with a large piece of said diamond at the top.
This weapon contains only a fraction of Johari's true power. (possible tier options here)

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#3 tuvok77



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Posted 08 September 2022 - 15:39

Name: Karen the Widowmaker 
Classification: Undead
Lore: The Widowmaker emerges from her slumber once a year, in wailing search to tear up any man from grudges past and long forgotten. Her rage knows no bounds and she is known to devastate entire regions, just by her high pitched screeching voice. Only the bravest may face her and stand a chance to win the day.
Physical Description: Middle Aged Decaying Woman wearing black shrouds with glowing red eyes and sharp long glistening silver fingernails.

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#4 jomamma12


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Posted 08 September 2022 - 16:32

Titan Template

Name: CeeeOooooooToo

Classification: [ Plant ]

Lore: In Ages long past, mankind was subjected to a worldwide government that crushed everyone in its path.  It was made law that mankind should all suffer from the whims of the few in power.  Now all mankind was placed under an edict that caused all of the technological advances to be set aside in the name of GLOBALWARMING.  This incredible mythical monster forced mankind to forego all of the technology of the last 2000 years and return to the age of living in caves.   At this time, the plants revolted and became fully aware and mobile.  They  grew based on the proliferation of   CARBONDIOXIDE as man returned to the burning of wood for energy.  These plants became mighty.  Finally, they merged into a single titanic entity CeeeOooooToo and ravaged the countryside.  This master of the earth, using the power of plants, caused mountains to crumble and all to tremble with fear.  Using Spore attacks, the titan recreated itself and became the  mighty force it is today. 


Physical Description: [CeeeOooooToo]  is a combination of a poison ivy and Weeping Willow Tree.  It is  50 feet tall with 100 foot tendrils that whip out against all who would oppose it.  These tendrils leave weeping itching welts that cause all inflicted to scratch themselves to death.  The only known weapon to  combat CeeOooooToo, is the famed sword CALADRYL which is created by merging a mystic Pick Axe and the Flaming Baron sword. 


#5 Exyl


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Posted 08 September 2022 - 16:33

Name: Ozukuhz [Ozu-Kooz]


Classification: Plant


Lore: Ozukuhz is a rare flower cultivated by Elven nobles for its rich aroma. Pharom Daegwyn, a lonely Elven noble, took a particular interest in their flower and cared for it enough to imbue part of their own life force to bring it to life. Ozukuhz’s relationship was that of an infant with their beloved parent, which did not last long after a rival clan rebelled against the treaty and wiped out everyone including Pharom. Struggling with rage and grief, Ozukuhz sprouts endlessly growing larger with multiple fierce flowery heads protruding from the base stem. The rival clan could not hold back against the rampant, wild outburst from Ozukuhz. Refusing to believe in their parent's death, it grew and traveled through the forest lands searching for their beloved. Clouded by sadness and hatred, it attacks on sight.


Physical Description: 20-30ft tall, Hydra like plant with deep red petals and the flowers as each head, thorny vines protruding from all over the base stem

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#6 asterxemil



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Posted 08 September 2022 - 18:11

Name: Ilyxanda, the Living Cauldron
Classification: Magical
Lore: This foul jar, in search of the Eldritch Ring, comes from the Realms Betwixt to fight the strongest opponents in this land. Swift defeat and death follows those who stray across his path. Those unfortunate to have lost now become one with Ilyxanda as he comsumes the viscera of fallen foes. Who can extinguish his blaze of ambition?
Physical Description: A towering decorative jar made of golden sturdy stone used for alchemical rituals, brought to life and sustained by a living pool of corpses and viscera within his body.
(My entry is based off of a certain newer game and I felt the one thing we haven't had or seen in a Titan is a Potion-based reward set. My idea was to have this Titan at level 713, and the drop is an Epic tier Living Cauldron potion bottle/resource that could be used to create Epic potions or chests of potions similar to the Ladder chest potions. Ideas were tossed around to include recipes for Teleport 190 potions, Immobilise Titan, new buff ideas for secondary Conserve proc similar to Lady Luck, Invigorate, etc. I feel as though this depletable Titan Epic drop would allow the economy to be more active, Titan Hunting more active, and a way to have a multitude of rewards from the same Titan.)

