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In Topic: [Important] Can't connect to the Terra (EU) server?!

21 November 2014 - 16:39

Okay, that's fine. I wasn't sure if that was intended behavior or not. I had no problems with latency or server/client performance last night. The game ran smoothly.

In Topic: [Important] Can't connect to the Terra (EU) server?!

21 November 2014 - 05:36

I'm a US player. I see Terra and am defaulting to Zephyr, but I no longer see Viridian (however it's spelled) as a US option. I haven't had to manage ports in my firewall or router.

In Topic: Make bags account bound not char bound

18 November 2014 - 19:57

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


speechless, seems unfair since not everyone can or will buy that so why not have some option for non steam players to buy it then.


+1 on the suggestion too...

It was on sale for $8 when I bought it off Steam. It includes an account mount too and riding skill for one character along with a cosmetic set (ninja). I thought it was worth the price just for the instant riding skill and mount with an account wide bag.


Definite +1 for the suggestion.

In Topic: Should HCS add more Story Modes ?

18 November 2014 - 19:06

Let the reward be for one mode or another if for some crazy reason people are afraid the rewards are too high.


Like I said in the other thread, I'm not asking you to solo only, don't try and force me to group. And before you go off on the why are you playing an mmo tangent, just don't. I've been playing mmos since Lineage and if you don't get why forced grouping doesn't equal mmo then I'm not explaining it to you.

In Topic: Playing on Steam Client (Black Screen)

12 November 2014 - 03:38

I get this running through Steam mostly. I run Steam through wine (on Linux) so I figured it was due to that. The game freezes and then the screen goes black if I tab out of the screen. It does happen on the native Linux client too, but not as much since I installed Oracle Java and removed openjdk.

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