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#1002985 Legendary Event!

Posted by BigGrim on 19 February 2021 - 15:30

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Raggghza the Troll (Legendary)
Raggghza the Troll was long thought to have been killed by the noble knight Sir Defron. However the knight never dealt the killing blow and left the Troll for dead. Unknown to him and the people, Raggghza survives and has now returned to strength and is after the fresh meat of man, his favourite meal!
Recommended Level : 10+
Cerberus Hound (Legendary)
Zeal is a three headed demon of fire from ancient times. Every few thousand years the Hound is released upon this world by it's demonic masters to wreck havoc and bring pain to the feeble mortals.
Recommended Level : 50+
Wolfman of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The Wolfmen of Morbidstein are one of the Doctors first truly successful creations. Combining the intellect of man with the cunning and senses of the wolf, he sends them out periodically to hunt for fresh material or artefacts that will further his nefarious schemes. The Wolfman is a truly fearsome foe, who attacks in a furious charge of rending talons and slavering jaws.
Recommended Level : 110+
Cu Sith (Legendary)
Cu Sith is a giant magical hound from the northern moors of Vallshire. The Cu Sith is rumored to be under the control of beings ancient and fey that reside in the moors. Why these beings harbour such hate to the rest of the world is unknown, however Cu Sith is their greatest weapon and with it on the prowl, few can stand in its way!
Recommended Level : 150+
Cacus (Legendary)
The huge demon known to history as Cacus is a horrific creature to behold. Cacus enjoys human flesh and collects the skulls of his prey in a secret cave that he calls home. His giant leathery form breaths fire hot enough to melt the finest armor and weapons and scorch flesh down to the bone.
Recommended Level : 250+
The Bride of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The culmination of Doctor Morbidsteins evil pacts and experiments, the Bride is an unholy construct, created from many unfortunate victims (including the tragic Zaria). A mighty opponent, she stands as a testament to a misguided intellect of terrifying scale. She must be destroyed at all costs.
Recommended Level : 484+
King Nimis the Blob (Legendary)
King Nimis was always was an unpopular leader, seen as a tyrant by many. As his greed for food grew his people begun to starve. The populace were unable to deal with the problem and desperately sought outside help. This help came in the form of a kind Witch who cursed the king and his gluttonous ways. The curse turned the King slowly into a monstrous fat creature known as the Blob that could never stop eating. The King was quickly overthrown and kicked out the kingdom. Blob now wanders the lands feeding on anything he comes across...
Recommended Level : 900+
The Mad Mathemagician (Legendary)
The Mad Mathemagician was a renowned scholar, relentless in his pursuit of knowledge. He summoned a demon so he could learn about the Shroud, but was driven mad in his attempts to communicate with it in the universal language of mathematics. He now spends his days calculating ways to defeat the forces of Light and multiplying the forces of the Shadowlord!
Designed by : kalish
Recommended Level : 1279+
Carbonated Champion (Legendary)
Sales were falling and the advertising parchments failed. Something radical was required to rekindle the fortunes of the Leisurely Libations group. A travelling Sorcerer offered his aid, naming no price. Suspicious but desperate, the group agreed. The next batch of their carbonated drink sold out with all following batches doing the same! Greatly pleased, the group thought nothing of it until, at a promotional faire the sorcerer appeared, chanting. Those who'd tried the new Libation twisted and transformed into rampaging beasts, skin the color of LLs product! Now these poor unfortunates must be put down!
<b>Designed by : Uncola</b>
Recommended Level : 1780+
The Tainted One (Legendary)
Once a warrior of some repute, the Tainted One has fallen to the Shadow Lords service. Now, clad in razored armor, she stalks through the Realms hunting  down and destroying all that stand in their new Masters path to domination!
<b>Designed by : TRBLmaker</b>
Recommended Level : 2050+
Jebat the Vengeful (Legendary)
Jebat was regarded as one of the greatest warriors in the realm. Together with his childhood friends, they served their King with absolute and unfaltering loyalty. After one of his friends being accused of having an illicit affair with one of the King's court stewardesses, he was put to death without trial for the offence. The King then bestowed the rank of head of palace security upon Jebat. With this came an ancient magical weapon, believed to grant its wielder invulnerability. Jebat, believing his friend had been killed unjustly, decided to avenge his friend's death. This vengeance became a palace killing spree. Unable to calm his anger and hatred, he continues his amok in the realm.
<b>Designed by : Profumo</b>
Recommended Level : 2450+
Avarimon the Covetous (Legendary)
Avarimon the Covetous is stalking the realms, a demon who absolutely must have all material wealth, whether this is gold or goods. And being a demon of prodigious power and horrifying appearance, he always has the means to get what he wants, whether through terrifying the temporary owner of what he wants or tearing them limb from limb! Avarimon wants everything and has only let the latest object of his desire elude him due to said object being defended by something he cannot defeat. Yet...
<b>Designed by : Dantalian</b>
Recommended Level : 3150+
Alpac (Legendary)
Alpac is a peculiar creature which has become enraptured with the malevolent Pakku Spine Chomper and the ghostly spirits that exist in its vicinity. Alpac has magically changed her body to be similar to the Pakku strain of Chomper but, having limbs, has added feminine accoutrements.
<b>Designed by : AlisaRS</b>
Recommended Level : 3425+
Spirit of the Sanitarium (Legendary)
The wounded and weary travellers of Erildath are often entranced by the welcoming false front of "Mr Inqs beverages and biscuits". Once inside, the heavy door closes behind the traveller and it is too late to escape. Most succumb to the Spirit of Sanitarium almost immediately. Gone are the days of battle and bravery, now the days are filled with happily eating Jello and tying shoelaces over and over. Nobody ever leaves and, strangely, nobody even wants to.
<b>Designed by : Plexus37</b>
Recommended Level : 3969+
These creatures shall be available until 15:00  on Monday the 22nd of February 2021.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

