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Guild PVP War System and Auction House

31 August 2015 - 16:45

Hi All,


I know they are working in guilds system and let 3 ideas to be launched with this upgrade.


1 - Guild PVP War/Competicion System

1.1 - PVP Arena 5 vs 5 (Guild Teams)

1.2. - PVP Island 20 (or more) vs 20 (Guild Teams) Comptetion. 1st Ranked Guild can gather in this island for 1 week. Improved Gathering Loot and Boss Reward :D


2 - Auction House will be very welcome improvement to the game, with the huge benifict to stop Sales Spam (Inclusive Mine) in World Chat.


3 - Personal Sales Store. Where we can sell our items (Potions, Gathering Materials, Gems, etc....) to other players.


Tx in Advance,



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