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In Topic: Could lvl50 create an OP character?

13 August 2021 - 21:22

If I remember correctly, people were messing around with talent builds a long time back when lvl 50 was first announced, and people had found quite a few seemingly OP builds for diff classes with just the one extra talent point

It was just something I was wondering but the posts will be that far back, it will be a pain to find them.  Thanks for the response though FuusRoDah

In Topic: XP boost

30 June 2021 - 20:24

So, it looks like there will be an XP boost event this weekend,

I thought this was a joke and you had drunk one too many Stella's until I logged in and saw the double xp sign above the chat.


This must be some sort of mistake by HCS and they have put this in the wrong game as xp boosts are the last thing this game needs.


It was a mistake back in nov 2016 with the update to give more xp to all profs and quests and this is making the mistake worse. At present, players can level up simply by doing notice board quests. No need for them to even bother with any plague quests for either the army or council or crimson quests either, without even spending a single penny on xp or profession potions


Not only from a players perspective, but also from a business perpective, this seems absolutely crazy. The post I made in 2016 (in the link below, half way down the page, rather than me writting it all out again and filling this post) is just as relevant today regarding this silly so called event.






At present new players, start, take a few weeks to level up, get bored and leave. With this event, they will start, level up in a few days and leave.

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