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#1002971 Darksun Reborn XIII

Posted by BigGrim on 16 February 2021 - 15:19

Hi there everyone!


Congrats to the Fallen Sword community for unlocking the Ruby Tier in the Global Event! Once again the community worked together as a team to achieve this!


If you qualified during the event, your reward is now awaiting collection in your character mailbox :)


We hope you all enjoyed the event!


Note: You can see the 'Top 100 Global Quest Contributors' for this event by clicking here.


~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1002877 Legendary Creatures Attack!

Posted by BigGrim on 22 January 2021 - 16:28

Not this time. They don't usually appear. They appear twice a year. They ain't due again for a while.


~ Grim

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#1002866 Guild Leader Chat Broken!?

Posted by BigGrim on 19 January 2021 - 09:26

Hi there.


If you put in a ticket explaining exactly what's wrong, preferably with screenshots, we can make sure the correct person sees it.


We've had a slew of bugs fixes of late. It may have been missed.


~ Grim

#1002758 Double XP event begins now!

Posted by BigGrim on 07 January 2021 - 11:28

Hi there everyone.
The following Master Realms are now active!
Calanog Forest. Level 4571.
Oolathat Caverns. Level 4601.
Helvorn Dungeon. Level 4626.
Fandorn Castle. Level 4651.
Callanastia Swamp. Level 4676.
Ojalanth Plains. Level 4701.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1002748 Double XP event begins now!

Posted by BigGrim on 05 January 2021 - 09:50

Master Realms ? ;)

When they're ready.


~ Grim

#1002740 Double XP event begins now!

Posted by BigGrim on 04 January 2021 - 12:16

Hi there everyone.


That's the Guide updated with all the DXP Yuletide and LE content. :)


~ Grim

#1002730 this shouldn't have happened.

Posted by BigGrim on 02 January 2021 - 01:07

Hi everyone.


Stay on topic please.


Was this reported to Support? The Support Team is active during the holidays. If so, great. If not, please do so. They will let the appropriate person know.


This topic is NOT for attacking other players, as has been happening. As you all know, bringing unwanted attention is against the rules.


So please, once again, stay on topic.




~ Grim

#1002721 Flight of Dragons. Wave 3!

