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#887551 The Greatest Gothador Player of All Time

Posted by xSeraphinex on 27 August 2014 - 09:16

Voting for AssStallion!

He spilled more stallionjuice on Trojan than anyone ever.


Seriously though, back when I was active I plowed through ranks and caught lots of people in ranks, levels and whatnot. There were people I never caught - and even though i cannot remember the rankings from that time, I still remember the fun I had, so Every single person on the list deserves my vote. At first I was chasing Gallowmere and Toneboogie, then RevBlood and Insat and in the end i was chasing morby, and after becoming a beast (of an angel) I quit like a moron.  Andor deserves a kiss to the wind as well.

Was fun times for sure.

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