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Titan Design Contest 2022

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#21 AdrianRentea


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Posted 13 September 2022 - 10:17

Name: Nameless Horror
Classification: Demon
Lore: The Nameless is a mythological being in Romanian folklore, considering that the Romanian people, especially women, do not pronounce his name, but call him unclean, damn, "ala". According to popular beliefs, this horror lives in stone barns, in deserted and isolated houses, in deserted mills. His appearance in these places is individual or in a group, confusing himself with the sons who came to the sessatores. But this demon is also strangely related to water. Here are some places haunted by devils and from which you must beware: standing water, quiet ponds, in old cellars, as well as in abandoned wells
Physical Description: He is most often spotted among the people as a "big, black man with twin horns", "the person with the red cap, smoking a pipe", "naked man with hair", but also "big, black man with tap horns", "man with long tail held up". He is also imagined in the form of "a man with curled horns and hair on his body, with one hoof of a horse and one of a goat"

Share the love -Al3xika-

#22 basti7


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Posted 15 September 2022 - 12:47

Name: Baronesse Von Drake
Classification: Human
Lore: In the terrible night when her father, Baron Von Drake, were cast out and her mother died in a big fire, she fled into a village far away to live a simple life with a big secret: She is the daughter of a necromancer!
The Baronesse lived as a simple countrywoman and teached herself in archery. Nobody was as good as her! Her flaming arrows were incredible fast and strong. She sold Quango meat and deerskin to make ends meet, married and tried to enjoy her new life. But all good things come to an end: Her husband revealed her dark secret after a dispute!
Betrayed by him and with full of hate the Baronesse sweared to kill every human being. You'd better watch out!
Physical Description: Baronesse Von Drake is a not armored beauty. Her Flaming - Arrows shred every head and she never misses! She is recognizable by her red Quango-Bone-Bow and an Onyx-necklace.




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Posted 15 September 2022 - 20:58

Name: Elemental Overlord Avidins
Classification: Mounted
Lore: Elemental Overlord Avidins, father of the arcane and elements, of hearing of his children's slaughter, has made his way to the world of Erildath. Together with Sav, his trusted wyvern, they seek a reckoning on those who so mercilessly destroy his most prized creations, the guardian elements. As Avidins and Sav share a symbiotic relationship drawing on each other's forces, it allows them to attain a level of strength unparalleled. Avidins is now taking matters into his own hands to exact his revenge. Are you capable of preventing the overlord's vengeful actions?
Physical Description:
Avidins riding Sav: Light goldish bronze armor with violet and lavender accents. Wielding a darker purple shield with pulsing gold flares and accents, a deep violet dragon eye, and a golden hilted violet blade adorned with a violet scales.
Sav: Deep and dark violet scaled wyvern with darker gold accents in the eyes, talons, spines, fangs, and webbing of the wings.

"For reference"


#24 d3d3m1988


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Posted 20 September 2022 - 10:22

Name: The Ancestral Chief, Level 1800


Classification: Human


Lore: Long before the proliferation of vicious monsters all over Erildath, a certain tribe which resided in the remote area of the Mountain path for thousands of years had been living peacefully with the guidance of their respected chiefs whose qualities are unmatched in their community and has to be chosen by their wisest elders.

As time goes by migrants has grown bigger and more dominant in their society these peace loving people has been driven slowly to the edge of the mountainous terrains resulting to a difficult and miserable way of life.

Newer generations found themselves displaced in different realms only remembering their oral traditions about their values and the bounty of their past.

In time of great invasion of dreadful monsters, a desperate chief of Hoaragog Plains performed a forbidden ritual to summon a dead person to seek help. A once beloved and respected Ancestral Chief has been awaken in his sleep but now lost his sense of peace. Even in thousands of year the powerful headdress of this chief hasn’t tarnished its power, anything that may come near to him will succumbed to unbearable pain and eventually lost its life in a matter of seconds.

As the chief cries for mercy the Ancestral Chief can’t hear them no more and this lead to another disastrous ritual they perform. They were planning to summon back the Ancestral Chief to where he belongs but a hasten ceremony has failed and thus only multiplies the Ancestral Chief Headdress power to infinite.


Physical Description: Much like Hoaragog Native without its weapon and shield. His upper body is exposed thus the reddish tattoos all over it explains the achievement of this Ancestral Chief.


Items: Ancestral Headress

#25 Belaric



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Posted 24 September 2022 - 02:13

Titan Template

Name: Doctor Morbidstein’s Revenge!


