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In Topic: That Friday feeling

08 January 2018 - 21:14

It's Monday!  A good pick me up would be to change from Fridays to the agonizing Monday....Can't think of a better start to the Week Grim  ;)

In Topic: Levels gained during Double XP Event!

16 December 2017 - 03:42

36 levels for this gal  ;)

In Topic: Optimal Hunting Buffs Setup For Double XP!

13 December 2017 - 00:42

Super nice of you to post  :D

In Topic: Guild daily quests

09 December 2017 - 03:22

Or maybe a tier system such as with the PVP ladder......different quest choices based on number of members.....just a thought 

In Topic: Double XP Incoming!

08 December 2017 - 23:28

Ok... organizational nightmare and despite NOT being a paid employee and not knowing why (FS application may be coming soon), here's my results.


Please note that I read every single post up to here and made notes. Please further note that there are currently a grand total of 85 responses. Yes, 85 responses and tons of FS players, like myself that have multiple posts. 


Also please note that the average (roughly) amount of players online are 300. From just that, ignoring whatever reference you want to use is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!!!!. 


HCS, please do not use the FS Forum to judge player opinion. You announced the 2XP to be on Dec 15. This is "only" my opinion here, but don't change it. 85 persons (excluding the fact that many of us have multi-posted is only 3.5%) does NOT in any way, shape or form, represent the FS population. 


It's way too late for a poll... Please just "think". If you really need help, I'm here for hire. 


So, moving on:


The overall analysis of responses from #84 up is that no change is necessary. Continue with no issues. 


There is a large (less than half), though minority opinion, that a change to delivery date on Xmas deliveries may be preferable. Please note that a high number of the requests for any change are directly related to this.


And yes, I wrote down all the requests.... if you would like the specific data, let's talk about payment. 


The point is that there should ABSOLUTELY BE NO CHANGE. The data is kind of surprising to me. I wouldn't really be against an optional bring forward date. I've said that before.


But, rough calc, 85 posts in this thread do YOU know how many are talking about a 2XP change date? 


You might also be surprised about how many of those posts are against any change whatsoever. 


All that considering that 85 posts (and ignoring that many of us, BG included, have posted more than once represents under 4% of the "online" population, not to mention whatever the real population is) definitely does not approve all of this drama.


PLEASE... do not change the launch date.


I speculated myself that it would be Dec 21 or 22. So? Screw everybody that thinks their speculation will provide profit. They were WRONG. And that's it. 


None of this issue is your fault... yet. 


If absolutely anyone complaining here, and there are actually very few (please NOTE that), can say "it was promised", then I will attack them personally in thread. 


BG, you have, in my opinion, "misstated" (in screen shot GC) that a home page announcement is not a "promise". 


I'd ask... then is anything? 


HCS is on the line here. A backstep from a publicly declared event, not carried out because of less than 4% of the game population that actually speaks in the FS Forum. Seriously? 


I do not sympathize with HCS at all anymore. I've been threatened with the fact that I should ignore game issues or there will be consequences. 


So be it. I care about the game and the people. I'd hope that HCS would do the same. 

You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day


Guess I'll just have to post my agreement this way


I myself have both purchased the gift for myself as well as purchased as gifts for others.  While we all want more dots during every event, the date of delivery was clearly stated.  Assuming that it would coincide with the event is just a mistake on the part of those that purchased.


I think that if we are going to hold them to other posts throughout the year, there must be some continuity. If it's posted we should honor it. (*We'd expect this during globals, LE events, SE events etc.)


I know that I haven't been around since the start of time, and take it or leave it, this is just my humble opinion.

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