Posted by BigGrim on 01 January 2021 - 14:46

Hi all,
With the second wave of Dragons defeated and driven off, you'd think you could lower your guard. Not so! A third flight of vindictive, vicious Dragon has taken wing!
Lakota (Dragon LE)
The Dragon Lakota is much sought after by monster and treasure hunters alike, not just in an attempt to kill this legendary drake but to steal the even more legendary  gold eggs it lays deep in its lair. Few have ever retrieved one of these eggs from Lakotas nest as survived the dragon's wrath.
Those who have have lived rich lives indeed.
Recommended Level : 225+
Volim the Cuelebre (Dragon LE)
Volim the Cuelebre harks form a magical species of Dragon able to blow out gusts of magic. Volims breath causes those who inhale it to fall in love. She is often sought by the brave(and the lonely) so that they may attempt to capture some of her breath for their own needs. However Volims uses her breath also as a weapon, causing he prey to fall for her and thus it makes them more than an easy meal...
Recommended Level : 535+
Ni Hong (Dragon LE)
Ni Hong is a master of the skies, a magical dragon that flies through the air in a blur of colour and silver scales. Ni Hong is not an evil being and his knowledge in magic is legendary and many seek out his council. However he is very aloof and sees most humans as nothing but stupid ground dwelling animals or snacks so approaching him is always a risk. Best hope he's in the mood for visitors...
Recommended Level : 845+
Old Puntalis (Dragon LE)
Old Puntalis is an ancient Dragon, and possibly one of the first. He became gradually more and more disillusioned with the world around him and retreated into the depths of a dark and forgotten swamp where he remains to this day. Old Puntalis  has become one with the swamp over time and it is said that he controls the whole swamp around him. It is dangerous to seek him out, for if his jaws don't get you the trees will... 
Recommended Level : 1120+
Pontius the Magic Dragon (Dragon LE)
Pontius was once all powerful wizard and respected for his potions. However an accident occurred with his newest potion. The concoction should have given him the power of a Dragon but was transformed him into one! He retained his magical abilities and personality but also gained the strength, appearance and taste for flesh of a Dragon. Now he searches the world for a cure, and a meal...
Recommended Level : 1500+
The ScissorNose Serpent (Dragon LE)
The ScissorNose Serpent is a large, fire breathing beast with the most peculiar name. The creature's nose flows out from the top of the mouth and bottom of the chin and have been found to be preternaturally sharp! This cruel Dragon is known for capturing knights alive and using his odd nose to snip the unfortunate victim apart!
Recommended Level : 1950+
Ying Rainmaker (Dragon LE)
Ying Rainmaker is a vast serpentine dragon. He claims to have celestial origins though not everyone believes this. He is known to be capricious which is a dangerous quality to have in a being who controls rain! He has been known to fly into the sky and turn sunny days into torrential rainfall but also to stop storms that are causing massive flooding, saving lives. It can be quite a challenge to know how he'll react on any given day!
Recommended Level : 2430+
Antarius the Vital (Dragon LE)
Antarius the Vital is a dragon of nature. Fast, full of life and utterly, utterly lethal. With a hide that looks somewhat like bark and patches of scales that look like leaves, he blends in with the forests he prefers to live in.
Recommended Level : 3175+
Tantibus Immortuos (Dragon LE)
Tantibus Immortuos is a dragon of darkest nightmare. This shadowy monster is swathed in darkness and exudes madness, infecting all right thinking creatures, driving them into the utter depths of insanity! It takes heroes of the sternest mettle to take on this horror. Will you step up to the challenge?
Recommended Level : 3625+
Apephis Chaos Serpent (Dragon LE)
The great Chaos Serpent, Apephis, is a water dragon which is more serpentine than classically draconic. Sinuous and snake-like, he lurks under the surface of water, waiting for prey. When a suitable victim presents itself, the creature surges out of the water, it's flint like head protecting it from attack!
Recommended Level : 4075+
Silicathus (Dragon LE) (NEW!)
Silicathus is a nomadic dragon. It travels across the vast deserts of the realms, burrowing through the sand. Due to the inherent magical nature of dragons, Silicathus' serpentine hide has taken on the hard, course nature of the sand through which it travels as well as it's hue. This makes it extremely difficult for the caravans and nomadic tribes upon which it preys to guard against. A distant rumble can be followed with the explosive eruption of this beast bursting from the previously safe sands, resulting in death, destruction and despair for any lucky enough to survive.
Recommended Level : 4525+
This third and final flight of dragons will be causing trouble until 15:00 hours on the 4th of January, 2021.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#1002683 Flight of Dragons Wave 2!

