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#1010926 Realm Chest Update Ideas.

Posted by shindrak on 16 July 2024 - 18:49

Sorry, but Hell no to BM pot higher than lv300.



* It's the only item that holds its value in the arena shop and for sure no one wants it dead.

* It will kill the value of other potions (longer duration means fewer potions used in the long run) bad for the game overall.

#1010893 Fallen Sword Roadmap (July - October 2024)

Posted by shindrak on 11 July 2024 - 11:02

No. We are constantly told we need new stuff at all levels. The Level ranges of prizes are based on where in 1 to 10 the player placed. Thus the design is by the player for that level. That player decided they wanted an SE at that range. You want a specific SE in the high ranges, earn a top spot! ;)


~ Grim


I don't remember all SEs are player's design...

We can also suggest making a quest-related SE like The Shadow Chancellor
I would like to see a new SE every 250 level content and pretty sure many EOC or high-level players are interested in seeing more SEs

#1010786 Realm Chest Update Ideas.

Posted by shindrak on 20 June 2024 - 15:43

If so, why was it suggested then?
It could be ok to add TD 300 pot
Maybe 300? 400 is double the highest version at the moment. Plus that one is an inevitable.

well 300 is ok though, it will be a rare though from a regular realm chest

In individual potions or a combined potion? I don't have a problem with either buff.

Individual could be better

~ Grim


#1010737 PvP Event Crystal League!

Posted by shindrak on 07 June 2024 - 13:43

If you mean the old ranked PvP system we tried to implement, we've stated several times we no longer have the code, so no. It will not be returning, sorry.


~ Grim

Is it hard to create the codes again?  I mean it's your game and if you want to bring more activity... etc

#1010718 Realm Chest Update Ideas.

Posted by shindrak on 02 June 2024 - 06:04

I still insist frag stashes kill the idea of fragging items to reduce items flooding the game and retain some value to items again.

 a big no for frag stashes from me.

#1010531 Realm chest update ideas

Posted by shindrak on 14 March 2024 - 13:32

Event chests:


Current stamina rewards 50-100 per chest


Loyalty tokens 50-100 per chest

#1010189 Guild vs Guild Update

Posted by shindrak on 08 January 2024 - 14:07

Any news about new RP packs or new epics? 


People were waiting patiently after a few long delays of this update to get "something new"



#1009899 Realm Chest Update Ideas.

Posted by shindrak on 27 October 2023 - 20:14

New Chest event like Mystic Chests but rewards Loyalty Allegiance tokens

#1009521 Double XP Event!

Posted by shindrak on 28 June 2023 - 17:25

Double xp event is good, Could notice more players online and more activity throughout the game.


Reasons why it should stay 2 times a year

-Gives boost for low-level players that are far from EOC.

-Active Market as some players sell stuff to spend dots also changes in gold value and some items.

-I can notice more interactions between players to plan perfectly for this event.

-More contests inside guilds.

-More people buying fsps from offers and more spending while flash sales included.


 What is your reason to remove it?

 No one likes slow pace leveling in such a huge level-range game...

#1009312 Unbearable Lag

Posted by shindrak on 29 April 2023 - 21:24

I have been struggling with this issue and you guys tell me it is my network...



I think you need to check with CloudFlare service you are using if it is not the servers.

#1009150 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by shindrak on 16 March 2023 - 23:43

Another suggestion open for debate.

Should "Unresolved" battles count as losses?

I think if a conflict between two players is unresolved, neither guild should have a loss. It should just be unresolved and not count towards a hit, similar to the way an unresolved on a bounty kill doesn't count.


This makes sense... Unresolved combat shouldn't count as a win or loss.

#1009116 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by shindrak on 14 March 2023 - 21:56

GvG isn't alright when you just see a small guild of 5 players dominating it or farming RP of other guilds with minimal effort...


I understand numbers shouldn't always win and it is more about how experienced you are.

but it is clear a lot of players here are worried about their benefits rather than worried about the game's aspect itself is dead.


GvG needs Rejuvenation as suggested in Toreth's Thread https://forums.huntedcow.com/index.php?showtopic=77829


I would like to see a trial of those changes to see if that will increase the activity


A good GvG guild should adapt to any change regardless :)

#1008844 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by shindrak on 26 December 2022 - 19:34

Any news regarding this for the incoming year?

#1008843 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 26 December 2022 - 19:29

Waiting patiently for Arena update

#1008841 Pvp ladders

Posted by shindrak on 26 December 2022 - 11:31

What really happened so people worried about the ladder now?


Tons of players got their dominance medals at lower ladders without giving any noticeable effort

The problem has been there since The ladder added to the game  more clones and more inactive players sitting on ladders and the players who win brag about their medals from hitting players who don't return hits...


It is really discouraging when these players come to the forum and start pointing fingers at you for playing the game as it was built.

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