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#1002595 Changes to Arterial Strike

Posted by macb00k on 24 December 2020 - 02:13

Honestly, I can't be mad about that, I can't remember anyone doing anything similar in what, 12+ years the buff is around?
I've never thought of Arterial Strike besides it being an useless buff, as much as I want to be angry that people had the chance to use an 'exploit' to level up like crazy without doing much, the mechanics were there, everything was working as intended, no one was breaking any rules...I'd put it in a similar realm as farming an EOC Elite/Champion just for GXP, something that wasn't intended, but within the game mechanics...It's somewhere between a 'cheater' and a 'genious' move, since no rules were broken, genious it is then.
And yes, the change is very much needed, this shouldn't be a 'common thing to do', but without MoM discovering it no one else would, or never did...And I believe EP and others from MoM also agree that it's a stupid mechanic that shouldn't be in the game at all.

If they are so bent on it being a stupid mechanic why are they so uptight about the changes and the exploitation of it? A lot of the community EXCLUDING THEM are heavily upset about it, where as EP and MoM just care about their reputation? It’s all deflecting from them. 0 consideration for the rest of the community. Frankly pathetic

#998248 Fallen Sword: Campfire Stories

Posted by macb00k on 25 July 2019 - 11:35

Many many things have come and gone. I remember the days of first joining pulling together the amount of help I once received from the fellow members, it truly was my first family! Sadly we all disbanded and sought out new adventures. After going a few other guilds, nothing ever felt the same. While they were all lovely they just weren't Pulling Together, that's when I sought on making a guild of my own. Terrors from Hell was a great experience and I made plenty of amazing people and helping return the mentorship I was once given. Sitting strong for so long I was then offered the helm back here at Pulling Together from my good friend and mentor RabidBeast. It was a dream come true and I fought for years to make him proud, to make all the old existing members proud! After many ups and downs, thefts and broken promises it all became less and less worth it. A failure.

Few months past and that's when I was told that they were proud, that I built a great standing family for all! Now I still miss everyone (and I'm not gonna lie this is making me a touch emotional) that was once part of our great family! The mentors that have made me the player I am today. And I'm so proud of my family now that WE have all built.

This is one of my fondest memories and frankly it was the Pinnacle of my fallensword career.

#967700 Daily Quests - sneak peek!

Posted by macb00k on 30 August 2016 - 02:18

I think making the daily quests that involve creatures match your current player level, anyone can kill 75 rats in a matter of seconds... why not make ot that tad bit more challenging and make people hit creatures of their current level...

#961335 The Springtime Forest and Shadow Bunnies!

Posted by macb00k on 26 March 2016 - 13:28

600 fsps to make the cobalt rune if your lucky

#961317 The Springtime Forest and Shadow Bunnies!

Posted by macb00k on 26 March 2016 - 02:36


                                              NEW EPIC RUNE dropped by the Prodigious Pullus (Titan)

This just ruins the cobalt rune..... there is definitely no point in inventing it now.... attack damage would have been good or even armor and damage/ attack and armor, the opposite stats of the cobalt rune (which is defense damage) like a similar situation with the ring of red death and the signet of spiral light, just with a slight level difference.

All in all thanks for the event HCS, loving the chocolate fever

#959264 Relic Relinquishing or Expand Guild Rights

Posted by macb00k on 16 February 2016 - 04:05

I believe this is a great idea, it also opens up some other relics for smaller guilds to get their hands on

#956687 I earned one fsp in one 2,000 stam hunt!

Posted by macb00k on 08 January 2016 - 12:09

I usually gain around minimum 5 fsps in 7k stam, depends on the potions i use, i made about 16 last hunt with the Christmas present from hcs....

Grats btw

#956051 Flight of Dragons III

Posted by macb00k on 28 December 2015 - 13:25

You ruined the hunting setup with the new set 2430 can you plz change the ring to rune or shield

Maybe instead of complaining you could try and work around it? Or not use it... put some effort into maybe finding a hunting set? Its why new sets are made, to introduce new variations in the game

#952748 Dear Hoof,

Posted by macb00k on 05 November 2015 - 09:08

Just dont use it.. or do! The choice is yours =)

Im sorry but bloody is right, you can choose whether to use it or not, not everyone has access to composing pots or high level pots to help them, the buff was put there for a reason, same as other uffs, the buff is useful and generates income for those who have it, it also provides aid for those who need it, if you want SSI removed because it 'doesnt make things more challenging' then why not remove the high level buffs like smashing hammer, CoA and etc, remove the high level composing pots aswell.... its not a bright request amd it certainly wont happen due to the fact that its a buff that most people about 'X' level will need, i rarely use SSI and i rarely lose... apart from the new 450 titan i had a decent kill streak.

And you cant say little knowledge is being passed on when i for one do my best to help the newbies and returnin players whether they are in my guild or not

#951999 Player who is planning to try out fallensword.

Posted by macb00k on 27 October 2015 - 10:17

Dont give him False Hope Admiral ;P  IF he/she decides to play then they will be valued with my guild ;)

#951822 Halloween Event........ it's coming! =)

Posted by macb00k on 25 October 2015 - 10:39

i wonder how many gut rot head splitters it will take...... hmmmm

#951813 Halloween Event........ it's coming! =)

Posted by macb00k on 25 October 2015 - 08:21

 another TITAN nominee....maybe??  lol   :)



i remember watching this video a few weeks back, had some "hardcore music" playing in the background and it matched so well.... but thats them "Hardcore Dancers" for ya...