#7 kingcap


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Posted 08 September 2022 - 18:27

Titan Template

Name: Zurgol the Tiny

Classification: Greenskin

Lore: Zurgol was once a runt in terms of goblins, he acted cowardly and flee at the slightest hint of a fight. Because of this, he was often the target of scorn and attacked even by his own kind. One day he fled his home however, hoping to find a new land where he could live unafraid. He travelled and searched, but each area beyond the last was harder and more inhospitable for him. Eventually he gave up and attempted to return home, but having travelled for so long, passing through so many unknown passages and portals, he became lost. This however, would mark the beginning of the change for him. He found a decrepit and abandoned tower, once belonging to a powerful wizard. He began exploring, in search of food or water he eventually came to the highest levels, and found a potion in a glass box, surrounded by a magic circle that was long since destroyed from the touch of age and the sorry state of the tower. Believing he had nothing else to lose, he broke the glass and drank the potion. It forced his body to grow and change, becoming dozens of feet tall and granted newfound strength. Though an imperfect product, and the reason for its original containment, the growth he experienced was irregular and irreversible.

Physical Description: 30-40ft tall, one leg is thicker then the other, one arm is 3-4 feet shorter then the other, and his head is the normal size of a goblins head.

#8 robinhood2


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Posted 09 September 2022 - 01:11

Name: The Forgotten One


Classification: Demon


Lore: Long ago when witchcraft and vampires weren't just speculation. This great demon was known to all throughout the lands for if you could afford his price you could acquire his skills and services. Lady Keira of the house of phantom was one such young woman as her mother was dying and there was no cure known to man. Try as she might she looked far and wide to the best healers she could afford but to no avail they all said the same thing. I'm sorry my child there is little we can do, but if you have the courage, wealth and luck there may be something that could help you... but it would come at a great cost. The daughter being desperate to save her mother didn't care of the price she would eventually have to pay and asked what she would have to do. The old man replied with a sly smile and said you well have to summon the forgotten. The young one didn't know what that meant but she agreed anyway so the old man told her that an order to summon him you must draw a 5 star pentagram, speak from the heart and to bargain with him you must offer your coin, if that doesn't work you must bind him with your blood. The young one knew little but followed the instructions. That night she did as was instructed. She drew her 5 star pentagram, spoke from her heart about her mother and her condition but the forgotten didn't show up like she was told. The young woman in despair started to cry for she had no hope of saving her mother until she heard his voice like a whisper. Why child have you summoned me, the young girl replied i need you to heal my mother she is dying like i said. The dark figured spoke back to her i'm sorry my child i am not a healer i cannot do as you plea, the information you have been given is false and i must leave now. Before he disappeared back into the darkness he watched a hooded figure come from the darkness and draw a knife an slice the young girls throat to which the hooded figure replied not all the information she was given was false. For which this was true. The forgotten one had been bound to the pentagram by the blood of the innocent,(by her death) infuriated by this act he demanded how the hooded figure knew about the blood of the innocent being able to bind him. The cloaked figure laughing removes his hood and steps in to the light, because brother this is the day i'm finally able seal you away in the darkness of this old house of death and decay. Where ill be able to rule in your place and watch your suffer. The forgotten one smirks, not all your information about binding and sealing me away was accurate. This well only hold me for so long brother and when this pentagram disappears so well you... As he fades away into the darkness awaiting for the day he can be raised from the darkness once more.


Titans description: 8 feet tall covered in a long black cloak. The only visible features are his long black horns, his gleaming red eyes and what looks like the outline of a royal demon signet on his left claw...

