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#998942 Development Map

Posted by iceman66 on 04 October 2019 - 19:03


So, to answer your questions as best I can:
1. Fallen Sword technically has four coders, two of which are dedicated to the development of the app (JustConix & Kamikazer). Hoofmaster and Moltenkore work on multiple projects (and are kept very busy as a result). Hoof is almost always making behind-the-scenes tweaks, most of which lately have been to facilitate functions of the app.
BigGrim works support, and handles content generation/admin whilst a variety of artists (myself among them) contribute to making things look shiny.
2. The game is updated as often as possible, which is not to say that it is updated as often as we would like.Getting Fallen Sword to cooperate with the App has not been a smooth ride but we're making good progress. Unfortunately that progress has also lead to the game misbehaving in ways we couldn't anticipate, and it's easy to break stuff, not quite so much to fix it afterwards.
3. We're using a Trello Board to plot our roadmap but it's focusing on the App development at present. Once the app is up, running and polished, our efforts can return to Fallen Sword in general.
We're focusing on the app at the moment, as Hoof has mentioned, but the app is nothing without Fallen Sword so rest assured it's not abandoned. You've all been wonderfully patient with us, we really appreciate it, and we understand your concerns! With a little luck this helps ease some of them, but we're unable to provide a roadmap simply because our objectives shift so frequently. We like to think this helps us keep up with what's most in-demand!
Kind regards,
The FS Team



Thank you!  I really do appriciate the response.  It might be a good idea to do regular updates like this to keep us in the know, but I also understand time constraints.

#998919 Development Map

Posted by iceman66 on 02 October 2019 - 21:53

I think we could all benefit from some sort of development map.  The updates to FS are so few and far between, that it's starting to feel like our beloved FS is being abandoned.  I think the community (sorry if I'm speaking for everyone) deserves to know what the plans are.


1. Who are the coders? Who even works on FS anymore?


2. How often is the game updated?


3.  Is there an update schedule that is followed?


In the past, Hoof let us see what was happening in terms of development and it was awesome.  I hope it's not too much to ask that we see that side again.

#998914 Guild XP lock is broken

Posted by iceman66 on 02 October 2019 - 18:23

Yup, here we go again.  It seems that guild xp is broken and that hunts are actually adding to it instead of subtracting.  It's been this way for months which is unacceptable.  Are there plans to fix it this year?  Just as a reference, my guild cleared over 245 billion xp this week alone (according to the guild advisor), when our XP lock was at like 345 billion.  If my math is correct, should our guild XP lock now be around 100 billion?  It's ongoing and I just hope it's not affecting overall numbers.  Thanks.

#988519 Levels gained during Double XP Event!

Posted by iceman66 on 17 December 2017 - 23:42

223 levels :)

#988194 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by iceman66 on 10 December 2017 - 00:57

That would be because a number of FS players brought up the idea on page 1. Josh and moneypants initially, it seems. Followed by Swiggity, Hiddn, and wil. The Cows are entertaining the idea, so it must mean SOMETHING to them that they can help their players as much as they can. The cows have always been opent o ideas in changing certain things if it could benefit the population of FS. This is no different.


Being INCONSIDERATE of the idea and completely discarding the idea completely would be the worst thing the Cows could do. If they choose not to change anything, c'est la vie. If they choose to change something, also, c'est la vie. The fact of the matter is not everyone will ever be pleased with whatever decision is made. That's just how it is. The Cows have done great thusfar, and I'm sure they'll come to the decision that would be the best for the community, whatever that may be.


Before now, I have only pointed out that logically, from a financial and business marketing standpoint, it makes sense that the players would have access to their FSP and the potions DURING the 2x XP event, and anyone who has ever had a hand in business will tell you the exact same thing.


If they give us access to the FSP for the event, that means happy donators.  Happy donators are likely to donate again, Business 101.  I also predict a increase in donators if they can use their FSP for the double XP event.

#988185 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by iceman66 on 09 December 2017 - 23:20

Lol, running statistics on like 20 people.  That is a sample from a very small group.  You want real statistics, why not run an in game poll?  It's been done before.  I have a sneaking suspicion that there are going to be more than 8 votes for delivering the holiday before the start of the event. 

