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Elves of Mortifera

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#1 gothador_dragonash

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 01:26

The elves of Mortifera had lived in peace and harmony for so long that it's army had dwindled to three dedicated mages: Arthur, Gen, and Babs. It was these 3 who stood looking over a balcony, taking deep breaths of pure forest air, watching the wisps dancing across the night sky. On either side of the village stood an enormus mountain, where the Angels and Demons kept close watch on the borders of Mortifera.

"Look at all this perfection." said Gen. "Is it really worth the risk?"

Arthur grinned. "How can life be perfect with no risk? Even if something does attempt to come into our world, us 3 are plenty strong enough to push it back through. Right Babs?"

Babs barked happily and wiggled her elven rear.

"Was it really such a great idea to turn a dog into an elf Arthur? I can't believe nobody has noticed yet."

Arthur frowned. "Well what would you have had me do? Just leave her there to be eaten by that trogladyte? Rubbish! Besides, she ended up being one of the strongest mages in all of Mortifera. Even if her origins WERE found out by the High Council, who would care?"

Gen rolled her eyes. Babs tried to lick her face, but she gently pushed her away. "Alright then, I suppose we have to try. If we are ever going to save our brother Onyx, then I guess the risk is worth it."

"Excellent! Now we are talking. Babs, stand here girl. Dark Portal, ok?"

Babs nodded happily. Gen looked at them in silent amazement and took her position. The three mages raised their arms and began to chant in the ancient tongue, and slowly before them the air began to twist and wrinkle. Within moments, black smoke began to issue forth from a slowly opening rift, which spread quickly into a vortex.

Moving quickly, Arthur began a second incantation. The already darkened skies of Mortifera suddenly began to take on a much deeper shade of black, the smoke was pouring into the cottage much quicker, and a deep growl could be heard within the darkness.

Gen screamed. Gods damn you Arthur, HURRY! she thought to herself. Arthur lifted his hand and a burst of light sprang forth and entered the vortex. Babs and Gen chanted furiously and quickly shut the rift. All three mages collapsed onto the ground breathlessly.

"Well, what now?" Gen asked.

"Now," Arthur replied with a smile, "We wait."

The smoke left the cottage, although it did not dissipate...

#2 gothador_dragonash

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 02:20

Before they could ponder if Onyx would see the Beacon or if he may already have perished, a tremendous roar sounded from the town square. The screams of many elves were heard as they fleed to their homes or into the nearest dwelling they could find.

Arthur and Gen sprang to the blaconey andbeheld the source of the disturbance.

Gen gasped. "It can't be... we closed it in time..."

Arthur swallowed hard. "It is Gen... it's a shadow dragon!"

Babs whimpered for a few seconds, then looked thoughtful and began to growl. Suddenly she darted towards the door.

Arthur threw himself in front of her. "What are you doing? You can't go out there, you'll be killed! Or worse!"

Babs gave Arthur an aplogetic look and cast a warding spell that knocked him to his feet. Then she shuffled out the door, her robes flowing magnificently. Gen came over and lifted him up.

"We have to follow her." she said. Arthur nodded, and they charged outside. They ran as quickly as they could to the square, within yards of the dragon, yet Babs was nowhere to be found.

"BABS!!! Where are you?" yelled Arthur. The Dragon spun around and spied him and Gen.

"Briliant move Art, now what?" Gen asked, lifting her hands and prepering for some serious sorcery.

Arthur saw the dragon bearing down upon them and froze up. "We are just mages... what can we do?" he muttered.

The dragon roared again... almost inquisitively, thought Arthur while in complete shock... and just as it looked ready to attack, it suddenly bagan to cough...and shrink. Babs moved slowly toward them, chanting a spell that only should have worked once... at least, that was the way it had been explained to Arthur, shortly before he had used it on Babs. But here it was, working once more on the dragon.

"It can't be..." Gen and Arthur whispered simaltaneously. But it was, and as the smoke cleared, where had once stood a dragon lay a very angry and rather frightened elf. It sputtered and hacked, then much to the surprise of the three mages, bagan to speak.

"What... has happened? What place is this?"he inquired. The look on his face was a mix of berserker rage and infantile sadness. Babs walked over to him and offered him a cloak. He studied it, sniffed it, looked at the way the other elves wore theirs and placed it around his shoulders. Babs smiled at him.

"I am in your debt. Do you not speak?" he asked. She smiled at him and said slowly, "I am Babs. You..." she looked at him expectantly.

When he was sure of his footing, the dark elf that was a dragon stared at her blankly. "I am called nothing... I simply seek to hunt and dwell in the shadows. How shall I hunt in a form such as this?"

Arthur found his voice. "There are elves who hunt the creatures of this and the surrounding realms... you could as well."

"Let us show you the ways of magic, so that you may increase your strength." Gen added, shocking herself by suggesting such a strange proposition.

"Magic holds no interest for me, but strength... if magic will make me stronger, the I shall learn it." he said, smiling. Babs clasped a hand on his shoulder.

"You are Ash. Dragon Ash." she said happily.

#3 gothador_arthur

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 04:24

i find this RP interesting, especially since it involves myself.

Funny thing is, i dont remember giving my consent.

I dont remember being consulted.

I dont remember even being asked.

point of ettiquitte.

its polite to ask permission before rping someone else's character.


