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#1009144 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by vastilos on 16 March 2023 - 15:51

I like the idea of being able to use RP points to get guild bound items and equipment/sets.

#1009032 Backpack Folders

Posted by vastilos on 20 February 2023 - 19:46



Thank you.

#1009030 Backpack Folders

Posted by vastilos on 20 February 2023 - 15:55


Thank you.



Also, could you add the invert selection to secure trades as well? I'm sure people who keep their backpack folders organized would love that as well =)

#1008206 Game Update v3.9 / App Update v1.2

Posted by vastilos on 25 August 2022 - 19:12

yes, but in this way it is like penalizing ppl who are using global booster..  cause if u are using global booster 1000+, and u kill a creature, it still counts like only 1 kill.. ?!?!  was it supposed to work like that or is it bugged?

also some creatures add 5 kills instead of 1..  shouldnt it also add 5 kills?



Not at all. You are still only killing one creature, the booster just makes the contribution count higher, which is why it's called a booster.

#1007902 New Titan Items!

Posted by vastilos on 25 June 2022 - 21:35

I have been asking for that to happen for every Epic, for a long time now haha

To not count towards CoA/D, but to not disrupt it either.

Then Epics could be used as the loose 9th piece in a huge variety of setups.


I was suggesting that they be counted towards CoA/D, but not counted as a set. You would have to wear multiple Hunted Cow items for CoA/D to work, and the Hunted Cow items are the only epics with multiple items with the same name, just different levels.

But with my suggestion I think there would have to be 2+ Hunted Cow pieces being worn that are within level range of each other.

Example: Hunted Cow Amulet is say L.1000, for the CoA/D bonus to work, the 2nd or 3rd Hunted Cow piece you would need to wear would have to be within +/- 100 levels up to +/- 250 levels of each other (the level range would up to HCS to decide). 

#1007899 New Titan Items!

Posted by vastilos on 25 June 2022 - 16:16

So they can be used as filler pieces in PvP, great idea.


Used in PvP, GvG or even hunting setups.

#1007892 New Titan Items!

Posted by vastilos on 24 June 2022 - 21:03

Has HCS ever considered allowing coordinated attack/defense (buffs like that) to be used when equipped with hunted cow items, but not giving a "set" bonus for wearing the items?

#1007753 Fallen Sword Roadmap (July - October 2022)

Posted by vastilos on 03 June 2022 - 22:10

Hopefully my idea for adding a medal for levels taken from bounties/ladder gets put in :-p

#1006972 Arena Rules

Posted by vastilos on 20 February 2022 - 23:12

And what's to stop a guild from simply chatting this in guild chat:


"Hey guys, there's a bunch of new arenas and they all need 8 people. 7 join naked so 1 can join with gear and it'll be a for sure win."


It's that easy and abuseable regardless if using your own sets or guild tagged equipment, which I'm pretty sure that is why there is a cap and will always be a cap.


As I posted earlier in this thread, just create tabs for level ranges and make 20-30 arena's in each of those ranges. Problem solved.

#1006801 Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

Posted by vastilos on 02 February 2022 - 02:34

Why not just create tabs in the arena (like there is for novice/normal).


One tab for levels 1-999

Another for levels 1000-1999

Another for levels 2000-2999


And in each tab, you can have something like 20-30 (maybe more) arena combats running.

Or is something like that not possible?

#1006149 Game Version 3.6.0

Posted by vastilos on 09 November 2021 - 23:17

Ummm so if you have loyalty points, this change doesnt affect you, so what about the f2p people?

That's why everyone is given allegiance tokens everyday.

#1006141 Game Version 3.6.0

Posted by vastilos on 09 November 2021 - 22:31

Unbreakable was always capped so crystalline items WOULD break, which allows HCS to run chomper events more frequently. This was done back in like 2014-ish (give or take a year or two).

And I believe it was Hoof who said Unbreakable would be capped for that very reason.

#1005765 New Medal

Posted by vastilos on 12 October 2021 - 00:20

BG gave a like, I hope the staff can find the time to make this happen :-p

#1005696 New Medal

Posted by vastilos on 06 October 2021 - 23:27

I have an idea for a new medal:


Every time your pvp hit de-levels someone (via bounty or regular attack), you get ticks towards a medal.


100 levels taken = bronze

500 levels taken = silver

1000 levels taken =gold


Something along those numbers.


Edit: Yeah, add ladder hits as well.

#1005339 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by vastilos on 17 September 2021 - 01:06

Personally, I liked the original potions before the revamp.

Just don't change the Doubler 5000 potion, i likey that a lot. The higher the doubler, the better :-p

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