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#1001768 Asaharas Gold sink thread

Posted by Nikita90 on 11 October 2020 - 19:58

XXXXX lost 7051764 experience. XXXXX lost 7078518 gold of which Nikita90 stole 5308889 gold Nikita90 gained 10 PvP Prestige.

#893435 Here's what I think about PvP and XP loss

Posted by Nikita90 on 09 October 2014 - 18:34


#891192 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 24 September 2014 - 18:04

As I've stated, none of what's been said shows XP Loss to be critical. Certainly nothing that won't be covered by PvPXP.

then how come the only support you've gotten is from people with the same views as you and the same experience and time on the subject? I've never seen you on the board, mixing and matching sets and dancing on the board. I've never seen you participate in wars or defend a relic or even make a gold hit. maybe part of the reason only levelers agree with your suggestion is because the rest of us feel you are inexperienced on the subject. 

#891189 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 24 September 2014 - 18:00

you cannot pound people into the dirt unless they partake in PVP. its kinda like dating, you need two people for it to work, hence the name PLAYER VS PLAYER. 

So I am basically getting from this thread, boiled down ......... is .............. everything about pvp is useless........ it was people I attack and them loosing xp that is truly what pvp was about all along and the true reason I attack people. Well then if that is the case. The foundations of pvp have been very poor indeed or you all need to evalutate your true intentions behind attacking. To feel better about harming someone ?? Some of the posts in this thread are literally ..... wow ...... reading and not in a good way.


Also how can BigGrim answer that statement, cripler. It is literally grasping at straws. O the xp is now like blood you know and I need my share to make me feel good about my gaming experience. Also the blood letting will be replaced with new rewards etc.



Think of what removing XP loss from PvP would do...

-PvPers would leave the game, and, let's face it, the game has already experienced a huge decline in players in the past year and a half (I mentioned the past year and a half because that's how long I've been playing), with less members being online at the same time every day, if PvPers start to leave Fallen Sword would become almost as dead as SS2 in the next 3 years max.

-The Bounty Board would be useless, because most levellers (emphasizing MOST, not all), bounty their oppressors because they take away XP form them, not because they take gold away from t hem, I mean, let's face it, if XP loss is removed, what's the point of a leveller placing a bounty on the PvPer, it will only cost him/her more money...

Before you jump to conclusions, you must put yourself in the shoes of EVERY type of person out there, and think of the after effect of this new idea...



We've already tried a version of 'safer pvp' and 'rating'  It was called the PvP Ladder and Prestige. Those didn't work so well. Why are we contemplating taking pvp out of the game to basically turn it into what has already failed?


PvP has to have a risk. There has to be consequences or else what is the point? I guarantee no one has lost 5 levels on the bb without having taken the risk of hitting someone first. The players complaining about being deleveled on 10 stam hits are prestige hitters demanding safe passage on their hits, 99% of the time. The people screaming 'bully' are guilty of trash talking, pvp'ing players themselves, threatening wars and retaliation, only to realize later they bit off more then they can chew so they run to HCS expecting protection, even though they have a plethora of options on how to save their xp. (including not hitting another player and leaving themselves open to the risk they don't want to take) 


Every time a change is made to water down pvp, it fails. Taking the xp loss out of pvp is about as extreme as the watering down can get. Just leave it alone already.



Why XP loss is important has been answered many pages ago. When you progress through the game more and more difficult creatures and other players are making it challenging by taking your XP. This is a competitive game and other players have 2 options to compete with you - level up faster or slow down your progression by taking XP. Like in any other game if you can't go through a level, you can't go through the level - go back to a previous level. It used to be when the creatures in the realms were taking XP and slowed down progression with 2-3 hitting, but levelers complained to no end and threatened to leave the game (1-hitting is fun, 2-3 hitting is too slow, I leave), so practically they've got their "no XP loss from the creatures in the realms". Now they want no XP loss at all. Where is a progressive challenge? HCS are lucky that they have active PvP'ers to make progression challenging - there are games where players are hired to increase "intelligence" of creatures. The games are there to have you progress through levels increasingly choked with obstacles, all while a sadistic AI (or other players in FS case) mocks your efforts and encourages you to push the big red "GIVE UP" button. People are programmed to fight or to flee. The "flee" type will always be asking for a comfortable progression without any challenge and will flee anyway no matter how they will be helped, please listen to the "fight" type players and keep them in the game.  



