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In Topic: Its all TOM's fault

22 November 2015 - 17:42

I was hungry so put some dinner in the oven. While waiting for it to cook I decided to boot up my laptop. I spent about 5 minutes reading this, was too distracted to notice that my dinner had been in for too long. Because Lap posted this I have had to go without dinner tonight.



All I can summarize is.


Tom you owe me dinner.

In Topic: New Guild Rankings Idea

12 May 2015 - 13:40

yes an idea like the PvP ladder/rising stars could work here, where it regularly resets, however i feel daily and weekly could be too short a time period as some members with exceedingly high stam might not hunt that regularly.


Maybe guilds could even receive medals or achievements for coming first or top 10 monthly


I'm feeling that while it might be interesting to see level brackets as well as an overall, it would be tricky to do as member level and guild level do not always correlate. For example a guild with 3 members at level 1800+, are likely to be a lower guild level than a full packed guild with a range of levels. So basing it on guild level wouldn't make a difference to types of titans that can be hit for example.


However basing on member level is also hard as if a guild is all lower levels and one 2000+ level then how would that be bracketed?


Not saying its impossible or a bad idea, just I cant think of a way to make it work

In Topic: May 23rd (2015)

24 April 2015 - 14:58

Look... I'm as much a fan of celebrating the annisversary of  "Empire Day" being renamed "Commonwealth Day" in some areas of the United Kingdom, but do we really need a whole topic for it?



I mean... come on. Something as important as that. We all are aware of its impending arrival.

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