#981871 List of Daily Quests

Posted by iceman66 on 20 June 2017 - 00:36

Yesterday, I was supposed to break down 400 items for 175 max stam. I had full stam, so I did my regular hunt.... I stammed out at 93 items sorry, no screenie, just too hard to make on my phone.... had FI 1K running and I crush everything... big disappointment there.


Daily Quest
[ Common ]
Defeat 3 active players in normal PvP
0 / 3
Gain +175 Allegiance Tokens

Grabbed myself a little prestige :)

Oh, and I did this, too

02:39 17/Oct/2016 You have just been awarded a Bronze Daily Quests medal!



Rare ]
Hug BadPenny 600 times
0 / 600
Gain + 100 <3's
Time Remaining:
17h 42m 10s

#976520 UFSG Updates

Posted by iceman66 on 10 February 2017 - 18:16

Right. That's the Ultimate Guide updated completely. If I've missed something, lemme know, okay?


~ Grim


Thanks, SuperGrim :)

#976282 Guild Store Slots

Posted by iceman66 on 03 February 2017 - 21:00

Just curious because that is just how I am, but why would you increase personal Backpack slots to 3000, but still keep the Guild Store at a max of 1750?  I have no issues with our personal bp's holding 3000, but I think you should increase the GS to 3000 as well.  1750 just is not enough...  

#971313 #1 player discussion

Posted by iceman66 on 31 October 2016 - 20:48

But here is where i don't understand? Going back to new players being demoralized don't you think if there was a bunch more content releases that would be even more demoralizing? Slower content releases are good for new players. Your whole argument is contradiction. level 10k is clearly more demoralizing then level 3000. There needs to be a leveling advantage to lower players like 3x xp that slowly detoriates to 2x at level 1000 to 1.5 at 2k etc.


I think seeing more than half the active players in FS at or around the same level is far more demoralizing than seeing 1 or 2 at the metaphorical  level 10k, or in this case 4k.  I'm more excited in any new MMO when I see a separation of levels TBH.  What it shows is variety and a healthy release of new content.

#971285 #1 player discussion

Posted by iceman66 on 31 October 2016 - 20:00

I don't think a single guild would dominate titans anymore...Without CD. Teleport has massively changed the playing field.


This isn't about titan hunting, so lets please stay on topic.  This is about players getting demoralized and discontinuing their play as they see no possibility and achieving #1.  Top player is a joke now.  What you have is 160 players who are ABOVE EoC.  Their levels vary form 3101-3140.  The average player level amongst those 160 is ~3110.  Those numbers show a shocking lack of content.  Even if you don't put a cooldown on the #1 player, something has to be done.  40 levels above content, does that not seem ridiculous to anyone else?


I harbor no ill-will towards any top players (aspiring for #1 or not), but there is a serious lack of levels now that won't get fixed unless very large chunks of content is released.  Make it so hunting EoC doesn't award personal XP, put a cooldown on the #1 player...I don't care.  But please, for my sanity and everyone else's...fix the root of the problem.  Focus on releasing more levels or this EoC problem will not change.

#969943 10 year anniversary!

Posted by iceman66 on 07 October 2016 - 00:39

I'm guessing nothing will happen, but I can dream.  Mobile app release maybe? More FSP packs similar to that of the starter pack and champion pack?  What about content?  100 levels of content for each year the game has been running?  Some love to the loyalty section?  Karma?  One of the many things promised would be nice.


I don't mean to be a killjoy and I'm sorry for my negative tone, but it's hard to see the positive when things just get overlooked and ignored.

#969132 Frustration

Posted by iceman66 on 20 September 2016 - 01:00

I, too, am a leveler at heart. 


Have been from the day I made my account, I never even knew there was PvP in this game until I got hit the first time. . If you want to call it PvP, I call it canned hunting. Toss the target into the cage and take aim.


I've been chided more than a few times for not doing this, or that or something else.


