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Selling Rare & Heroic

30 November 2019 - 04:49

For sale:


Carnelian Jewelry set for magic (four items) Amulet of magic, Charm of magic and two rings of magic

-220 Eldevin points


Pure Silver ore - 10 Eldevin points each h (currently 64 pure silver ore).


Knotted Elmore Logs - 10 Eldevin points each  (currently 72 Knotted Elmore Logs)


Experience Booster x 20 - 60 Eldevin points or 210 Gold


Valor Booster x5 - 45 Eldevin points or 165 Gold


Mega Experience Booster x1 - 200 Eldevin points or 750 Gold


Crafted Iron Plate Helm +244 Melee Dodge - 50 Eldevin points


Crafted Iron Plate +348 Spell Defense Rating - 70 Eldevin points



Green Midgie Mask x1


Blue Midgie Mask x1


Red Dress Shoes x1


Lilac Dress Shoes x2


Ring of Shadows Top x2


Scurvy Adventurer's Top x1


Scurvy Adventurer's Boot x1


Green Whirlygig mount - 1000 Eldevin points


Feel free to offer other items, rares, gems (absolute or better) or Unity Remnants.


I will update daily. :P

WTB bronze ore, iron ore and coal

23 November 2019 - 20:58

Want to buy 10k of each:

Bronze ore

Iron ore




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