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In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

03 October 2022 - 02:55

Welcome back zvassbinder. I missed you

:wub: :wub:

In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

20 April 2022 - 18:24

I just quit so idc what happens at this point enjoy your game with no competition for many more years to come.

In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

20 April 2022 - 16:45

While we're cherry-picking activity, I just want to put DF's current online members here. What an incredible opportunity for the other gangs, who have more members online right now, to do something.




Because DF was able to create a fun, welcoming community that interact over both Legacy and Discord, as well as play several different games together, does not mean that the game should be shut down. There are 3 different gangs who are fully capable of changing the tides of the game, however due to poor leadership and rally efforts, this has seemingly become an impossible task.


I may also remind the readers that the reign of the Dark Flame is not even the longest-lasting reign of power that the Wasteland has seen, with BOD still having the record of 8 maps, which at the time accumulated to 2 years of dominance. Dark Flame is still several months away from even matching this record.


Change comes from within, and asking for the game to be shut down as a result of your inability to rally your members is childish, and frankly should be laughed off by anyone who has the control that you are trying to reach.

*deleted* way to only show dfs online people not the other gangs also.


During the bod reign it was never this bad pull up the maps look at the difference in points

In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

20 April 2022 - 16:38

DF do have alot of active people, but as a gang we make it inviting for people to be part of the gang, those pictures are during a massive coordinated WL event, during our off hours we are out numbered.

DF is a good gang and very active, no denying this.

But the other leadership have failed massively on rallying people and making the right choices to put their gangs in the best position possible.

For example,

Had OC went to 1,12 I think it is, and blocked the path to jammer, they could have controlled the jammer most of the map and had a large chunk of land NW and focused on containing DF and getting the ERS.

If BoD went to where OC is now, they could of controlled the NE and held the hospital more often then not and focused on grabbing land through the middle of the map.

TC is in a good position to push for ERS, instead they prioritize securing around HQ and hospital, which gets them far less points and gives DF alot more from holding onto the objective.

Another big blunder is the fact that the other gangs didn't prioritize taking out the power plants DF built, having 2 power plants allows DF to use the ERS in the evening which allows them to make massive pushes and control the WL.

Had the other gang leadership done some of these things, this map could of had a very different outcome.

Instead they all made the worst choices and handed DF the map with minimal effort.

Also, instead of considering the choices made and how it has lead to this situation, there is alot of whining and complaining coming from certain individuals on the game, no one wants to participate and help a gang when the leaders are crying on sidechat, this isn't how you rally people and get people interested.

If you check the amount of people that log in from each gang, I suspect the numbers between OC and DF will be very similar, this being said its important for a gang as a whole to give players a reason to join in and participate.

In conclusion, DF is a very powerful gang, but through out the history of Legacy, all gangs have come into power and fallen from power at some point, in my opinion, the other gangs currently have the ability to bring DF down, but this won't be achieved by complaining and whining, that I am sure of.

How where we supposed to move to 1,12 when at the start of map the 30+ df in wl. You phase killed us every time we were in wl for hours ? no matter how many times we came back 5+ would phase to the square and kill all members? You guys legit ruin the game. We can be on a Bod square or a TC square and you guys still come to kill people who arent even on your land.


Also Food here is one of the 2 people who sabotaged OC. He was leader made decision to attack DF breaking said agreement he made with them. Then left to the gang he pissed off (DF) which started the massive amount of players leaving OC that joined DF. He did this cause he was bored quoted from one his DF leadership who is one of the most trusted players on the game.


This is also a every weekend type of thing not just a once in awhile thing lets be honest boys

In Topic: Legacy- Needs balanced or shut down

17 April 2022 - 07:50

More evidence


The Chapter



Blade of Dawn






Dark Flame






Also to add we are on about hour 6 or 7 of this  (3:44am est)





(4:56 am est )




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