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Loyalty reward prices (mainly doubler)

03 March 2023 - 07:03

Why does the price of the loyalty reward doubler potions jump up so much? It jumps from 200 for the doubler 1500 pot to 1k for the doubler 3k pot, and then 2k for the doubler 5k pot. That's 5x more, and 10x more loyalty tokens than doubler 1500. I understand that they need to be more expensive, but to this extent? I think not. As it is we only have three ways of getting loyalty tokens. Daily which doesn't give anywhere near enough. Through DQs that either don't reward enough tokens to warrant the effort of doing the DQ, or are tedious to the point that they're not worth doing, or from donating which not everybody can afford to do. I feel that either these prices should be substantially lowered, or that the amount of loyalty tokens we get everyday should me substantially increased. As it is it takes roughly 250 days to get 1k loyalty tokens just via the daily reset which is insane. Aside from the loyalty pots there aren't many ways of getting higher level doubler potions. There's only epic potions, most of which only provide doubler 1500 if they provide it all, global event chests some of which don't provide doubler, or again only provide doubler 1500, and some season quest reward potions of which I only know of three potions that give doubler higher than 1500.


Point being that higher level doubler potions aren't exactly the easiest to get whether it be due to price in either loyalty tokens, or fsp, global quest availability, or seasonal quest availability.


Side note: The level of doubler for composed potions could also be increased to help with this problem. As it stands I believe the highest level doubler available via composing is 1250. Bumping that up to 2k, or possibly even 2500 would mitigate this problem as well.

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