Could just imagine seeing juvi do this.... seems like his thing

#951585 Competition Voting area :)

Posted by macb00k on 21 October 2015 - 11:48

Hello everyone mac here,


i recently held a competition regarding a new avi for myself, my guild and also a forum signature.. i myself am having a hard time deciding the victor aswell as the runners up and wish for the community to help decide biggrin.png  ill post the pictures below the characters name who have put their entries in and ill get you all to say what you like about it, and give it a total out of 10 (10 being really good). The player with the most points obviously wins and then there is 2nd place and 3rd place and lastly runners up smile.png


The prize for the competition was


1ST: 40 fsps

2ND: 20 fsps

3RD: 10 fsps


And a bonus 15 for a guild Avi wink.png


I had quite a few entries and am please with the outcome :) the contestants are:






No Sig Entry

No Guild Avi entry




Entry 1:



Entry 2:



Entry 3:



Entry 4:



Guild Avi Entry 1:



Guild Avi Entry 2:



Sig Entry 1:



Sig Entry 2:







Avi Entry:


No guild avi entry

No sig entry



Avi Entry 1:




Avi Entry 2:



Sig Entry 1:



Sig Entry 2:


No guild avi entry



Avi Entry:



Guild avi entry:




No sig entry









No sig entry

No guild avi entry



Avi Entry:



Guild Avi Entry:





Thank you to whom participated and your entries are great :D  the voting closes THIS TIME in 4 days, and prizes will be handed out on the day :P have fun and cant wait to see your feedback :lol:






#951267 New PvP Recipes!

Posted by macb00k on 16 October 2015 - 12:35

i think these potions/chests are great. finally a reason to burn thru my pvp tokens. i will use them in pvp,gvg,bh AND to level....I am very very excited that i no longer have a worthless stockpile of tokens

its made me wanna try the ladder again, been over 400 levels since i was on the ladder, and that was when i was level 49

#951176 Do you think 'RP Farming' i ruining the game if it helps improve the...

Posted by macb00k on 15 October 2015 - 11:51

I had a post going earlier saying you may mean "no", but saw you corrected it once I came back.
I agree almost completely with your definition of an RP farmer. I'd expand it to say that it would be targeting any guild who would be considered an "easy" win - aka won't hit back, have bad rating, know that they don't understand buffs/gear combinations and would lose in the first few hits. Many "specialized" (farming) guild are centered around this aspect. They pick lower level, weaker targets who don't understand the game. They continue to prey on those targets and both profit in terms of Rating and RP, with rating not being as big of a deal. It's less so since the GVG update where all GVG's cost the same amount.
When it's lower levels that are targetted, I think it is more harmful to the game. As many used to state in the older GVG threads, coming onto 50-100 attacks on you with your gear completely broken can be disheartening. While most players are settled in at this time, and could probably pay for the repairs, not everyone can. It's especially hard on the lower level players who may still be learning the game, and not have the gold to pay for it.

i agree with the lower levels being targeted, i myself dont like that happening so we aim to hit guilds with active, mature players, and i 9 times outta 10 give the people we have hit some gold to help with repairs, i aim to hit bigger guilds, yes we have hit a few lower guilds but sometimes people want something to do and unfortunately only have X amount of targets in the game because more and more guilds are slowly dying, being destroyed, or merging along with others, i would like to see it become an even playing field where both guilds during the conflict can enjoy it.


GvG as it currently stands is dying out. It only lies in a small handful of players who are benefiting from it due to the farming. Farming is understood as beating dead guilds while they are down over and over again with loopholes to keep them barely alive. Those who voted 'no' are most likely guilty of this.

you are wrong as i voted no because i believe its a way to teach members (newer players to the aspect of the game) how to do so and earn a few fsps earning it, no one cares really about win, loss or whatever except for a selected group of people, they care about doing something for their guild.. take me for an example, someone hits our guild in GvG, we fight back to show that we wont back down.. why? because we have pride in our wonderful family, and no one labels us anything.... we hit a guild, and they may have 1 target between 2 people and the guild might only have a selected amount of people still actively playing and low and behold we get labelled RP farmers (not saying anyone is labeling us that)... so what if we make a little change? i wont complain, but its not like i have 4 different accounts and cheating my way through it, that my friend would massively ruin the aspect of the game, it takes time, effort and some currency to get a bit of reward back, and in the end, it pays off, we pay the people who put effort in it, so they can upgrade themselves and we throw whats left in the guild to help benefit everyone, this "RP Farming" label people place on most guilds that actively GvG hurts the guilds reputation... its like saying people who titan hunt are only doing it to get some fsps outta it, i know all top guilds would have used both GvG and titan hunting as a source of income at one stage, this isnt directed at you Mr.Charn, but my opinion on the matter.


Yes things might need improving in all aspects of the game, but to throw labels at people is a bit ridiculous, especially when its hard to get by in the game without spending your hard earned money.... might be cheap for most people who play, but its definatley not for me and most other people

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