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#953741 Its all TOM's fault

Posted by leinad01 on 22 November 2015 - 17:42

I was hungry so put some dinner in the oven. While waiting for it to cook I decided to boot up my laptop. I spent about 5 minutes reading this, was too distracted to notice that my dinner had been in for too long. Because Lap posted this I have had to go without dinner tonight.



All I can summarize is.


Tom you owe me dinner.

#929549 New Guild Rankings Idea

Posted by leinad01 on 22 April 2015 - 18:50


Was just thinking of an idea that could have potenial to be useful in regards to guild rankings.
In the "Top Rated" tab you have an overall and "your month" section for highest levels.
For guilds, obviously FFS is the highest level guild, and as some people have noticed MoM have been catching up recently, but new guilds will always be very low down and will never reach anywhere near the top for years to come.
I was thinking it would be quite good too see a section which reset each month for guilds that showed the experienced gained that month/TKP for the month/etc. 
This would allow people to see how each guild is growing and which guild is growing fastest, and add a more competitive nature to guilds across all levels.
It could also make guild titan hunting more competitive. For example if someone decided they wanted to start a guild, exclusively for titan hunting, they may end up being the best titan hunting guild as they might recieve the most TPK in every titan they hunt, however they wouldnt get even close to the top 50 in the rankings for a good few years. However if there was a section that showed how many TKP had been collected each month they would be able to see that this new guild is currently doing the best in Titan hunting. 
Hope that this has been at least interesting. Would love to hear others thoughts on the idea if youve got any.

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