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Once again......

17 October 2020 - 00:24

the cows have gone back on their word.  We have been assured multiple times that the Hoof test character would not be used to attack other players because it cannot be attacked by other players, yet here we are with Hooftest sitting on the Bounty Board AGAIN and no way to hit it - It is not possible to attack a test character.  I'm sure this thread will be deleted AGAIN as soon as the cows see it but really, it would be nice if you would actually follow through with your promises.  If you can't constrain yourselves from hitting other players with Hooftest, and it certainly seems you can't, then take the restrictions off it so players can fight back.  It's well beyond ridiculous at this point. 

Unlock XP upgrade

14 July 2020 - 21:05

  I was asked to post this idea in its own topic so here it is with a poll.  For those players that want to drop to a lower level, an old XP lock (sometimes years old) prevents them from dropping as far as they may want.  Currently, there is no mechanism to unlock your XP so once you lock it, it is permanent and can't be changed - ever.

  I propose adding an Unlock XP option to the upgrades page.  Protect XP costs 25 FSP so the Unlock should cost at least that much but ultimately, the cows would have to determine final price.  Poll has 3 options - Yes to add this upgrade, No to adding this upgrade or don't care one way or the other.  Feel free to make pricing suggestions in your comments.

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