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In Topic: v1.7 Summer's Passing update

20 July 2021 - 14:34



Hotfix is now live:

  • Client text was aliased when it shouldn't be.
  • Enabled both dungeons in looking for group.
  • Blood status effect cleared properly when the barbarian boss dies in Drateols lab.
  • Fixed a bug where the lake ghast cellar door could put you in the instanced version when you are not on the Elusive Origins/Tracking the Source quests.
  • Drateol lab mobs aggro anyone in the whole room now instead of being limited by vision.
  • Fixed several bugs where the player could be invisible after canceling out of teleporter animations.
  • Staggered plagued release in penultimate boss encounter in Drateol's lab.
  • Fixed the names on the map and in the quest for bosses in Forgotten Ruins.
  • Fixed Emberhide Raptor not being a champion mob.


In Topic: v1.7 Summer's Passing update

19 July 2021 - 18:07

You may need to be in a group to go through?

In Topic: Egg - unable to be picked up

14 July 2021 - 11:19

Egg will be fixed. I did think about maybe offering the fleeter as a purchase during easter, but didn't want to lessen its value.

In Topic: Interface Scaling?

07 July 2021 - 20:40

Some icons are 12x12px along side zero scaling support on the client. This would take years to implement unfortunately and rework all icons/sizes. You could go full screen and set your resolution to a lower one to maybe upscale it a "bit".


Sorry about that.

In Topic: Server

07 July 2021 - 20:32

The server issues should now be resolved.

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