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Flucht - GFX Shop

24 February 2014 - 23:53

This be muh shop.
I make high quality avatars upon request.
I don't do text slaps unless asked to.
I also do renditions and edits to previous avatars for 15k.
I don't do animations or gifs.
I don't have a set price for my avatars.
I generally charge depending on the time it takes to make the avatar itself.
The only thing that I ask of my clients is that they credit me for the avatar in their bio

OTSSDeath_zps0c7de450.jpg    subZavatar1_zpsb1ab9f5d.png


DinoDeadpoolAvi_zps7f2aa8cd.png    fluchtaviifrit_zpsa0517650.png


--------->>>>Here are some more examples of my work. (click here)<<<<---------

Message me in game for details or to place an order.
All avatars will be completed within 5 days of acknowledging the order. (though most only take a couple of hours.)


Please feel free to leave feedback but remember, There is a difference between criticism and bashing.

Thanks for stopping by =]

Flucht's Mini Avi Auction

09 August 2013 - 20:38

Flucht's Mini Avi Auction - CLOSED


I've never done an avi auction before so I think I'll start out small.

Here are the rules on bidding.


  • Bids must start at 1 FSP
  • There is no BIN (buy it now) option for this auction
  • You may bid on as many Avi's as you like



A bid should look like this:

"1 FSP on Avi 4"


If you win an auction, please send me a message or reply to this post with details, (name, guild name, misc. text, etc...)


This auction will end on Sunday, August 11th.

I will do my best to keep bids updated next to the Avi with the high bidders name listed.



Avi 1

Current bid: 1FSP

Winner:  xWaz34x




Avi 2

Current bid: 

No Winner




Avi 3

Current bid: 1 FSP

Winner: abdullah89




Avi 4

Current bid: 

No Winner




This auction is closed. please allow 1-2 days for your avatars to be finished.

Flucht's Mini Avi Auction

09 August 2013 - 19:53



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