#9 rendtizzy



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Posted 09 September 2022 - 02:32

Name: Kuba
Classification: Demon
Lore: Kuba was once known the be an ancient and free demon known to ward off bad dreams by eating them. The Shadow Lord sought out Kuba and corrupted him to do his bidding for all eternity. Kuba manifests into this world from the nightmares it now creates using the children's souls to manifest into it's horrific form wreaking havoc. The children are left as hollow husks lost in nightmares for the rest of their lives.
Physical Description: Has a elephant head with trunk and tusks, bear-like ears, Tiger like claws with 4 legs, back is filled with dreamlike fire emanating from the body as well as the tail. (term baku might help)

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#10 hogged



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Posted 09 September 2022 - 07:41

Name: The Great Hog (Boar)
Classification: Beast, Pig
Lore: [The Hog use to roam the lands eating whatever leftover meat and bones it could find to feed off and keep surviving... until one day the porker stumbled upon an ancient burial ground with a great warrior of passing. The Hog Chowed down what was left of the burial and suddenly the earth shook and the trees rumbled hard. The Boar was transforming into a mighty Beast! Which villagers had feared the primitive evil upon the land for many years, it had swallowed The Ancient Gem which was in the Shield of the fallen warrior. ]
Physical Description: [Mighty Beastly Boar, with massive chomping teeth that pierce through bone, with the marking of an ancient emblem of the fallen warrior on its head/body, the Hog is large in size after the transformation, which grew big tusks able to rip up the ground, its quite dark in color and sometimes in the night his emblem will glow ]

#11 Undjuvion



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Posted 09 September 2022 - 09:56

Name : The Hexed Carpet


Classification : Magical


Lore : It is well known that before the final blow from any adversary the Shadowlord is collected by his flying minion carpet, it is also well known that while the Shadowlord plots in his towers and dungeons this carpet is given free reign to curse the lands, it is made from adamantite and brought to life by the evilest of hexes. It swoops down and slices through crowds of men, it flexes to the size of a building and often is also seen carrying the Shadowlord and his highest tier henchmen to a vantage point over a battle field where they can see all then slice through all.


Physical Description : Metallic appearing hexed tapestry, building sized.

#12 tomjiggy67


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Posted 09 September 2022 - 12:26

Titan Template
Name: Swinging Smithy
Classification: Dwarf
Lore: Abandoned by his family due to his short stature, raised by the monks in the Abbey of the Forge, the child became a progeny to the Mastersmith. A wandering mage decides he wants to help "fix" his problems, and the outcome is an angry dwarf titan! In the process everything he wore and touched at the time of the spell was enlarged along with him! Including his hammer! Now he walks from town to town looking for a mage who can undo his dilemma, and when they can't he systematically destroys the town and all who live in it!
Physical Description: Like a very large Dwarf in smith's clothing wielding a large smith's hammer.

#13 gapukas



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Posted 09 September 2022 - 16:58

