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#1006308 Chests

Posted by Croscahd on 28 November 2021 - 17:49

The shard chests are de-spawned at the moment. They usually appear once or twice a year. I'd quite like a buff that gave a small chance of a shard chest spawning on entering a map per hour, per player, per realm, visited over a certain map size. Anyhoo, that's probably exploitable and wishful thinking.


As for the normal ones that take loyalty points or gold to open, explore smaller realms more than larger ones.

Yes, but there is no way of knowing where to even start! They should at least give us like a level range like, "Steel Chest spawned somewhere in realms leveled 100 to 500" sure its a wide range, but it gives us a little clue. 

#1005462 Auction House Suggestion

Posted by Croscahd on 24 September 2021 - 00:11

24 hours is a whole day.... with adequate planning, except with an unforeseen RL event, that should be ample time to pick up items bought from the AH or items that did not sell

and the cows are nice enough to have a remedy in place in the case of those that miss these deadlines....  

If my memory serves me correctly, in the beginning, we didn't even have that, if we lost an item due to being too late to retrieve it from the mailbox, it was tough luck... 

using the ticket system may be time consuming for both the player and HCS staff, but it's the way things have been for over a decade now.  

I just wish that invented items, items bought from the loyalty shop, and items from chests and containers still went to the mailbox rather than my BP....

I've been playing this game for over 10 years and now I work full-time and it can be hard to log on every 24 hours. Just because this is the way things have been for over a decade does not mean we can change it! I think it would benefit everyone and the ticket system, while it works, imposes a burden on the HCS staff and the players, so I think it would be good to implement this change. 

#999825 It's time to update the Auction House

Posted by Croscahd on 14 February 2020 - 17:04

Whenever we sell items in the Auction House and they do not sell them are sent to our item mailbox where they have 24 hours to be claimed or they are automatically destroyed. This should be changed. If a player has empty backpack spaces available then the unsold items should be returned to their backpack. If their backpack is full then it should go to the item mailbox. I work full time and do not play as often as I'd like and often times I lose items because they get destroyed. Please Fallensword team, make this switch. Us faithful players would love this. 



#886986 Help!

Posted by Croscahd on 22 August 2014 - 15:23

Is it possible to spend $249 as your bio says and get nothing in return in this game? Yes it is.  That is unless you are counting the  JOY one gets from simply playing the game ..that counts for something   .. I have spent $$$ in other guilds( some more than others)that I have been a member of ..and when I left I didnt send them a bill for my donations.


I get it, you entered into an agreement and you feel slighted.


You're level 175, roughly 3000 max stam, and your guild has 3 structures. 


My advice!

First: Mow 12.5 lawns @ $20 each = $250 ...and BOOM you got your money back.

Then jump and run with your fat stack of cash to another guild :)

plus dont forget to wear this avatar !!



Good luck! =)

Hahahaha thank you lmao I will probably end up leaving

#876744 Inactive Gear

Posted by Croscahd on 30 June 2014 - 21:02

Such a waste of beautiful gear

#876738 Inactive Gear

Posted by Croscahd on 30 June 2014 - 20:12

Is it possible to steal gear off of an inactive member who is not in a guild?

#874710 Guild Scumbag

Posted by Croscahd on 22 June 2014 - 04:46

Skethz i have returned to the game, and i will end you now :)

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#802417 Guild Allies

Posted by Croscahd on 27 July 2013 - 02:52

JUST an idea, how about like we have allies and enemies a guild can have allies and enemies?

#801725 A New Way to Shop

Posted by Croscahd on 22 July 2013 - 22:59

If you click on "Everything," you can switch from everything to specific items like helmets, weapons, boots, etc. 

I think i'm misreading what you want and if i am, oops :P

Haha yes I understand that much but I want the helmet, boots, armor, etc. having seperate catergories AND an additional caterigory called "Gear" that contains armor, boots, helmets, etc. so shoppers like me can shop more productively

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