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#1000028 Double XP Event Incoming!

Posted by BadPenny on 25 March 2020 - 12:24

On behalf of the EoC members of the community.... a tiny bit of new content would be nice.... 

#1000026 Double XP Event Incoming!

Posted by BadPenny on 24 March 2020 - 17:07

Lovely! 2000 here I come

#1000016 Double Composing XP LIII

Posted by BadPenny on 23 March 2020 - 14:31


#999924 Rise of the Wraiths XIX

Posted by BadPenny on 07 March 2020 - 15:35

Hi, there was no response whatsoever on the last response (or previous ones)...


I get that HCS has decided to redirect all bubble links to the third-party system run by Discord... 


But could we also get a secondary link to the FS Forum here? Please. Thank you. 

I concur.  Not everybody is comfortable with Discord.....   

#999872 Loyalty Token Shop

Posted by BadPenny on 22 February 2020 - 20:32

Well, you know those common "lost" quest items we all have to send in a ticket for?  BG has always said we should have those in a shop of some kind.  I know many (but by no means all) quest items needed for recipes are in the arena shop, why not have some of the more commonly lost/dropped ones in their own special section of the Loyalty shop (Viper Strike comes to mind).

#999861 Guild RP Revamp

Posted by BadPenny on 20 February 2020 - 01:57

Did you look at the cost to get the 30%? total 500m gp, + total 7700 RP - thats an insane cost.

Bet AF or Trip could get there easily, I know they GvG pretty regularly.  There is the lack of targets in range, however.  That's something that should be expanded, especially 1500+.


But reducing the cooldown period could become a nightmare of exploitation.  Eliminating it entirely would send FS back to the dark ages.  


I don't disagree that the entire GvG system needs an overhaul, but imho the cooldown is just fine as is.  

#999854 Guild RP Revamp

Posted by BadPenny on 17 February 2020 - 19:06

up to 30% is not a big deal, most of the time when your doing massive gvg's your always out of targets or on cooldowns - there arent as many guilds as there used to be. It cuts down cooldown from 7 days to like 5 days. And when you finally earn the 30% cooldown you well deserve it for the hassle.

The cooldown was first initiated because of RP farmers.  It only slows them down, but doesn't stop them.  Reducing the cooldown would only make this practice worse......  

#999803 When will the Fallensword Guide expected to be available again ?

Posted by BadPenny on 11 February 2020 - 20:12

But where are the images?  They still appear to be lost in cyberspace.....


please don't hit me BG

#999709 TEN THOUSAND SE's killed

Posted by BadPenny on 29 January 2020 - 13:23

I wanna be just like Pardoux when I grow up.


Impressive accomplishment!

#999693 Spine Chomper Assault!

Posted by BadPenny on 25 January 2020 - 13:17

any chance of getting UFSG updated please? it's been what, 4 months since these came out?

It would be nice if the missing images were fixed as well.

#999681 menu messed up

Posted by BadPenny on 22 January 2020 - 12:59

I've encountered this before.  It happens after every Chrome update on my phone, and on my laptop when another website changes the zoom/resolution settings.  Resetting everything back to defaults usually fixes things.

#999674 Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.7)

Posted by BadPenny on 21 January 2020 - 01:51

I am complete! I can finally traverse Mountain Path and do what it is I do when I need to do it :)



#999667 Double Composing XP LI

Posted by BadPenny on 18 January 2020 - 13:16


#999625 Happy New Year!

Posted by BadPenny on 09 January 2020 - 11:35


#999616 Fallen Sword: Mobile Application (0.7.6)

Posted by BadPenny on 08 January 2020 - 10:35

Just 2 things:

Firstly, notifications keeps telling me I have stam to burn, it would be nice if this happened at max stam, rather than what seems to be on a random basis....  Today, I was only at about 1/2 stam when it went off....  Yet nothing when I was at max stam last week....


AND the Mountain Path still crashes the app if I forget and teleport there. If the app is already running, it freezes up, if I was already on Mountain Path when I open it, the log in loop just continues forever.....  Since new players are going to be spending tons of time on Mountain Path, and the rest of us traverse it regularly to teleport elsewhere, this sure needs to be fixed soon.....

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