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#998377 super cloak

Posted by Egami on 04 August 2019 - 19:11

One gold send didn't work for me. Buffing with a low level irrelevant buff did.

#998265 Fallen Sword: Campfire Stories

Posted by Egami on 25 July 2019 - 20:19

November 14, 2017: 1st Guild ever to complete all 5 GAs!
An excellent day when BotDL became, hands down, the "best Guild" in game for ever and ever... none of that silly other stuff that has changed hands so many times, lol. But hey, kudos out there to those that think something else is worthwhile. 
Btw, gold offer still up for anyone with the guild integrity to follow in BotDL's footsteps.

#998264 Proposed Adjustment to Relic Control

Posted by Egami on 25 July 2019 - 20:12

True, but part of the fun would also be seeing a relic suddenly disappear from a guild's posession, thus making player run back to the relic to reclaim it.

Not necessary, what yote said. I'm sure some would support it for getting rid of unwanted Relics, but I don't think it's worthwhile (or fair) for those Guilds that work heck of hard to defend.


Personally, given cow silliness, I'd root more for a Guild permission to take Relics. 

#998112 Game down?

Posted by Egami on 15 July 2019 - 21:47



Know I'll get crap for this... but while trying to write helpful advice for a returning FS player from my memory... gonna suggest


1) a 24 extension on the 2XP event. 


I do think that's overzealous. My finger-to-the-wind calc says 12 hours would be sufficient for all time zones across the globe. 


I think the 24-hour move would quiet "most complaints"... not all mind ya... let's not noob it, rotfl. 


2) Extension of buffs. Not even gonna think about what that entails time-wise. No matter what you decide, some will naturally be screwed. 


This, my best customer service guess is 24 hours to fit the time zone of the peeps, if not the day they planned. 


3) Extension of mailboxes and or Auctions. Openly admit that I have no idea on how the latter affects peeps. I think a 24 hour extension on all current mailbox items and those that expire while the problem persists "should work". No promises. 

#997651 Upcoming Creature XP Changes

Posted by Egami on 04 July 2019 - 19:59

What I really want to know is:


Why was this an issue?


Aren't we concentrating hardcore on the app? 


Seems like that's not the case... so should we really start actually talking about things that really affect the game and player population?


Hmmm... nah, really what I want to know is how this became an "issue". Might be handy to actually getting things done. )o0

#995467 Reserve Stamina!

Posted by Egami on 18 January 2019 - 19:28

I missed out on 3 PvP Ladder tokens and some dom medal time, but think the apology more than makes up for it. 


Thank you very much.


As a tiny bit of constructive criticism, my mailbox times didn't get extended. No big deal in my case as I'm not running them close to the wire, but would like to suggest it be considered like in the old days. 


Regardless, thanks.


Prosperous smacking everyone. (o0

#994101 Restart the game on a new server but keep the old aswell.

Posted by Egami on 19 September 2018 - 23:56

Umm, no? lol. 

#994067 anyone cant log in?

Posted by Egami on 17 September 2018 - 23:01

I got my Internet provider to do a complete reset on my internet connection and also turned my modem off for 30 minutes or so while eating supper.

Since doing so I have had 0 issues.


Have you logged out and attempted to log back in? 


I have zero issues once it lets me back in... until I log in from a different device (other comp, phone).


Sooo...CORRECTION: just did the test. 


Logged out on the comp I'm on and then connected to https://www.huntedcow.com/auth?game=6


It allows me to go to the login screen. I input user info and... ta-dah! Redirects me to www.fallensword.com.


Assuming it will "fix" itself in 20 minutes or so.

#994049 anyone cant log in?

Posted by Egami on 17 September 2018 - 15:31

Hi there.

Have any of you tried our suggestion? Zizz did and it fixed the issue.

~ Grim

I suspect that's just coincidence. This is happening intermittently to me and results in anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes downtime. Probably called and then it fixed itself.
This appears to happen whenever I log in from a a different source. I'll be switching comps in an hour or so. Will update if it happens again.

#993478 Join us on Discord!

