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#994757 Early Game Overhaul.

Posted by TheCount on 12 December 2018 - 00:44

While new end game content is great, but with work going into a mobile version I believe the early game needs a lot of love. The majority of the mobile gaming community is casual, so catching their attention right away is important. There are tons of aspects of this game where the players are left to find or figure out on their own, or that are only possible at higher levels. Some examples:

1. SE hunting. Dozens of times I have helped new players beat their first SE, and they are usually excited when they get that first SE kill. My proposal is to add a quest in the level 10-15 range that has you hunt down an SE, maybe with an increased drop rate?

2. PvP/GvG. Before I get the "That'll only benefit you..." Speech from someone, take a look at the PvP Ladder and think of how many guilds actively GvG. Personally, I see no reason a level 5-24 PvP Ladder isn't already a thing. I believe the addition of a lower level PvP Ladder and possibly a notice sent to new players informing them of the presence of PvP Ladders would be a nice step towards getting new players familiar. And for GvG, is there a reason in particular that they changed the minimum level to 50? GvG is a way new players can make FSP, which somebody, somewhere paid for. I believe adding new items/epics/potions invented with RP items would increase the need for GvGers in general.

3. Titan Hunting. I may be wrong, but the lowest level Titan is 60? I believe adding a Titan at level 25 or 30 would catch a new players attention. Something similar to the Deepwater Kraken quest maybe?

4. Add something new. Giving new players a chance to get on even terms with veterans would likely keep them interested. I believe adding a system similar to Composing would work. For this example it will be called "Smithing" and be used to create pieces of (Bound) Crystalline gear. Maybe create new blueprints that require a certain Smithing level to craft certain items.

That's all the ideas I have thought out, lemme know what you think.

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