Name: [Zolfan, The Shadow Lord]
Classification: [Demon]
Lore: [The unimaginable force known as "The Shadow" emerges from the shadows as the originator of hatred and destruction, the bringer of darkness, keeper of the sword of light, the corrupter of souls and the hate that lingers. He exists with the sole purpose of sapping the life force and blood from every living thing in the land of Erildath by corrupting souls to do hes dark bidding.
Legend tells of ancient times where humans waged an everlasting war against the hordes of darkness that emerged from the deep south, locked in bitter conflict to ensure their lasting freedom against the ruthless Shadow Lord. From his magnificent Ice Fortress of Mogroth, the Shadow Lord began amassing an army that would bring the forces of order to their knees.
The Shadow Lord devised a major campaign that would divide the united forces of light. A massive army of mercenaries were dispatched to lay siege to the Elven fortress Lanslil in the East Lands of Mora. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord had dispatched five legions of greenskin warriors to invade the West Lands of Eagos, burning and pillaging every village and town they encountered before arriving at Mitoa where they finally laid siege to the mighty dwarven Citadel that stood there.
Taking advantage of the distracted state of the elven and dwarven armies, the Shadow Lord launched a final siege against the human Fortress of Eribor in the North Lands of Eredas, home of Iluthar, the Sword of Light, where five thousand humans along with six hundred dwarves and two hundred elves rallied against the opposing two hundred thousand greenskins that had slowly poured through the Liwen Valley. The seemingly endless ranks of greenskins assembled before the Fortress of Eribor on the fields of Erila. It was on these fields where the free people of Erildath witnessed the fall of Eribor and with it the fall of Iluthar, the Sword of the Light. The absence of Iluthar has enabled the Shadow Lord to unleash his hellish terrors upon the world of Erildath.
The sweat of fear makes your vision blur as a dark human shape appears in the distance, making breathing feel as difficult as inhaling smoke itself. Loud sharp screeching sounds may be heard in the distance, followed by a brief period of dead silence during which neither crickets nor birds could be heard. Then, suddenly, the victim of the attack lets forth a horrible scream and is never to be seen again. The shadow lord occasionally seeks out the most powerful of warriors, corrupting them into doing his bidding to cause havoc in the land of Erildath.]
Physical Description: [He appears to be a dark humanoid entity, but little is known about him.]

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#14 kokorog


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Posted 10 September 2022 - 05:09

Name: Kurma
Classification: Magical
Lore: Kurma also known as Akupara, is the mythic World Turtle that carries the world on its back. At times, Kurma grows weary of his burden and chooses to manifest his essence as a gargantuan tortoise that roams the world. When that happen, a great imbalance follows in the form of natural disasters, earthquakes floods and sometimes eclipses, said to be caused by his enormous shell. Kurma cannot be harmed by mortals, as he is eternal, but if struck with enough force he will vanish and manifest himself in another place. He will continue to do so until he regains his sense of purpose by the pleading strokes of many warriors. Only then will he return to carry his burden at the foundation of the world leaving a small part of his essence behind. 
Physical Description: Gargantuan tortoise 
Remarks: Based on Hindu mythology. 
Suggested stats: Kurma should have huge Armor and HP. He does not Attack on purpose and he is very slow, but nevertheless can cause great crushing Damage as he moves about.
Suggested Epic item: May be a shield/armor made of a dropped gem that is part of his essence.

#15 Juniorlp


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Posted 10 September 2022 - 12:05

Name: Bartza The Undying
Classification: Undead
Lore: For centuries an enraged and bloodthirsty soul has been imprisoning other souls and consuming them, gaining more power and gradually managing to take a physical form using the bodies of humans buried near the forest where it lives.
Physical Description: A colossal mass of humans corpses emanating a blue light aura from it.

#16 Rsrdaman



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Posted 10 September 2022 - 19:49

Name: The Outer Horror

Classification: Magical

Lore: Descending from the cosmos, The Outer Horror consumes reality as we know it. Little is known about this abomination, for the unlucky few who witness it are driven mad by the relentless flow of seething visions that penetrate their minds. With its great psychic eye and innumerable crushing appendages, it lays waste to entire realms with ease. Where this monstrosity came from or what it seeks is not known. Some say the Shadow Lord summoned it from another dimension to terrorize the realms, others say the Shadow Lord himself fears this entity, it’s powers outside his comprehension.

Physical Description: A flying mass of writhing purplish-blue oily tentacles with a large orange glowing menacing eye in the center. It is shrouded in dark energies and blackens the skies.



