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Legendary Event!

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Posted 07 March 2019 - 12:08

Hi all,

The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!

Raggghza the Troll (Legendary)

Raggghza the Troll was long thought to have been killed by the noble knight Sir Defron. However the knight never dealt the killing blow and left the Troll for dead. Unknown to him and the people, Raggghza survives and has now returned to strength and is after the fresh meat of man, his favourite meal!

Recommended Level : 10+

Bishamon Terror from the Deep (Legendary)

The giant creature known in legend as Bishamon the Terror of the Deep, has moved onto the land from the depths of the sea to look for new food as, in it's greed, it has nearly exhausted the local sea coast of fish, whales and seals. The Bishamon eats anything and everything it sees and is causing wide spread famine as well as death as it devours its way over the lands.

Recommended Level : 80+

King Au Xenah (Legendary)

King Au Xenah is a cruel and evil king with a lust for gold. He treated his people with contempt letting them starve outside his castle while he got richer. The peasants eventually sought help from a local wizard who cursed Au Xenah transforming him and trapping him in his castle for 100 years. Now the curse has worn off and King Au Xenah has gone mad and is out on the rampage...

Recommended Level : 150+

Chariot of Fire (Legendary)

The mythical Chariot of Fire is the vehicle of destruction, that a once mighty sun deity rides. Legend has it that the deity that rides the Chariot of Fire was once one of the most powerful of gods, but was overthrown, cursed and cast down from the pantheon of gods. Now once every 1000 years he sallies forth to wreak fiery death on the lands he once watched over.

Recommended Level : 350+

The Challenger (Legendary)

A normally honorable Warrior in search of worthy Combatants to test his mettle, the Challengers mind has been twisted by Burzzthak. He is now roaming the land in a fury, looking for Warriors of power and is dispatching them by any means possible. Will you be able to fight the Challenger to a standstill and save his Honor?

Recommended Level : 475+

Kobold Looter (Legendary) (NEW)

The Kobold Looter orchestrated the now infamous Great Vault Heist. It made off with a vast amount of wealth and was never caught. Now, a vast bounty has been placed on his verminous head! Track him down and enact justice!

Designed by : Undjuvion

Recommended Level : 725+

Mantikhoras (Legendary)

Mantikhoras, Father of Manticores is a vast leonine monster with fur the colour of cinnabar and a long, heavily armoured scorpion tail capable of firing thorn-like stingers coated in poison. This creature delights in devouring men and woman whole, leaving no remains. He stalks through the darkness, leaping great distances as, unlike his progeny, he does not have wings!

Recommended Level : 925+

Cucu Cyanide Hero (Legendary)

A former bardic troupe leader who poisons his victims with tormenting sounds from his supernatural lute, while shielding himself with his long hair. His disposable guise (long hair, hide jacket and fake lute) makes him untraceable. However, he must be found and stopped... who will put an end to his torturous sounds?

Designed by : cucubaubau

Recommended Level : 1350+

Frackenstein (Legendary)

Frackenstein. No one knows where this beast came from. Some speculate that this was created by an infamous Guild of warriors, though whether this lumbering, undead monstrosity was created from this Guild's enemies or their own honored dead is up for debate.

Designed by : skidoodle

Recommended Level : 1780+

The Tainted One (Legendary) (NEW)

Once a warrior of some repute, the Tainted One has fallen to the Shadow Lords service. Now, clad in razored armor, she stalks through the Realms hunting down and destroying all that stand in their new Masters path to domination!

Designed by : TRBLmaker

Recommended Level : 2050+

Vampduffula (Legendary)

The Vampduffula is a new breed of duck. They're bright green in colour and rather small, cute looking and rather bad tempered. What makes these birds so dangerous is that they are also vampiric! They draw you in with their cute looks and when there's no chance of escape for their victims, they strike, sometimes in flocks, draining every drop of blood from the unfortunate individual.

Designed by : hades8840

Recommended Level : 2500+

Hades Werewolf (Legendary)

The Hades Werewolf is a lycanthropic nightmare, part man, part hellhound. This dangerous creature appears to be a hunter and tracker, though for whom is unknown. All that is known is that the fiery furred, red skinned monster is a vicious and relentless hunter and killer!

Designed by : hades8840

Recommended Level : 2975+

GrooVelox the Swift (Legendary)

GrooVelox is a peculiar creature. One who insists on being the fastest being alive! To this end, it taps into a magical force to increase it's speed to incredible levels. At it's fastest, it leaves a red and yellow blur behind it!

Designed by : Groosalugg!

Recommended Level : 3200+

Prince Tyler (Legendary) (NEW)

Tyler is the son of Emperor Sidd and Empress Tinny, born after the Emperor left to join the Shadow Lord. Tyler was brought up solely by his mother who instilled her values of peaceful and anti-aggressive behaviour. However, he saw his Mother's slide to darkness thanks to the corruption of the Emperor. He set out to stop this and confronted his Father, who deceived him into accepting his signet. Upon touching the signet, the Prince joined his Father in Darkness.

Designed by : siddy246

Recommended Level : 3600+

These creatures shall be available until 12:00 on Monday the 11th of March 2019.


~ The Fallen Sword team.

#2 Thoran



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Posted 07 March 2019 - 12:18

Awesome, thanks guys :-)

#3 BadPenny



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Posted 07 March 2019 - 21:07

Oh look! My LEGENDARY Friday arrived! :P

Edited by BadPenny, 07 March 2019 - 22:49.

Just one old lady's opinion


~Love, Penny


#4 Tastria



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Posted 07 March 2019 - 21:48

Nice!  New Legandaries!  With good back-stories too. 

#5 activeh1



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Posted 11 March 2019 - 08:49

yea new legs with 34 pages of them all in ah 

#6 BigGrim


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Posted 11 March 2019 - 12:27

Hi there everyone!

The Legendary Creatures that have been stalking the Realms have been driven off once again. Who knows when they may return?

We hope you enjoyed the event (and the new Player designed creatures and set. :) )

~ The Fallen Sword Team

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