Classification: Magical


Lore: Unknown to his enemies, Doctor Morbidstein undertook the ultimate experiment - and operated on his own brain! The crazed genius believed he could double his power, by halving his mind! One half remained in his human body, the other, fused to a sorcerous copy of its missing hemisphere, was implanted into a gigantic hulk located beneath Castle Morbidstein. Fearing his Sons, aware of the twisted dimension and its imperfect copies, the good Doctor created a failsafe: that for as long as they lived, his other self would remain buried. But! In the event of his and their defeat, and  after a waiting period to lull his enemies into a false sense of security, his gigantic alter ego would emerge from the ruins to terrorise his opponents and begin his experiments anew in a gigantic walking laboratory!

Never resting, never staying still, this titan teleports across Erildath in search of new specimens, even as it drops new Morbidsteinian monstrosities in its foul wake. With the human Doctor long defeated, this colossus considers itself the once and future Doctor, only true inheritor of the Morbidstein name!


Physical Description: A gargantuan patchwork flesh golem, with an oversized head half-wreathed in dark sorcerous energy. One arm holds a shovel, the other a cage, all the better to collect its specimens with! In its empty abdomen is a hollow crystal cube filled with grisly labs, each occupied by a tiny (life-sized) simulacrum of the original doctor, madly creating new monstrosities from the fresh harvest!

Good-bye and hello, as always.

#26 Jonathan69


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Posted 24 September 2022 - 21:56

 name : tamaver the devourer of magic .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               classification : dragon .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              physical description : he shares like his mother Tiamat blue dragon , white dragon , red dragon & the lesser green & black dragon  as well as magica form like his father .                                                                                                                                                                                                                 lore : in a time long ago that is now legend & lore valkrun the last of the  dragons zeltherian dragons of pure magic .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              valkruns time is coming to a end & as the last of his kind wishes to leave at least part of him behind . so he searches from one realm to the next till he finds her , perched a mile ahead he sees her Tiamat . he approaches as he dose her claws tare no flesh her bite sinks to no bone & her breath weapon is absorbed .. confused then realizing what he is she accepts him he  melds to her as he is magic he draws him self to the magic in her & only take moments & his final dead is done . he now only in a blurred misty form leaves her floating up & away  with no sounds he streaks high in the sky & bursts in to a plethora of brilliant colors & fades to a Mear falling of magic dust . but as one dies another is born no more then a few hours pass & tamaver is bore born not of egg Nore of flesh but of magic . as his father he now leaves her as a magic mist , first slow rising high up & then faster & now streaks away .  tamaver is drawn to a place like other creatures he is drawn to a  place of his forefathers a Crystle cavern deep within the craves of the earth . upon reaching this place he fills a slight magic coming from the crystals but not enough to sustain him so he leaves & over the next Millinia he searches one realm to another for the magic he needs to feed on . unlike others he like his fathers breath weapon draws the magic from items & creature & the ability to cast magic , so unicorns , leprechauns , pixies , mages , witches & armor , weapons of warriors & any trinket of magic is prey . now he finds himself drawn to a new place a place no other has been not man Nore other has set foot upon this ground . like the filling that drew him to the place of his forbearers he finds himself again in a Crystel chamber that this time radiates high amounts of magic so he makes himself a place to slumber & he dose so & as he dose the magic sustains him . for over four Millinia he dose so slumber , but now the magic Waynes & his hunger wakes him .. now a larger beast he emerges from the depths roaring & snarling as he has never felt hunger as he dose now . leaving these lands he now continues his search to sate his hunger .

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#27 Blenny


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Posted 26 September 2022 - 01:06

Titan Template
Name: Sippy the Hippie
Classification: Reptile 
Lore: This mysterious creature is said to come from a world full of reptilian beings whose sole purpose in life is concurring worlds. They concur worlds by shapeshifting, and blending in with its inhabitants, slowly feasting away on the inhabitants until there's no one left. For eons these reptilian beings have done it, until they stumbled into a magical cursed world. Sippy the lone survivor of his world survived the realms horrors, only to be left with a curse to remember. Sippy is to forever live with his appearance altered. No longer being able to shapeshift. Those who have survived his savage rage say he resembles a "Hippie" thus the name, but don't be fooled this "Hippie" is no peace loving being! 
Physical Description: A bipedal reptilian with greenish scaly skin, claws of nightmares, a scarred broken tail, eyes as red as lava, and long blond hair.   

