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19 August 2015 - 10:53



ICC Solo Mode: (Not Story Mode) - Random Loot (Infernal Flake (10% Drop Rate); Shadow Cores(100); Glimmering Gems;  ....)


PVP Arena 45+ - Random Loot too Winner Team (Infernal Flake; Shadow Cores;  Ancient Cores; Ancient Remmants; Glimmering Gems; ASV Relics....) - 1 Bag for each player.


Champion Hall Solo Mode - (Not Story Mode) - Random Loot in order with lvl of player

In Topic: End Game Single Player Content

18 August 2015 - 18:00

Hi J* and All


I Agree with part, that eldevin are turning in a "work game" and "not funny" game. We enter in game and have "lots of work" schedule to do.


How is My Work Day in Eldevin:


Infernal Flakes: Need to Farm, to do dailies, to get artizan points in order to get infernal flakes  :o - 1:30 Hour every day (125 Artizan Points/day - 2 Month to get 1 Weapon) - NOT FUNNY. Rarely can find team to do ICC. Players that got all infernal flakes dont want to do it again. Too much dangerous and  gold expensive if not a good team. Around 45 Minutes to each member in group get 1 chest with infernal Flakes. (Is not Funny, Good Rate bettween Work and Loot)


Ancient/Shadow Cores : I not have 1 Warrior Build to Farm Ancient Flakes. Need to do 10 Arena lvl 10 ( Totally Boring ) and 1:00 Hour. or to do 10 PVP (Lots of Fun) 1:40 Hours.


Gems Farm (CC): 1 Hour a day (Good Rate bettween Work and Loot - 20 Minutes we do 3 Boss with group of 2 players). We can do Solo (yes) if with right build (14-20 Min Defiler, more time to Gargoyle).

CC arrived and killed ICC Dungeon.


After 3/4 Hours, its time to help someone in Following Events:

BT/RG: 30 min for each Dungeon is acceptable

ASV: Ungeared Teams take around 1 hour (If Geared not need it anymore). In my oppinion, Dungeons that take more that 30 minutes is BORING NOT FUNNY.


Hope we get more Funny Events and Dungeons Soon and i left some suggestions:


- Guild Battles is Allways Fun and Competitive - Guild Rewards.

- Arena: Last Man Up - With Good Rewards to Winning Player

- Attack/Deffend Castle - With Good Rewards to Team

Eldevin City Defend: Random Time. Stop Boss and elite to arrive to Eldevin Palace - With Good Rewards to All Players


Good Job.



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