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I found this back in 2006 and they hated TR

22 March 2020 - 03:02



My off, i'm Flattered LOL  B)


BurtonX: the teaser. In the game he will attack you if you are half his size. Well no, one tenth of his size, BurtonX never gives a chance to his victims. This is an incentive to gain levels (read: to pay a lot) in order to become able to avenge and to kill BurtonX. In the forum he will provoke you with words like "You're a retarded sucker." The aim is to make you answer the same way. Then comes the banner...

Nukleardog: the banner. He's the forum admin who kicks you off.

Opius: the false friend. She will pretend she's helping you, she's acting as the "good cop", and post about all the help she gives. Of course she never actually helped anyone.

Ladykristal, Yasima, Valdorian: the yes-men. Once someone says something like "Tabula Rasa is a mafia of cheaters playing for free and pretending to be real chars" and BurtonX answers with "Retarded sucker, everybody knows we're not cheaters", Ladykristal, Yasima and Valdorian will quickly come and pile on. This way, the unsuspecting onlooker will always see at least five posts supporting Tabula Rasa for one confronting us.

Not able to equip

12 March 2020 - 05:45

It seems not some players are unable to equip armors, rings, etc.  I would like to see the creators to fix this.


03 August 2019 - 23:01

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