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Kisoku Avatar Auction

17 May 2023 - 05:30

WERE BACK! and really rusty, But we are starting off a avatar auction i am getting my pieces together here:

Minmum bid 5FSP

Buy now 40FSP

1st. MiniPool
K7MYugR.pngzBenhyc.png Bid: 40 FSP Paingwin Bought now

2nd Avatar:Deku
HQVQpzn.png Bid: 5 Soul

3rd Avatar: Spooderman
UjnNiwe.png Bid: 5 Soul

4th Avatar:Toga

5th avatar:Pokemon
2okcIih.png Bid: 10 2119112

Auction will officially start on the 19th and end on the 2nd of next month

Due to me being out of state during the 19th i will not be able to send out winnings until after i get back around the 27th-28th so dont rush to send me FSP until then!

[Giving me time to get a few more avatars in time!]

My avatars are not text slaps and genuine work so give me some time the next couple days to add more before the 19th it may not be a huge auction but im starting small and depending on interest and how many people are still around ill do a bigger auction!

I got as many avatars done as possible

Bids may start on the 19th! Good luck to everyone and sorry that its such a small auction.

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