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In Topic: Lower on Hit regen in Ta

08 September 2015 - 18:19

It's not a bug, all heals, damage and regens are lower in PVP for balance reasons.

In Topic: World Boss Revamp

23 August 2015 - 16:18

PK had bad loot compared to that, and yet half the game's population did nothing other than PK for 3 weeks. So if this would be the reward for afk auto-attacking, what would be stopping everyone  from server hopping to do WB from dusk till dawn.


Personally I think it would be a lot better if your loot ideas would be added to the quest reward bags and those quests would be available twice a week or 3 times a week or even daily if that's what people wish. As for the drops, simply changing the glims to defined to keep up with the gem inflation that devalued glims would be good enough, any more than that would be leading to a PK situation imo.

In Topic: make indirect heals cause no threat

23 August 2015 - 15:54

you should try running asv with a healtank that can redeem himself non stop you can drop that time to 8/9 minutes with ease


That's simply not possible, even if a healtank could pull directly into the first asv boss (highly doubt that) that time wouldn't drop by 8-9mins. And entrance to first boss is the only place where I do more than 1 pull to boss. 


Only had a couple of proper tries and they weren't perfect, I'd say with the current dps that time can be dropped to 15-16min. And perhaps someone doing the same thing with the 3 dps players in the game that are most suitable for speedruns could drop it to 13-14min but that's it.


What you're saying is correct for RG/BT, healtanks are better there for fast runs, that's because those dungeons are outdated relative to our current level cap and available gear, it's basically like doing story mode. Even a normal tank needs minimal healing in those dungeons, HoTs and nothing else.


But I've done ASV with healtanks (maybe not with the best of them) and I've seen how their hp drops in smaller pulls than what I do with regular tanks, redemption is a joke when you have 7 of those groups on you or groups with 12 bleeds that you can't remove no matter how much you spam serenity. 


I am curious how it would work out though. After I drop my time to what I think is close to maximum with the normal tank setup, I'll try doing it with the same dps and a good healtank to see how it compares. 

In Topic: make indirect heals cause no threat

21 August 2015 - 18:56

challenge you to beat our fastest time of 4:24.


You didn't mention the fastest time of what that is, RG I assume?. I've only really done ASV speedruns in recent months (17:31 fastest so far), but I have no interest in measuring e-peens and it's meaningless since we play with different DPS.


As for making heals over time not generate aggro, we already have time to use more offensive spells than we use heals, there's no need to make healing any easier. If devs want to give us extra tools at 50, they'll probably do it in the form of a new spell, for example a shield that absorbs X amount of damage before it gets consumed wouldn't generate aggro.

In Topic: make indirect heals cause no threat

20 August 2015 - 18:59

The game is already easy as hell, why would you want them to make it even easier. And I wouldn't say those HOTs are indirect heals, ancestral spirit is indirect.

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