Posted by BigGrim on 29 December 2020 - 15:04

Hi all,
The first flight of Dragons has been repulsed, however, a second assault has begun!
Maladore (Dragon LE)
The Dragon Maladore is a filthy snake-like  creature who's stench is as dangerous as it's foul rotting toothed bite. Such a horrible beast is shunned by it's own, prouder kind, and in fact Maladore rarely flies upon his ragged wings, preferring to hunt his prey in the dirt and has no breath weapon besides extreme halitosis, which is actually pretty effective at stunning his next victim...
Recommended Level : 115+
Gonji the Ever Ill (Dragon LE)
Few Dragons repulse as much as Gonji the Ever Ill. None really knows what happened to this Dragon but some suspect he may have been cursed. He can barely fly upon his tattered wings now and his pox riddled body is covered in pustules and unhealthy scales. His breath is no longer a roaring flame and now he can only vomit up a foul sickness, so full of illness it is instant painful death to anyone it touches.
Recommended Level : 415+
Von Drakken (Dragon LE)
One of the worlds most feared Dragons, Von Drakken is a terror of the night skies. Von Drakken is said to have been bitten by an ancient and powerful vampire in the dark past. The dark curse of vampirism turned him into nocturnal blood drinking fiend.For such a large Dragon to drink his fill of blood he is said to find other large beasts to feed on, that or entire villages...
Recommended Level : 770+
Styran the Ogomie (Dragon LE)
Styran the Ogomie is of a unique species of Dragon, one that is semi aquatic and rather than breathing fire they breath out a thick bubbly foam. They use this foam to suffocate and drown their victims and also as a deterrent to any trouble making  Dragons as the foam is remarkably effective at extinguishing the fire most other Dragons exhale leaving them at the mercy of sharp claws and teeth.
Recommended Level : 1025+
Ooch Mess (Dragon LE)
Ooch Mess is a Seadrake from the Heilan Island. Natives say his home was in the deepest part of the Whisky Sea, something the flame haired locals jokingly say attests to Ooch Mess angry temperament. Ooch Mess is known for his attacks on ships at sea and coastal raids where he doesn't just eat the people he also drinks their taverns and holds dry, before drunkenly swimming off into the depths.
Recommended Level : 1350+
Slibz and Tyronus (Dragon LE)
The great double headed Dragon Slibz and Tyronus draw their powers from the two elements of water and fire. Slibz the water half can blast freezing ice at foes and Tyronus can draw upon the more traditional dragon power of fire. Such a mix of powers shows in their personalities and both halves often bicker and fight, however they are an excellent team when a potential meal presents itself...
Recommended Level : 1800+
Bellathrognis the Deceiver (Dragon LE)
Bellathrognis the Deceiver is a massive dragon but does not destroy through his vast physical power. Far, far too boring! No, Bellathrognis much prefers using the power of his mind to bewitch, confuse and control "lesser creatures". He does this to further his plans and also to keep himself amused, usually at the expense of his poor, squishy victims.
Recommended Level : 2250+
Selachi Waterbourne (Dragon LE)
Selachi Waterbourne is named so for he has adapted to deep water living remarkably! His body is streamlined and the scales of his skin are smaller, rougher and closely resembles sharkskin. His head in particular has a sharks aspect to it, right down to the dead, soulless black eyes! His wings appear to have split and become huge membranous paddles, with which he powers himself though the water and surf.
Recommended Level : 2725+
Valarath the Dead (Dragon LE)
Valarath the Dead is a horrifying sight. A huge undead dragon, he exhales vile, poison laden clouds from his diseased, rotten body. The pall of death surrounding him is palpable! This monster wishes only for all to join him in death!
Recommended Level : 3025+
Agitosilex (Dragon LE)
Agitosilex is a big rock dragon. This huge creature has slab-like rocky armor plates. He's weighed down and slowed with these colossal plates but he's near impervious to harm. His most effective way of attacked those who come for him is simply to tuck himself in and roll over them. This is invariably messy and leaves armored knights and the like a bloody, gooey tinfoil.
Recommended Level : 3475+
Eukary Algae Dragon (Dragon LE)
Eukary Algae Dragon is a gentle, placid creature who rises from the depths to recharge itself from the vital rays of the sun. This creature is also happy to have some of the algae surrounding it's form harvested by local tribes.
Recommended Level : 3925+
Emperor Hydra (Dragon LE)
Emperor Hydra is a vast, three headed dragon. Intelligent and extremely cruel, this horror claims the mantle of 'King of Dragons' and destroys any creature that tries to stop him, blasting them with magical lightning.
Recommended Level : 4375+
Bufodae the Toad Dragon (Dragon LE) (NEW!)
Bufodae the Toad Dragon is a vast, corpulent monster. It lives in swamps where the water can help support it's monstrous bunk. For all the appearance of sloth, it is extremely fast, propelling itself along through great leaps, powered by vastly powerful hind legs. Even if you can outrun the beast, it can launch it's sticky tongue to envelop and reel in it's prey, to be swallowed in a single, huge gulp!
Recommended Level : 4675+
These creatures shall causing trouble in the Realms until 15:00 hours on the 1st of January, 2021.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#1002609 Merry Christmas!

