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#1007799 Legendary Event!

Posted by wil72 on 14 June 2022 - 18:37

Just read the comment you made in Global chat BG stating, and I quote, "When the caves are fixed, I'll throw the two who refused to appear back out, yeah".

Best way forward in my opinion and good luck with the spelunking!


#1005073 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by wil72 on 08 September 2021 - 19:37

How would Loyalty potions ever not be bound?




#1005072 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by wil72 on 08 September 2021 - 19:31

You don't make any real fsp from donation chests anymore. The game is saturated with them. I suspect those that donate will be happy enough if all of the suggested changes go through. You get a rake of Loyalty points when purchasing fsp. Ooops, are you allowed to say that? So they're quids in either way.




#1004663 [PvP] Feedback & Suggestions

Posted by wil72 on 28 July 2021 - 19:41


" We also wish to protect players that do not partake in it". (Unquote) "it" being PvP.


Thank you!


~ Fallen Sword Team

"We" being HCS. That, to me, is rather concerning. I woudn't have thought it was up to HCS to protect players from PvP but rather the players themselves. Did you mean to word it in the manner that you did? If so it is a dangerous rhetoric in my opinion as many "non" pvpers will jump all over this statement. And some, nay many, will use it to strengthen their arguement for a total opt out option with regards to PvP. A truly horrendous thought I think you will all agree. This IS a PvP game. KitiaraLi has been good enough to post quotes from HCS hierarchy to confirm this. May I suggest you re-post with amendments to make this crystal clear because as it stands, for me at least, you have kinda.......muddied the waters.


As for alterations to PvP bands:


SilentS0ul's suggestion that GvG and PvP bands should be identical sounds good to me.




#1003529 Games so broken

Posted by wil72 on 05 April 2021 - 18:20

Concur with moneypants. Bought 2 no. Zombie Brews. Took roughly 20 minutes to receive them.





#1003407 Game Update v3.1.0

Posted by wil72 on 31 March 2021 - 19:22

Well I never, there's a first. Not once, never, not even a maybe have I seen player suggestion be implemented so quickly into the game. Ok. it's not exactly what was asked for but it's pretty damn close. And these changes have appeared with such little "community" feedback. Do I need to attend Discord? Please tell me this is not so.


And just to satisfy my curiosity, others may wish clarification too. Why have Fumble, Deflect and Unbreakable been singled out for level limitations? I mean, you suggest the buffs Fumble and Deflect are of concern. Can you please expand on this; why are they concerning and to whom? What damage are these particular buffs causing the game? As they must to deserve the nerf.


Just an after thought as I scribe this. Do you intend to introduce potions which contain Fumble or Deflect at a higher level than can now be cast? Would seem a reasonable question since we have Unbreakable 200 in the Loyalty section. Wait! Why not add these 2 new potions to Loyalty!! Loyalty needs some love, right? ;)




#1002897 Who R U?

Posted by wil72 on 27 January 2021 - 20:29

I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me....................


#1002769 Small improvements suggestions.

Posted by wil72 on 07 January 2021 - 22:07

Add Buff Enhancer and Reinforced icons to the buff market already, geezzz.


A player selling buffs in the buff market also has their current stam detailed.


Infact the buff market could really do with a complete facelift and suggestions on how best to proceed with that could fill an entirely new thread.




#1002478 Meanwhile...

Posted by wil72 on 17 December 2020 - 20:45

Meanwhile in Ghana.


#1001984 Halloween Legendaries Event, Wave 1!

Posted by wil72 on 30 October 2020 - 19:48

Did New Breed get credit for creating 'Scrim the Undertaker'? 








Posted by wil72 on 09 October 2020 - 13:15

"Unwritten rules". Fallen Sword has quite a few and indeed so does the Forums. These rules are NOT within HCS Terms of Use or stated in the Forum Rules but rather adhered to as a common courtesy to others. One of these unwritten rules is a player, when posting in the forums, should not detail other players IGN as this is deemed as "unwanted attention". And as an unwritten rule it works well, mostly, as it prevents a lot of flaming to and fro between players within certain threads. This in turn makes administration of the Forums easier for HCS which is good. However there are certain situations that arise in the game where I believe that "name-shaming" as one player put it, see how I didn't name them though, should take place. This being one of them.