At this point just implement anything. This forum topic isn't making any progress, so why don't we beta test something in a completely different server or something ( I dont know this stuff works with the servers and such). Have a poll in the front page of fallen sword like the ones back when, when we got a little reserve stam for voting. Was it like 25 stam, I forget. Make a new medal, everyone loves medals. Base it on how much xp was gained or what ever. New items used with the same ladder tokens people have, people should still have some of those. Maybe even a new global that involves the pvp xp thing. Each tier increases with pvp xp exchanged. We need a forum topic that is all about ideas in improving the game not invoking anger onto others. I just want to play a game on my pass time. I don't know how coding works, I'm sure its easy and something can be whipped up fast and start from there. I want to go to sleep at night thinking about the progress we made as a community, not the consent badgering and name calling that is going on. It saddens me to see player whom play the same game hate each other so much. I don't cry but i do feel depressed and a sincerely wish someone productive can happen that will change the game in such a positive way everyone can prosper. 

Every single one offers amazing examples as to why this entire thread is worthless. 

#891185 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 24 September 2014 - 17:50

the only thing I've read in the last few pages is several well written out responses by some of the oldest players of the game that not only explain why XP loss is basically a requirement for PVP, but also as to why they should be listened to. only thing I've learned unfortunately is that our opinions mean literally nothing because SOMEBODY disagrees with it. please leave PVP alone, and maybe listen to the people who play the game specifically to partake in exactly that. 

#890706 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 22 September 2014 - 20:59

hmmmm where's the last option you wake up you got hit and you don't do anything? because if somebody hits me i don't grant them the bounty and my precious gold for the bounty neither do i hit back because i tend do drop 5 if i do so.



i smashed a bit for a friend once i got bountied and dropped 10 but i defended myself well and in the end i felt victorious over the pvp'ers 


i just loved seeing all those unresolved combats and combats where i beat my attacker.


i know how rewarding the pvp battles are losing 10 levels was my price to put up a good fight and it sure was worth it!





and how is pvp'ing a person that is not online not mundane? all you do is get buffed up and do your couple of hits and you're done ...



it's the levels and gold earned during a hunt that one brags about after leveling


and thanking your friends/guildies for the buffs ...

PVP is more than just senseless clicking because levelers and PVPers alike have proven that to be true. whenever a change is discussed, it rakes in pages upon pages of comments and discussion. lets go discuss leveling as passionately as we do PVP?



and just to make certain, was the first part of the post sarcasm? because if it wasn't you kinda agreed with me...

#890701 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 22 September 2014 - 20:41





how is pvp'ing not senseless clicking then?


as a leveler you have to get all your buffs figured , sort out good leveling gear find out where to hunt what to hunt etc etc

as a pvp'er you have to get all your buffs figured , sort out good offensive gear find out who you can take out with a certain setup etc etc



now please tell us what makes the exp loss so exiting to you? that helps out on grim his question earlier aswell.





this is just my opinion of things i do not represent anyone else it's just the way how i experience things at this very moment








PVP is the only thing in the game that forces interaction. you can level all day and nobody cares. you can make potions all day and they will sell in the ah. YOU can't attack somebody and not expect a response, wether that response be a bounty, a hit back or losing 5. its waking up after being bountied and losing that XP that gets the heart beating. its the wins and losses that you can brag about in guild chat. its thanking friends, allies, and guild members for buffing you on the ladder and on the boards. 


hunting is very mundane in comparison. 99% of the time all that is required is the hunting setup you've used for levels,bunch of easily purchased buffs, and hit hit hit until your stamina dwindles down. the only 1% is when a quest confuses you 

#890656 PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

Posted by Nikita90 on 22 September 2014 - 17:20

Kitobas does make a very good point. i first started in the game when the new PVP system was being revamped, and only got to enjoy the old PVP for a few months, but my greatest memory was losing 40 levels on one bounty to TWP. every since i joined in on the PVP action I've loved every second of it. with each new implementation or update or upgrade i have been slowly watching my friends log off and never to return. maybe its time to listen to the people who have seen the changes and seen the downfall of the game with each change that most of the time was met with opposition from the community. 

#858650 Radical PvP Rework

Posted by Nikita90 on 29 March 2014 - 21:22

I have personally seen a lot of radical idea's being thrown around for a while now, and I'm starting to think that they are not that radical. every previous update has left the game with less and less members and i THINK it might be time for the cows to pick some of the PVPers ideas and see what happens. 

#851363 New Medals!

Posted by Nikita90 on 23 February 2014 - 20:06

I just wanted to show my support of these new medals. for months ideas were tossed around and finally we got what we all wanted. a big thumbs up to my cows :) 

#826796 Exploiting XP to boost guild

Posted by Nikita90 on 07 December 2013 - 23:08

honestly, the only problem i have had recently is some people demanding 100 stamina hits instead of soft clears. if people want to de-level then so be it, but demanding 100 stamina clears isn't something people should be allowed to demand....

#806692 Darksun Dragons II

Posted by Nikita90 on 16 August 2013 - 18:18

i dont understand why people are complaining about the rewards. i can potentially hunt with AL375 for ten whole hunts. thats more than i usually have without the event. a huge thank you to HCS!

#802060 Stamina

Posted by Nikita90 on 24 July 2013 - 19:09

Mancrusha set gives some stamina I believe 

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