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Double XP Event!

23 July 2021 - 14:06

Hi all,

The Double XP event has now started and will be live for the next 96 hours!

During the event, all creatures will give DOUBLE their normal XP. Enjoy! :)
Additionally, the following content is now active:
• 156 New Realms.
• 150 New Creatures.
• 12 New 'Champion' Creatures.
• 6 New 'Elite' Creatures.
• 6 New 'Common' Item.
• 12 New 'Rare' Items.
• 12 New 'Unique' Items.
• 12 New Item Sets.
• 15 New Portals.
• 15 New Relics.
~The Fallen Sword Team.

Double XP Event Reminder!

21 July 2021 - 13:12

Hi all,
Remember the Double XP event will be starting on Friday the 23rd of July at 14:00 hours (Server Time) and will be running for 96 hours.
~ The Fallen Sword Team.

Double Composing XP LXVI

16 July 2021 - 14:06

Hi there everyone!
Today we have our next 'Double Composing XP' event!
For the next 48 hours, until 14:00 server time on the 18th of July, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!
We hope you enjoy the 66th Composing XP Event!
Additionally, remember the Double XP event will be starting on Friday the 23rd of July at 14:00 hours (Server Time) and will be running for 96 hours. We're also going to be increasing the server capacity to cope with the extra demand during this time to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible during the event. 
~The Fallen Sword Team.

Legendary Event!

