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Interface Scaling?

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#1 OdieTV


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Posted 11 May 2021 - 20:10

I've seen discussions for this elsewhere ( notably steam discussions), dating from as early as 2015, but i'd like to address it personally here for visibility's sake, as i feel this needs to be adressed for the sake of accessibility.

As it stands, the UI cannot be scaled and appears to have been made with resolutions as low as 800x600 in mind. This ends up being tiny on 1080p, which is currently the status quo for most users, let alone anything higher ( or on smaller than average displays)


I understand the game is virtually in life-support mode, but giving people to scale up their UI, even if it's just in integer factors, would immensely help with accessibility and gives new players somewhat of an  impression that you intend for the game to be played on modern systems going forward.

#2 PluszowyStalker


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Posted 06 June 2021 - 08:48

Hello. My 1st post here. I know shit about dis game: played for few hours and my bro played for around 150 hours back in 2014, but anyway: Game deserve those 20-30 players on weekends 'cause it's good, but it won't resurrect miraculously because 16:10 1680x1050 monitors will soon all broke and are already almost out of market, if u own one remember to replace capacitors or never turn-off monitor. Any monitor with a dpi value below 95 DPI should do for comfortable playing, and maybe some glasses on ur head. I would rather buy yearly subscription / EldevinPoints instead of juggling with heavy pre-2013 LCD monitors, but what can u do.

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#3 livingtarget


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Posted 07 July 2021 - 20:40

Some icons are 12x12px along side zero scaling support on the client. This would take years to implement unfortunately and rework all icons/sizes. You could go full screen and set your resolution to a lower one to maybe upscale it a "bit".


Sorry about that.

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