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#904328 Some Suggestions

Posted by awollsd on 25 November 2014 - 00:50

The reason there isnt Jumping or swimming is because of the fact it is indeed a browser based game and it has to be able to run in your browser. As for suggestions of what I think they should do. I think if they improved the network and made it non browser would be fantastic. I think it would open up a lot of opputunites for the game such as the ones you mentioned even though it personally doesnt bother me because this reminds me of what rs3 should have been. And if they got better networks that would be nice.

lol.... "it's browser based" is no longer an viable excuse..   there are MANY browser based games with both jumping and swimming (and a lot more customization and well just about anything....) out already..... unity web player (And others) opened up the world of browser gaming to a whole new level then html5 took it even further... anymore "it's browser based" is hardly an excuse for anything......


literaly the only arguments for or aginst going browser based are

1st: do you want to do the work to make it browser based

2nd: do you want to open your game up to all the volatile (generaly younger but not always) players that come with browser games


if the answers to both of them are yes or atleast you feel both of them are worth opening your game to a wider audience then the decision is made (which they obviously have made) to be browser but don't hide behind that as an excuse to not include something :)


did you see CoS (before they let themselves be influenced by the asian market and become another cookie cutter asian mmo piece of [email protected]#^)  or the new project gorgon (which is no longer browser but only because the 2 devs they ahve decided they couldn't do the work at this time...) 

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#899451 Cross server functionality.

Posted by awollsd on 10 November 2014 - 03:22

they had said they are working on this before (when talking about guilds) they want this + a mail system that also works cross-server. idk if that is still the case or not but yeah was said to be "in the works"


something not mentioned and could work/shouldn't be too hard...


Cross server dungeon/pvp que's. all need is to put the instances on their own seperate server and make the que/portals auto switch you there when go to the dungeon. 


having the instances (dungeons/pvp) on their own server might also help with the current server issues as it would split the load.

#882596 Random Dungeon Que

Posted by awollsd on 28 July 2014 - 05:16

think it be possible to make  it so that it is random dungeon between highest lvl and lowest level that get grouped for that que?


make it so random que puts you inside dungeon? so the ppl too low can still enter. think it'ld be cool and interesting....  kinda boring to press random dungeon knowing we're going to get some lvl 10 or 20 dungeon.....

#882328 Some things we need

Posted by awollsd on 25 July 2014 - 21:51

- nerf ARG so more ppl willing to play it

NO!  it is the one place we have left that is fun and exciting! people can quit crying about dieing and work together and find a way to beat it alphamale showed its possible  me and seraphim and some dps found it's even possible without fable set just very hard we could get soo close


so no don't nerf it leave it a lone let us work to beat it and have fun doing it.  we've lost all otehr challenges in the game let us keep this one please! :)

#881965 DON'T nerf or change ascended rumble!!

Posted by awollsd on 25 July 2014 - 01:26

just spent a couple hours attempting it we didn't make it but damn it was one hell of a fight most fun i've had since old To3 


please don't change at least not till after i am able to beat it consistantly :) 


thanks :)

PS: when/IF you do change it. the only suggested change i would concider is to slightly reduce the frequancy of the prisons. (but again make sure it's a ways off so i've had my fun first) :)

#880943 top bar acting weird

Posted by awollsd on 23 July 2014 - 21:37

this happens when scripts fail to load. usualy fixes with a refresh but not in this case so it's defenently a bug

#878470 since talk of balance/talents....

Posted by awollsd on 11 July 2014 - 19:45

yeah i know healers are ok but i would like to bring up 1 talent in perticular... (well i guess mention 2 but focus on 1)


Prophecy...  increases mana rageneration 2/4/6 percent per piece of light armor..   


without this skill mana regen during combat is 8.12 for me. so that means for 3 talent points i can get 2.9 mana per second....


i know prophets can go into mage tree and get the haste for wearing light armor... but does that mean we should have  a totaly useless talent???


ontop of that body and soul... give a target that is healed "manalized" and increase their mana regen 80% 


so most people have about 8% mana regen during combat...  and lets say i have prophecy talent (waste 3 points) i'ld have about 11 mana per second.. so for another point i can have a whole 19 mana per second for 4 points... 3 in prophecy and 1 in body and soul....


both talents are completly wasted  really should concider changing them :) 





now dont get me wrong i know other things are more important (like fixing the mage class) but thought these deserved a mention/look :)

#878292 minor boss dialogue

Posted by awollsd on 11 July 2014 - 00:20

this really gets to me during ASV...  the third boss there the gaurdian or what ever he's called....


every 10 seconds


"you're making me angry"

"You're making me angry"

"You're Making me angry"




how about changing that a bit.. and prehaps making it on all bosses....   threw the fight give them like 5 or more lines to say randomly some smack talking like for the above mentioned boss he could say things like


"are you having fun i'm getting bored...."

"how did you make it this far... you're so weak"


or just things like that (nothing too rude as lil one's play)  then as he's getting close to enrage timer he could say the above "you're making me angry" but how about a little veriaty there too?  then after he enrages he could say things like 


"ok this has gone on long enough prepare to die"  or some crap like that.

#875140 specific detailed suggestions for the snapshot thread.....