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#17 Tarjuna


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Posted 12 September 2022 - 04:08

Name : Jiangshi The Great General
Classification : Undead
Lore : Jiangshi was once a great General who helped his emperor to conquer the whole Mainland, winning most of the war games. With his mighty hands, he killed tons of humans with his powerful bare hands without any aid of weapons.
Jealousy and greed which eventually took his life, he was sentenced to death and was cursed with a powerful talisman sticking on his forehead which stopped him from resurrection.
Legend has it, he will be revived with the scripture which was composed by a legendary monk, but he'll be killed again after 7x7=49 blood sucking x 100 hitting + 1 curse (4901 in total).
Physical Description : Giant Undead with both hands lifted up 90 Degree at all time, 18ft tall vampiric undead creatures, hungering for human blood, and he's able to jump for a great distance.
Remarks : Powerful hand & leg could eventually becomes a great weapon, with the bloody juice in his mouth which may be used to invent an epic potion to aid the warriors!
A sample Jiangshi drawing :

#18 BadPenny



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Posted 12 September 2022 - 08:59

Name: Creeping Willow

Classification: Plant
Lore: Inept acolytes attempted to summon an aged lesser demon,
not noticing the tiny willow seedling that had sprouted within their
summoning circle.  Terrified of suffering the wrath of their wicked master,
the acolytes assumed their summon had failed, and fled to parts unknown.
Little did they know that they were, indeed successful, and that the demon
had possessed the tiny sapling.  In the centuries that followed, as the willow grew,
the demon, unhindered by the control of a master, corrupted the tree, developing the
ability to move through the Dark Woods where it grew and evolved as it feasted on wildlife.
Now it resides on the edges of its massive domain, and preys on the unsuspecting travelers,
and the denizens of the surrounding villages.
Physical Description: Enormous twisted willow tree, that traps it's victims with its innocent
appearing branches, drawing them in to its massive trunk and slowly devouring them alive.

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#19 Dotaboys


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Posted 12 September 2022 - 22:31

Name: Aswang the Shape Shifter
Classification: Demon
Lore: Aswang is an umbrella term for various shape-shifting evil creatures in Filipino folklore, such as vampires, ghouls, witches, viscera suckers, and Werebeasts (usually dogs, cats, pigs). The Aswang is the subject of a wide variety of myths, stories, arts, and films, as it is well known throughout the Philippines. Spanish colonists noted that the aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures of the Philippines, even in the 16th century. Although with no specific motive other than harming others, their behavior can be interpreted as an inversion of the traditional Filipino's values. The aswang is especially popular in southern parts of Luzon, and some parts of Mindanao and Visayas, especially the Visayan province of Capiz.
Physical Description: Varying horrible descriptions have been given of the Aswang’s appearance, but some recurrent traits stand out among all the different descriptions. Usually, the Aswang is a woman during the day. At night, however, it may appear as a bird, a pig, or a dog.

No matter which animal form it takes, an Aswang will differ from a regular animal in various disturbing ways. Most Aswangs have long, proboscis-like tongues, and are frequently described as walking with their feet backward. They have also been depicted as being so thin that they can hide behind bamboo posts.

#20 Lusterless


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Posted 13 September 2022 - 01:40

Name: Heitwar's Rogue Grofflesnout
Classification: Greenskin
Lore: In preparation for his invasion of Eltwier, former general Heitwar experimented on his tamed greenskin creatures. Using the dark magics taught to him by the Shadow Lord himself, Heitwar endeavored to turn a grofflesnout into the ultimate siege weapon. He enlarged the cyclopean brute to tower over the walls of the Eltwier Fortress and engulfed it in the purple flames of the Shadow Lord to fend off Eltwier's pesky griffons. However, in focusing on the grofflesnout's enhancements, Heitwar failed to sufficiently train his new weapon. Defying its master, Heitwar's Rogue Grofflesnout left the battlefield to feast on the civilians of Erildath.
Physical Description: Classic grofflesnout features: scything claws and razor sharp teeth. The lower canine teeth are larger, more like tusks. Its skin is a wash of gray, green, and black like the warped grofflesnout. Its one eye is red as a grofflesnout lord's due to the influence of dark magic. And the titan is covered in purple flames.
Post Script: I based this character on the Fall of Heitwar and Corruption of Eltwier quest lines from levels 670-680 (and my personal obsession with grofflesnouts).

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