25 June 2021 - 14:44

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Count Ragf Lokor (Legendary)
Count Ragf Lokor is an ancient friend of the Morbidstein Family, allying with them in battle over the centuries of his existence and keeping close (sometimes blood) ties with the twisted Morbidsteins. He currently amuses himself watching the good Doctor creating his monstrosities and supplies him with a steady flow of (drained) corpses for his evil experiments.
Recommended Level : 12+
Leaf Dragon (Legendary)
The Scrolls of Lore describe these elegant creatures as non-aligned guardians of ancient treasures. These magnificent rare ancient beasts have been seen guarding sacred treasures within the South Lands.
Recommended Level : 70+
Lustravia the Hedge Witch (Legendary)
Lustravia the Hedge Witch is centuries old and a master of natural magics and hexes. Lustravia taught the young Doctor Morbidstein about the uses of magical power and the distilling of vile potions, all of which he has bent to his will for his grandest creation. Lustravia cares not what he is up to, she simply sensed the raw power and malignant intelligence of the Doctor and decided to help him on his way. Her evil must not spread further!
Recommended Level : 193+
Thothmes the Wrathful (Legendary)
After learning all he could from the vile Lustravia, Morbidstein sought out the mighty Thothmes, a Mummy of frightening power. Thothmes saw the hunger for knowledge in the young twisted Doctor and taught him the use of Necromantic Energies and how to bind spirits to items and corpses. He does this as, being immortal, the Doctor could prove to be a useful ally or pawn in Thothmes assault on the disgusting living creatures & humans that infest his domain.
Recommended Level : 364+
Jorogumo (Legendary)
Jorogumo is a wicked creature, a mix of spider and woman that is full of hate and knows only evil. She was thought destroyed in the battle of Axium on the island of Jxi. This was a foolish assumption. Jorogumo has not only survived but has grown in power and is now rampaging through the lands massacring as she goes.
Recommended Level : 500+
Kobold Looter (Legendary)
The Kobold Looter orchestrated the now infamous Great Vault Heist. It made off with a vast amount of wealth and was never caught. Now, a vast bounty has been placed on his verminous head! Track him down and enact justice!
Designed by : Undjuvion
Recommended Level : 725+
Adi the Mad Dentist (Legendary)
A gut churning buzzing sound is the herald of Adi the Mad Dentist. So tired was he of the citizens of the Realm lack of oral hygiene, he finally snapped (with the not so gentle encouragement of Burzzthak the Corrupter) and is rampaging through the Realms with his frighteningly oversized drill, checking the teeth of citizens. Woe betide anyone who does not measure up to his unreasonable standards!
Designed by : adienamar
Recommended Level : 1150+
Carbonated Champion (Legendary)
Sales were falling and the advertising parchments failed. Something radical was required to rekindle the fortunes of the Leisurely Libations group. A travelling Sorcerer offered his aid, naming no price. Suspicious but desperate, the group agreed. The next batch of their carbonated drink sold out with all following batches doing the same! Greatly pleased, the group thought nothing of it until, at a promotional faire the sorcerer appeared, chanting. Those who'd tried the new Libation twisted and transformed into rampaging beasts, skin the color of LLs product! Now these poor unfortunates must be put down!
Designed by : Uncola
Recommended Level : 1780+
Hustvivilan (Legendary)
Hustvivilan was an angel of mercy. It is unknown which God she is an aspect of, but it is rumoured that she and a God grew feelings for each other. They got closer, grew in happiness and the Light strengthened. It was never going to last. The Shadowlord's evil and spite is near depthless. He captured Hustvivilan and allowed the God to think her destroyed. The Light dimmed. Just as the God seemed to be strengthening, the Shadowlord let his foe see that Hustvivilan still existed, abroad in the world but her mind all but wiped. She had a faint knowledge what was done to her, visiting the mercy of death upon all who crossed her path. The God's Light dimmed even further, knowing that there was no way to save their beloved.
Designed by : 1hustler
Recommended Level : 1980+
Palmago the Stalker (Legendary)
Palmago the Stalker is an assassin par excellence! This creature looks essentially like a man shaped grey tiger. A beast in human form. It quite surprises people to find that he is also intelligent, calculating and sells his prodigious skills to the highest bidder. He's comparable to a ninja assassin, though his fur provides a natural camouflage and his claws are excellent climbing tools. They also make formidable weapons, more so when coupled with a powerful maw full of dagger-like teeth!
Recommended Level : 2175+
Hades Werewolf (Legendary)
The Hades Werewolf is a lycanthropic nightmare, part man, part hellhound. This dangerous creature appears to be a hunter and tracker, though for whom is unknown. All that is known is that the fiery furred, red skinned monster is a vicious  and relentless hunter and killer!
Designed by : hades8840
Recommended Level : 2975+
Alpac (Legendary)
Alpac is a peculiar creature which has become enraptured with the malevolent Pakku Spine Chomper and the ghostly spirits that exist in its vicinity. Alpac has magically changed her body to be similar to the Pakku strain of Chomper but, having limbs, has added feminine accoutrements.
Designed by : AlisaRS
Recommended Level : 3425+
Kulkan Vigilscale (Legendary)
From deep within the depths of Erildath, Kulkan Vigilscale slumbered. A Lord and Protector of draconic kind, a recent slaughter of his kin has awoken him in a fearsome rage. He has erupted from his lair, vengeance incarnate! All who have slain his kind shall suffer!
Designed by : killerz15
Recommended Level : 4025+
Additionally, the following creatures have been spotted in the Scavenging Caves : 
Heartless Shade (Legendary)
The shadows crawl beneath the Castle Morbidstein. Are they heartless creatures, or simply incarnations of darkness? No one can provide the answer. One noticeable thing is that they appear to be emotionless, striking down any who get too close with casual indifference. Further study should unlock the mystery of these creatures and where they came from. Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples for they are multiplying underground endlessly.
Designed by : SoraXKairi
Recommended Level : 450+
Recommended Gold : 21000+
The Gilded King (Legendary)
After your traitorous guide abandons you in the caves, you finally emerge in moonlight and shadows in the fabled hidden Valley of the Golden King. The rumors of vast treasure are true, but the wonderful golden idols and hammered images are not the magical animals you expect but the lamia and jabberwock; the king is a follower of the Shadow Lord! Beset by the gilded one's horde of goons, you fight your way free to boldly face the Golden King himself. Now if only you can survive the king and remember the way back...
Designed by : kinghomer
Recommended Level : 525+
Recommended Gold : 23000+
Xind Imperial Demon (Legendary)
The mad Sorcerer Xinderoth discovered the Magic of Xind, a potent form of magic that has many properties, including being able to imprint your will to create anything from Xind. The existence of the Xind Imperial Demon and its great power of destruction proves that once again a powerful force has risen up that can control this magic with great skill but who remains hidden behind their demon for now...
Recommended Level : 820+
Recommended Gold : 29000+
Gargantuan Phoenix (Legendary)
The Gargantuan Phoenix is usually a rarely seen Beast, preferring to stay away from Mortals. Recently, unknown, though presumably dark, forces have been forcing the great birds out of their lairs. At this injustice, the Phoenix have decided to lay waste to all mortals for their arrogance.
Recommended Level : 1230+
Recommended Gold : 37000+
Deaths Hood the Defiant (Legendary)
Deaths Hood the Defiant was a notorious Highwayman of prodigious skills. He was a bane to all cruel Highborn Nobles or unscrupulous Merchants and Traders. He always wore a black hood with a stylised skull face beneath it. Eventually, his luck ran out and he was caught in an ambush and murdered most foully.
This did not stop him however. His vengeful spirit has returned in defiance of his murderers and he preys on all traffic on the Highways. He has made only one change to his recognisable appearance. The skull face beneath his hood is no longer a mask!
Designed by : robinhood2
Recommended Level : 2400+
Recommended Gold : 45000+
These creatures shall be available until 14:00 (Server Time) on Monday the 28th of June 2021.
~ The Fallen Sword Team.

Rise of the Wraiths XXII

17 June 2021 - 14:01

Hi there everyone.
The Elemental Wraiths have arisen from the Light only knows where. All that is known is that these creatures are roaming the Realms, raining destruction on all who oppose them.
The Warriors of the Realms must gather together to rid the Communities of these horrifying creatures!
Elemental Wraith (Level 25)
The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Elemental Wraiths plaguing the realms.
Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly bountiful Frag Stashes (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.
The Global Event shall be live until 14:00 (Server time) on the 22nd of June 2021.
For each tier that the community completes the reward will be as follows:
Bronze:1 x Global Bronze Frag Stash II
Silver:1 x Global Silver Frag Stash II
Gold:2 x Global Gold Frag Stash II
Crystal:2 x Global Crystal Frag Stash II
Ruby: 3 x Global Ruby Frag Stash II
If you qualified, the reward(s) will be delivered to your mailbox shortly after the event ends. Note that you get the reward for the tier that you have qualified for, for example if the community unlocks Gold, but you qualify for Silver, you will receive 1 x Global Silver Frag Stash. You don't receive the rewards from lower tiers, only the tier you have qualified for.
Also if you are placed within the top 100 event contributors you will receive an additional 2 Global Ruby Frag Stash II chests.
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community by Egami.
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

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