I'm slow to level, slow to compose, slow to try other aspects of the game.  I call it the scenic route, because I'm not in a hurry to get to the top where I might be tempted to growl about not getting content, or quests or any number of other things like others do.


I guess, maybe Hoof should keep going on what he's doing.


BigGrim, can drop getting the Christmas events and stuff ready and concentrate on quests and more levels. Can also work harder on the epic quest arc.


Let the LE events, the SE events, the crystal events and other events slide till there are more quests and levels to climb.


Heaven forbid, it's not like they don't have anything to do with their time.


Oh yeah, they can put their nose to the grindstone and forgo showing up here too.  Everyone will know they are hard at work on the things the player base wants to see more of and see it now.




Trolling posts may now start.


I'm not saying they have to drop everything and make content.  You misunderstand me, but thanks for the sarcasm.  It's been stated that Hoof is coming back to FS.  It's been stated that BG is working on the epic quest line that was promised in 2010.  Why not release content AND continue work on the Christmas events and whatever?  What a thought...numerous projects at once.  If it's an issue with staffing...hire more people DELEGATE staff appropriately.  I'm not sure if you know this, but Fallensword is HCS's highest grossing game which means it's where they get their cash.  I'm baffled as to why more resources aren't designated to this game.


Are you saying HCS is too busy to release content more than twice a year?  Even with a small team, the expectations of them aren't that high is regards to FS.  Tell me I'm making assumptions, that's fine.  But before you jump to protect HCS, empathize with the levelers and look at the numbers.  The shocking amount of new players to EoC should be proof enough that content is not coming out fast enough. 


I've said it before and I'll say it again, they need to communicate with their player base.  I still really have no idea what they are working on.

#969122 Frustration

Posted by iceman66 on 19 September 2016 - 20:30

*Everyone looks upon the post and sighs as it's something they have all heard before.  Sighing in disbelief, a feeling of disappointment rushes over their body as they realize"Here we go again."*


9 years I have played this game.  That is 3,285 days of joy, frustration, anger, envy and any other emotion that you can imagine.  Content has never been consistent in this game, and I let it slide.  Post's get deleted sometimes, but I brushed it off.  Mods sometimes take feedback personally and react irrationally, it happens.  All of things add up to what makes this game so special.  But there comes a time when something needs to be done.  Whatever that thing is, COMMUNICATION is key.


We've had legendary events which are cool for a bit.  We've had global events fairly regularly, awesome.  One thing that I do not understand is why we haven't had content updates for those of us who enjoy leveling?  We had 25 levels of content on April 29th, 2016.  Then on June 30th, 2016 (Double XP weekend), we had 100 levels the first day, then a surprise 50 levels the next (which I promised myself I would not get into).  It's September 16th today which means that in approximately 5 months of life, we've received 175 levels of content. 


You have nearly 170 players that are considered EoC.  1 years ago that number was ~50.  What this shows me is that content is not coming out fast enough and that as every day goes by, you are going to have more EoC people sitting at the top losing interest because why would they want to play a game that releases content twice a year?  At this rate, by the end of the year you're going to have people who are EoC who aren't even in the top 250.  Does that seem right?  You have well over 100 players who are actually 5 to 40 levels above EoC...but I digress.


You need to do better if you want to compete with other browser games.  Take this as an insult, take this as constructive criticism...up to you.  You are lucky that a remaining players in FS feel connected to the community...I know that is why I'm still around.  Thank you for your time.


Kelly aka iceman66

#966521 Content updates of old

Posted by iceman66 on 02 August 2016 - 20:23

I remember a time when there was an entire thread dedicated to informing us of new stuff happening in Fallen Sword.  Stuff was added to the list and checked off when it was complete.  There are so many good ideas and suggestions to fix things, but I feel like they are getting lost in the depths of the forum.  I understand that the burden of FS can be too much for one person, but you have to give us something.


Lack of communication destroys games, I've seen it time and time again.  When the players don't know about what is happening, we tend to get restless.  I would absolutely love something like a check list of stuff that is getting worked on.  It can include new ideas (daily events), content additions etc.  Anything, just so we know stuff is getting actively worked on.  Thank you.

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