#28 joseff1000


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Posted 26 September 2022 - 06:49

Name: Atmus, the soul ripper
Classification: Dragon
Lore: Rumors mention the existence of a few rare fungus that only grown in the Lair of Wrath,
located in the deepest parts of the abyss.Those fungus has magical properties that promises immunity to various diseases.
   From time to time,mercenaries and adventurers made expeditions into the Lair of Wrath in search of this rare plant,but most of them, found only death.some who 'succeeded" in the expedition, seemed to suffer from a strange paralyz,which causes death days after.Only a very few survived,but their days as mercenaries and adventurers would have come to an end. One of this adventurers told  about a cursed voracious creature that consume  souls of the living beings. He said that creature has abilities to turn humans into Husks .a type of undead whose soul was ripped out.

Physical Description: A large cursed rotten dragon, which stores souls in his bone wings, it's possible to hear the screams of those who  had their souls ripped out.His scales are as dark as the abyss itself,his gaze has a paralyzing effect.And his rotten body constantly emits an fog ,that causes weakening and hypnosis, making anyone that inhale his fog into a potential prey for the dragon.

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#29 LordOfRuin



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Posted 02 October 2022 - 12:20

 Name: The Devastated Liege

Classification: Undead
Lore: Once the ruler of a prosperous fiefdom in the heartlands of Erildath, he ruled wisely for many years but sired no heir. As he grew older he became concerned for the future of his land and subjects. Eventually, seeing no other choice, he hesitantly consulted a powerful necromancer who promised to give him everlasting life in exchange for his soul, to which he reluctantly agreed. What the necromancer failed to tell him was that his life would be extended by the consumption of the souls of his subjects. His fiefdom quickly fell to ruin as his subjects died in order to sustain him. Watching this happen, knowing he had caused it, drove him insane. He fled the devastated remains of his once great land as the last of his subjects died and now roams the lands of Erildath laying waste to all he sees, provoking all and sundry, desperately hoping to meet a warrior powerful enough to end his eternal suffering and torment.
Physical Description: A huge skeletal, ethereal figure, towering over even men on horseback, wisps of otherworldly smoke rising from the tattered edges of his spectre.

#30 etrigan778



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Posted 06 October 2022 - 00:10

 Name: Slithriks, the serpent

Classification: Reptile
Lore: A giant serpent has invaded Erildath!  No one knows from where it came, but one thing is for certain, it HUNGERS.  This beast is set to swallow every last vermin in the realms!  If this invasive terror isn't slain, it will wreak havoc on the ecosystems of Erildath!  With a declining population of tasty rats, what will new adventurers be left to battle as they start their journey on mountain path!  Adventurers from across Erildath need to band together and stop this slithering menace!
Physical Description: Big Snek

#31 Maehdros



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Posted 06 October 2022 - 13:27

Name: Amon the Hidden

Classification: Feline

Lore: Every full moon, when her master isn't paying attention, Amon roams the lands enjoying her brief freedom from the shadow realm.

While appearing small in stature to the human eye, Amon uses her stealth and speed to give her an advantage when it comes to combat.

The only way to detect her is listen for her sudden fast movements as you hunt for her... or is she hunting you?

( invisible titan )

Opponents are unable to slow her down in any way as she is too smart to fall for silly tricks. She's a cat remember?

( Unaffected by Demoralize, wither, Shockwave, Stun)

100% dodge
100% First Strike
100% hypnosis
100% Breaker
100% Disarm
100% Soulless

Anyone lucky or unlucky? enough to encounter her must also be wary of her hypnotic yellow eyes. Lest they lead you to an untimely death!


Black, mixed with grey, Fluffy Cat ( similar to a norwegian forest cat) With yellow eyes.

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#32 nobrainer


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Posted 06 October 2022 - 15:53

Name:  King Of The Dwarven Hoard



Classification: Dwarf, undead



Lore: A once great dwarven king his greed managed to get the better of him. He took and hoarded everything from his people to the point they revolted and executed him. But his greed and need to hoard treasure cursed both him and his treasure. When his people went to take the hoard back his ghost chased them down before they got the chance. Now he occasionally wonders away from his hoard to collect new treasure from the realms and rumor is if you can manage to stop him from returning a great treasure awaits you.   

#33 BigGrim


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Posted 07 October 2022 - 09:45

Hi there everyone.


The Titan design competition is now over. We've locked the thread and will read over all the suggestions and let you all know our decisions in a future post.


Thank you to everyone who took part! We hope you enjoyed taking part!


~ The Fallen Sword Team

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