#4 gothador_dragonash

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 05:21

Oh... sorry... I thought this was more or less a story telling area, thought it would be fun to write a story... REALLY didn't see any harm in it. Sorry for not asking, I most definitely would have if I knew it was proper procedure.

#5 insatiable



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 06:11


/me tosses d-ash a clue... but he misses it.... :twisted:

#6 gothador_genevievem

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 07:05

Silence blossomed once speech ceased. The one called Gen shuddered, prepared to scream a warning to the others for there was something, something out there just out of sight. She paused but a moment, her eyes struggling to pierce the darkness but it wasn't the night that strangled sound but her own doubt.

Her fear yielded to the whisper, swayed as it danced across her skin. She trembled as it enticed her with words that seemed to come from her soul, inhaled a scent more familiar than her own woods and stepped forward. Her eyes flickered closed as she felt the warmth of the arm sliding around her waist and sighed with a contentment she had never known.

It seemed she dreamed then, for time meant nothing in this euphoric rapture. There was nothing left to yearn for, to strive for, to fight for...except perhaps...breath. Her eyes snapped open and the instant she saw the other she understood, knew her fate had come whispering in the night. Gen felt the plait of hair that clasped her neck tighten and though she fought the inevitable it was she that sank to her knees, she who looked up into the eyes of the other with love, hatred and even forgiveness given and beseeched.

The other gazed into her own eyes, the face of the creature that was her own and slowly unwrapped her hair from the throat of her victim. As her familiar dragged away the corpse, Genevieve beckoned to the darkness that had surrounded them both, and as it slithered against her, she smiled.

All was right once again in the land of Mortifera, the insolent other had been dealt with and the familiars would feast well this night...

#7 gothador_dragonash

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 07:25

Hundreds of years had passed, and even an army of 3 was no longer neccesary in the elven center of Mortifera. They disbanded and after learning enough magic to get by on, Ash said his goodbyes and journeyed off into the unknown, more intent on following the ways of the warrior. But how could he, a lowly dark elf, ever hope to achieve the strength he had posessed as a dragon? Surely no power existed that could equal his might before he awakened in this new world and form.

He theorized one day that perhaps if he could return to the void, he may be able to retain his original form. He sought out Babs, who could always be counted on for help in the mystic arts, to open the portal for him. But before he could step through, a light blinded the elves and an angel soared through, shutting the rift forever behind him.

"I am finally free!" shouted Onyx.

#8 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 14:48

yes it is polite to ask..but dont be too hard on him...

Its all in fun remember? and the story is pretty interesting.

#9 insatiable



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 14:50

yes it is polite to ask..but dont be too hard on him...

Its all in fun remember? and the story is pretty interesting.

um.... hehehe .. you said hard on......


#10 gothador_braelynd

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 16:07

yes it is polite to ask..but dont be too hard on him...

Its all in fun remember? and the story is pretty interesting.

I think part of the confusion is that some of the threads here read more like fan fiction than actual RP and one who reads through other stories here might assume that it's standard practice to include other characters in their stories because other people (yourself included) frequently either include characters or even write from another character's POV. Someone not especially familiar with the background workings wouldn't know that you ask permission and/or run your stories by the owner of the other characters before posting them (or, like in my case, that you've posted my own writing on my behalf).

I think this forum would benefit from a posting of the cardinal rules of role playing, along with some guidelines for other practices that are typically acceptable here. This forum is actually much different from a lot of RP boards I've been on, so even I was a little confused at first by some of the posts.

#11 gothador_genevievem

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 17:23

yes it is polite to ask..but dont be too hard on him...

Its all in fun remember? and the story is pretty interesting.


I don't think either post was in any way "too hard on him". It's all in fun so that makes it okay? I disagree. I also think that the matter was resolved and didn't need modding. :evil:

Yes it is an interesting story. A story that can be told just as well without the use of characters he does not have permission to use. :)

#12 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 24 June 2005 - 21:09

I don't think either post was in any way "too hard on him". It's all in fun so that makes it okay? I disagree. I also think that the matter was resolved and didn't need modding. :evil:

Huh, modding? when? where? who modded it:?:
I just got tickled and made a comment...

#13 gothador_dragonash

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Posted 25 June 2005 - 03:29

They definitely had the right to be upset, I would have been too if I had realized this was a game forum and not a story telling forum. I'm not quite clear about how most of what goes on here isn't just tandem fan fiction, but back in my day text based roleplay involved dice and GM's and quests... you know, like D&D or Palladium? All I tried to do was write a fun little story, if I had known there were any type of rules or anything I would have written it much differently or at least sought permission. So yeah, I think that pretty much resolves everything, I made a blunder and they corrected me. No harm no foul. I appreciate the concern though Seraphim. And I agree that it should be explained a bit better about how this type of roleplay works, because truth be told I still don't get it. Or I DO get it but don't get how it is supposed to be fun. Or something. Personally, I think a stroytelling forum would be much better. :D

#14 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 27 June 2005 - 02:35

It is Kinda tandum, we mix rp and game elements..

Most of the time we ask permission on the stories written, and then allow the person to overview it before posting...

#15 Kayla



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Posted 27 June 2005 - 10:02

And often Seraphim too ;)

#16 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 27 June 2005 - 12:59

:D Yeah I'll get to it....

Been really busy.... :lol:

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