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Low fps, please help

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#1 Sihaya


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Posted 19 November 2019 - 07:13

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I'm aware my pc is a rotten potato, searching for low spec mmorpgs is how I came across Eldevin. Even tough my ram and cpu are under 50% when I play this game, I get 5-7 fps in cities and around 10 fps outside of cities. I remember playing WoW on this pc right after Legion came out and it ran pretty decent without tweaking the graphics, so I don't understand why Eldevin is running like a slideshow...
I tried allocating to video memory minimum, 512mb and 1024mb, no difference. Java is up to date. I checked the low graphics box in the game settings, I lowered the view range, I tried with limited & unlimited frame rate, full screen, windowed mode, different resolutions...didn't help. The only thing that did improve my fps was switching to software rendering, but with that I can't zoom out (or don't know how), which makes the game almost unplayable for me cause I can't see where I'm going and it takes out the open world feel a mmorpg should give.
I stopped playing in the last week or so and started searching for other rpgs but for several reasons Eldevin is still the one that appeals to me the most. So I'm posting this in hopes that there's some performance tweak I'm missing and someone from the small community this game has can point it out for me, offer me some possible solution I don't know about
Very sorry for poor english

#2 Knoxelle


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Posted 19 November 2019 - 17:36

Hey Sihaya, 


First of all welcome to our community! I hope you can figure this out as the more the merrier! 


I'm no expert, but my experience with integrated Intel Chipsets is pretty negative, my very first laptop had a similar chip and it was very in consistent with what it could run. 


The only thing I could think of is what OS are you using? and What resolution are you running the game at? Is this the only thing running when you play? 



I run the game on a q6600 (much older than your 2013 Cpu) with 4gb ram on Windows 7 64bit, and it runs just fine.


If you are using the steam client, you could try running the stand alone launcher, which can be downloaded here:




I hope this helps some what, and I hope you find a solution soon! 

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#3 Sihaya


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Posted 19 November 2019 - 19:17

Hello Knoxelle, thank you for replying to my post!
I have Windows 7 64bit, the stand alone launcher, I'm not running anything else during gameplay, I even go into task manager and end all unnecessary processes and set javaw.exe to high priority. Also checked to make sure the game uses both cores. Tried both servers. Tried x2 anisotropy. As for resolutions, I tried all of them, also I find it weird that the min res vs max res and windowed vs fullscreen doesn't seem to change too much performance-wise when it comes to Eldevin.
Gaming on a low spec pc was always very straightforward: my system could either handle it or not. But with Eldevin is strange because it runs so bad even tough task manager graphs show ram&cpu usage under 50%. I get more fps on games that use almost 100% of my ram&cpu...
If there isn't any other solution, I suppose my graphics card is to blame and I simply have to accept that I can't play this game :(

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Posted 22 November 2019 - 20:51

Didn't see it mentioned, have you tried downloading the latest drivers for your intel graphics chipset from their website?

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