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In Topic: Issues logging into game

23 December 2022 - 01:29

Same here... problem logging in to FS! :(

In Topic: Titan Design Contest 2022

12 September 2022 - 04:08

Name : Jiangshi The Great General
Classification : Undead
Lore : Jiangshi was once a great General who helped his emperor to conquer the whole Mainland, winning most of the war games. With his mighty hands, he killed tons of humans with his powerful bare hands without any aid of weapons.
Jealousy and greed which eventually took his life, he was sentenced to death and was cursed with a powerful talisman sticking on his forehead which stopped him from resurrection.
Legend has it, he will be revived with the scripture which was composed by a legendary monk, but he'll be killed again after 7x7=49 blood sucking x 100 hitting + 1 curse (4901 in total).
Physical Description : Giant Undead with both hands lifted up 90 Degree at all time, 18ft tall vampiric undead creatures, hungering for human blood, and he's able to jump for a great distance.
Remarks : Powerful hand & leg could eventually becomes a great weapon, with the bloody juice in his mouth which may be used to invent an epic potion to aid the warriors!
A sample Jiangshi drawing :

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