Exploitation of a bug to further develop ones character or Guild IS in violation of HCS Terms of Use and a player caught doing so will, by the discretion of HCS, be terminated. And in my opinion anyone caught doing so also loses their right to anonymity within HCS forums.




#1001545 Pvp Protection in the PvP Ladder

Posted by wil72 on 23 September 2020 - 18:06

--On the ladder if you leave via pvp protection then all smasher and dominance ticks be null and void for that ladder session, and all (if any) attacks performed b4 paying to try and avoid consequences, should be available for bounties.


The above collaboration between Moonfrost and KitiaraLi may go some way in reducing the use of this manipulation of current game mechanics.




#1001322 Can we revisit smasher ticks for normal pvp

Posted by wil72 on 22 August 2020 - 19:56

* removed as yet again utter nonsense

as to many of the posts not commented on, they show the great divide between pvpers and the decent honest good levellers. )

Your last comment has remained. As I want to bring attention to it and the fact it would suggest ONLY levellers are "decent, honest and good". This again is utter nonsense! And to suggest such a thing is quite ridiculous. It is this very attitude that causes such division in the game when there really should be none at all. The mechanics of the game allow PvP. BigGrim has stated in this thread no less that Fallen Sword is a PvP game, from it's very inception, and went further to say there would never be an option to "opt out" of Player v Player attacks.


Now I understand, and i hope it's clear to others too, why you convoluted this thread with "smoke" as your last comment makes it quite clear what you think of PvP and those that participate in it.


Like Moonfrost says there is a way to minimise the risk of PvP attacks. And I for one have always found that ethos to be true. I would suggest you take on board those teachings mate.


Normal 100 stam hits gain a tick towards Smasher Medal. That would be a yes from me.




#1001305 Can we revisit smasher ticks for normal pvp

Posted by wil72 on 20 August 2020 - 18:47

 "so much for original intention. a thread unravels".



I've been following this "thread" closely. As personally I am in favour of moonfrost's suggestion. And I have yet to see/read what your credible argument against it is. Are you trying to "unravel" this thread with utter nonsense?


Can I ask what your original intention was? As I have no clue. Are you against normal 100 stam hits providing a tick towards the Smasher Medal and when doing this smash also receiving 10 prestige? Do you think it should be one or the other but not both? And if so why?


Do you want to level in Fallen Sword without any consequence? Is that what you think "all" levellers want? And if there is consequence, which is a 100 stam PvP hit, that is why you think so many levellers will leave the game? Let's put it this way. If you want to level with no consequence why not just add up numbers on a calculator.


Personally, I would go further than moonfrost's suggestion so I've taken the liberty of adding to it. I know you like lists so I've added one for you.


  • normal 100 stam hits provide a tick towards Smasher medal. Only applies once in every 3 day period like PvP Prestige.
  • The amount of Prestige you receive for a PvP win should equate to stam used. So a 100 stam hit that wins should get 100 Prestige.
  • Prestige should also be given to a succesful defense using the mechanics of no. 2
  • The introduction of a PvP themed Global Event.
  • Increase the level ranges for PvP attacks.


How'd you like em apples?


Oh, while we are asking, any chance you can remove the GvG cap moo brothers and sisters? Silly question I know but I just don't like it.




#1001203 inactive backpacs

Posted by wil72 on 13 August 2020 - 16:17

Rather obviously not. Please don't be obtuse for the sake of it. Is it your backpack? Are you in the same Guild? If not, LEAVE THEM ALONE. They have nothing to do with you.


~ Grim

This is true however it will never happen. Current game mechanics allow an active player to send gear to any other player active or inactive. As long as the mechanic remains so will the sending. Disputes between players and Guilds arise all the time and the "old chestnut" of sending multiple items to inactive Guild members in opposing Guilds is a sneaky way of scoring points. It reduces the receiving Guilds ability to hold gear, potions, etc unless they fork out fsp for Guild store slots as unless the inactive player logs back in and clears their backpack storage space is lost.


As the above appears to manipulate current game mechanics I think that is the reason why people are seeking a definitive answer.




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