Posted by awollsd on 24 June 2014 - 04:50

ok since mine and most peoples posts pertained to veriety and giving  back freedom's to with more build possibilities I would like to re-post some of my old suggestions and maybe get a response from HCS this time....


the first and biggest/best imo is re-working attributes...  I've posted about this a few times so i'll simply state the suggested change and not the reasoning's and benefits



Vitality = Add maximum health and increase health regen. 
◾Change to- Add max health, increase health regen, and add to armor/deffences (something like 0.5% in each deffence per point so 40 points would give 20% melee, ranged, spell deffence this is not the numbers that would be used just as an example..) would neen to SLIGHTLY reduce amounts given by armors. 
Energy= Increase maximum mana and mana regen
◾Change to- Increase maximum mana and mana regen, and increase haste (set it to what haste from atributes was before you nerfed it OR set it a little higher but reduces haste from equips some), and add to healing power (maybe will need to test it)
Focus = increased accuracy and crit chance
◾Change it to - Increase accuracy and crit chance, and increase your dodge rates. 
Melee, Sorc, and ranged = Increase attack power, haste, and dodge rate.... 
◾Change them to - increase attack power and crit chance 
2nd being guilds/guild systems
personaly i would be happy with just a basic guild system....that being guild tags by names, guild window showing members/ranks/levels and a tab to see aplications to refuse or accept...
but it would be much better if had other things like guild buildings, there should be a guild bank that the items from there became guild bound, there should be a guild alter or comand center or something that people could donate resources to upgrade, there should be guild buff's that are gotten from the level of your alter/comand center or even other buildings, and guild resource zones that guilds could fight over some zones would be with gathering nodes some with mobs/bosses each giving apropriate rewards/bonus's  and possibly even guild housing.
but really in the end i would be extremely happy with just the atribute changes....  it's so stale and limits builds so much currently..  lets give people REAL options and REAL choices... split it so no more doing everything and finaly have to CHOOSE

#875132 Add anonymous login/accept friend requests, disable homestone/remote stash/et...

Posted by awollsd on 24 June 2014 - 04:21

alternate suggestion.......  only allow people to spend XXX time in trappers?



I would say make it only open at certain times of day (easiest to do) but then people would get screwed based on time zone + would mean pve and pvp players was always there at same time as it's the only time can enter....


but say everyone gets 1 hour per day or even 2 hours....  then a pve player could enter see pvp'ers there and think eh I don't want to pvp i'll come back later.  the pvp players may have spent their allotted time there making it safe or atleast safer when the pve player returns.



just an idea like I said before I don't do any gathering/crafting nor do I care too much about pvp (atleast not till it's totally fixed) so these idea's don't effect me any but this suggestion sounds like something that could work... I mean hell if you're smuggeling goods you couldn't really spend all day every day doing it or you'ld get caught anyway ;)

#875122 Add anonymous login/accept friend requests, disable homestone/remote stash/et...

Posted by awollsd on 24 June 2014 - 03:50

strange you offer 2 suggestions in the title of the topic but don't mention either in the post but then go on to suggest a different 3rd options...


though out of the 3 I would vote for the 3rd, having to accept friend requests. about the other 2  1st remove double gather = I vote no and I don't gather  2nd being anonymous log in... I don't vote as I personaly don't like it I want to be able to see who is on but I guess I understand why some would want it so wouldn't vote against it either.

#874862 Gold for quests at cap

Posted by awollsd on 23 June 2014 - 01:48

Alternate suggestion, and possibly easier to implement and balance....


change quest rewards. give players 3 options on each quest for exp/gold gain


1st = higher exp earned

2nd = average exp/gold earned

3rd = higher gold earned


so example Quest XXXX currently gives 9.5k exp and 15g the options would be

1st: 12,000 exp 5g

2nd: 9,500 exp 15g

3rd: 4,000 exp 30g


so players both leveling and capped could choose the option that best suit them. pick more exp to lvl faster pick balanced or pick more gold to level slower but be able to purchase more things/repair more.

#874342 Queuing at high level not Utilise

Posted by awollsd on 20 June 2014 - 07:04

the ability to que for multiple dungeons would be great too

#873999 Low Level Characters Need Bigger PvP Buff

Posted by awollsd on 19 June 2014 - 06:42

i'ld repeat what I've suggested (as it hasn't been declined or confirmed)


when a player enters pvp they are given attribute and talent points (temporarily) they would get the amount remaining from their level to the level cap. they would have time to set these atrib/talents. upon leaving the pvp zone (either Trappers or pvp arena's) they would lose them temporary points.


they would leave the current normalization in to make up for gear differences. (maybe adjust it some if needed)


they would also make it possible to "save" so when you entered you'ld have the option to load what you set the points in instead of having to re-set them every time.



that would be the best way there isn't the  population needed to support tiered pvp and with this it wouldn't be needed.

#871388 Why I'm Upset About Templar Changes

Posted by awollsd on 02 June 2014 - 18:05

We're already looking at ways to help Templars cope with bearing the brunt of the repair costs (the 10% repair reduction was part of that) so we can certainly look at other ways for them to generate and hold aggro now that Despair has been fixed. I'm a (low level) Templar myself and I have definitely struggled to hold aggro when dealing with multiple enemies.


The good thing is that now Despair has been fixed, it's exposed a problem that we might not have been fully aware of before. If tanks are relying on a bug to maintain their threat, that's not a true solution & it's just masking an underlying issue.

wait..... so changing despair made you aware of the tank problem with agro and such but ALL The posts didn't... there's been several posts regarding the issue and some suggestions to correct it 


(curious did changing despair somehow alert you of the issue with tanks being boring aswell? perhaps can work on also making them a more fun class to play so more will chose it...?) 

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