Posted by Egami on 14 August 2018 - 19:11

All of our games have their own section on the server, with Fallen Sword having it's own General channel and Game Help channel.  The General channel is where you can discuss all things Fallen Sword, from guild recuitment to game content.  The Game Help channel is where you can post any questions you may have about the game, or share your favourite game tips with other players!


Sorry, not seeing the benefit of another third party system. 


Are you planning on adding much-needed labor resources (see below)?



If Discord isn't for you then that's completely fine, but we feel it will build a stronger community in all of our games, with more engagement on our part. Our developers may also be able to answer your questions when they aren't too busy with their usual work (but please don't expect this!). 


If they're too busy now, how will amplifying their work load through an additional third party system help?


I read, "more engagement on our part (...) please don't expect this". 


BG... now you've got something else to patrol? Really?


We do also plan to hold some giveaways, along with other fun events for everyone to take part in. 


Really hoping these are offered in game and are not a bifurcation to a third party system making all of us players having to check yet another outlet to see what is going on. 


Overall, it's just a more efficient way to communicate with each other!


Could you explain how this would be more efficient? What are the benefits above and beyond the inadequate system previously in place?


I'd be all for it... if I believed it.


Constructive criticism:


Sorry, I think players do "relatively" well in communicating what's going on through methods already in place. 


Unfortunately, newer players are left out of the information loop, something I definitely think, given current concentration on the app, that the cows should be preparing for.


Even long-term players such as myself are often stuck when the game goes down... hoping that one of the "chosen few" with direct access to Hoof comes on and decides it's worthwhile to bother the poor guy to fix a major situation in the midnight hour.


The communication issues are, in my eye, cow-based. Creating a third party system for all players to also access is not a solution unless there are cow reinforcements to back this up.


I see current HCS employees now having an additional workload they have to keep track of. And, they are already "busy, busy". 


As a player, it is already ridiculous the number of sources we have to check to try and see if things are being taken care of. It's also a huge waste of "cow power" that an HCS employee has to constantly say, "we're aware of the issue". Clearly communicating the game issues to the entire game community from the game itself would save a huge amount of waste in HCS resources in repetitious answers to the exact same concern.


My advice: organize and consolidate, don't bifurcate. 

#993250 Game Update v2.954

Posted by Egami on 29 July 2018 - 20:32

Anything being done about all the other bugs? Several mentioned above. 


Also, the fact that viewing AG combat (guess that's mentioned somewhere else) is broken and takes you to world screen? 


Impossible to see what was hit, whether there was a drop and how you won/lost. 

#993129 Game Update v2.954

Posted by Egami on 24 July 2018 - 21:41

Hi All,


I am happy to hear that everything is working again but I am afraid we will not be offering out any frag stashes on this occasion. We are sorry for any inconveniences this issue may have caused but as we cannot gauge how many people were affected buy this issue and to what extent it will be near impossible to offer each of you the correct compensation. I know this is not the answer you were all wanting but we hope you are all able to get back to composing again now this issue has been fixed. 




An excellent example of how to handle customer service. Conix for prez! lol.

#993111 Deflect in Ladder combat

Posted by Egami on 23 July 2018 - 21:38

Is there any reason as to why deflect isn't disabled in the pvp ladder? It makes no sense for it to work in an area of pvp that people willingly opt in to. It also wastes a ton of time and money considering attacks are limited to 1 per hour


lol. Deflect is a great buff for the ladder.


Deflect has been irritating since its inception. TBH, I imagine that BG will say it works precisely as intended and is unlikely to be changed or eliminated.  Might I suggest also using spell breaker and spell leech.


I'd also suggest Antideflect.

#992892 Darksun Reborn IX

Posted by Egami on 14 July 2018 - 17:34

World screen was right at least, hehe. 

#992853 Few ideas to make listing on AH easier

Posted by Egami on 13 July 2018 - 23:54



Yeah. A lot of peeps use AH as a substitute for bp spaces. So to everything you've said, sorry, "no". 


If peeps want to be merchants, they can control their risk. 


I've lost my internet twice this week. There are RL alternatives. 

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