Posted by BigGrim on 25 December 2020 - 12:27

Hey there everyone!
We'd like to wish all our players a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! Thanks for being a great Community!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1002603 Changes to Arterial Strike

Posted by BigGrim on 24 December 2020 - 15:08

Hi all,
The skill "Arterial Strike" will no longer work for Group Attacks.
While this was not an exploit, we believe this change was necessary & made sense going forward!
~The Fallen Sword Team.
As Zue stated, it was not an exploit. We have dealt with this as we needed to. We're locking this thread as it has served it's purpose and is descending into name calling and finger pointing.
~ Grim.

#1002564 Santork Claws is comin' to Town!

Posted by BigGrim on 22 December 2020 - 20:39

The pox touched reindeer set has defence / damage stats on the items yet attack / damage stats on the set bonus.


Might want to fix that. Kind of hope it was meant to be attack / damage. :)

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed.


~ Grim

#1002548 Santork Claws is comin' to Town!

Posted by BigGrim on 21 December 2020 - 18:00

Hi all,
Santork Claws and his Flamedeer have returned!
Santork Claws (Legendary)
Tis the season to be jolly! However the razor handed maniac known as Santork Claws does not agree. He has built an army of Steam powered reindeer capable of great fiery destruction and with them he intends on ruining this happy season for all!
Flamedeer (Legendary)
The maniac Santork Claws has created a mechanical Steam Powered Reindeer army. These constructs are heavily armored and are armed with powerful flame throwers with which to burn all they come across.
Unlike the usual Legendary creatures, Santork and the Flamedeer come in five power levels : 
Level : 50
Lesser Santork Claws (Legendary)
Lesser Flamedeer (Legendary)
Level : 150
Santork Claws (Legendary)
Flamedeer (Legendary)
Level : 250
Greater Santork Claws (Legendary)
Greater Flamedeer (Legendary)
Level : 500
Superior Santork Claws (Legendary)
Superior Flamedeer (Legendary)
Level : 750
Supreme Santork Claws (Legendary)
Supreme Flamedeer (Legendary)
Level : 1000
Sovereign Santork Claws (Legendary)
Sovereign Flamedeer (Legendary)
They drop various types of Crackers that are extracted into Baubles, with are then used to create items. The recipes for these items can be bought from Santork's Grotto in the Realm of Santork Claws, the stairway to which can be found in the Forest of Yule (Clearing).
Please be aware, the "Convert" recipes (i.e. Convert Lesser Santork Hat) to change original items to Upgraded items are only to be used if you still have original Santork set items. If you don't have those and need to start from Upgraded items, use the "Upgraded" recipes (i.e. Upgraded Lesser Santork Hat) as those only require Baubles from the Cracker drops!
These LEs will be active in the Realms until 15:00 hours on the 24th of December 2020.
~ The Fallen Sword team.
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#1002521 Forest of Yule begins!

Posted by BigGrim on 19 December 2020 - 00:14

but the L4700 elite is being affected by AM and, probably, shouldn't be ?

No, that's correct. Seasonal Elites are in greater demand so are auto spawn.


~ Grim

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