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In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

30 May 2024 - 09:20

i think larger frag stashes are a fantastic idea, double drops on crystal keys would be nice with proper ratios. still reading and thinking about all this. though i love the ideas placed forth here

In Topic: New Buffs/Potion ideas

10 February 2024 - 04:23

Risky Endeavor- chance to receive 1 more frag (per 50 levels) up to a max of X, but a chance to destroy the item at 0.15 % per level

Echolocation- chance to find monster in scavenger caves at 0.15 % per level but receive double damage to equipment (crystaline items are excluded)

In Topic: New Buffs/Potion ideas

10 February 2024 - 04:11

Intimidating Stature- reduces the titans enhancements by 0.025 per level (not effected by distil)

Divine Fortune- a chance to drop a second item (from the same loottable) this skill takes place after lady luck by 0.05 per level

In Topic: The Ultimate GvG Guide

10 February 2024 - 03:48

This is really cool, i can share this with the other new players and help them get a better understanding of pvp and stats.

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