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In Topic: Another loss for us.

07 November 2014 - 14:54

:( very sad news...

In Topic: FrankNStein Dead age 64

24 October 2014 - 09:00


In Topic: PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

23 September 2014 - 14:31

hello lago,


first I want say thank you, you are third admin I see in many months here (BigGrim, Zorg and you)

I write this many times in this forum:

if there is proof of bullying then you game admins have power to deal with these players who bully others!

but changing whole gaming play for ALL pvpers because of these few pvpers who do bully (I not know which players) is WRONG


example: if 3 chinese do crime then is it fair to punish ALL chinise? answer of course is NO

please not say this not same because it is, few pvper do this bullying and you want punish ALL pvper!

if you say this no punishment then why are pvper against your idea?


and please: where is my old friend hoofmaster?

why not hoofmaster coming to forum here and saying yes, I agree with removing xp loss from all pvp?


sorry saying this but old hoofmaster I remembering would never do this and I still hoping he has not changed that much 180°


We can't punish players for playing the game within the limitations of the game mechanics, in this instance, using PvP to consistently attack other players. I don't see how removing XP loss from PvP and replacing it with, for example, PvPXP, would be much of an issue, and I feel would solve a lot of issues. :)

In Topic: PvP-Ladder Sollutions.

23 September 2014 - 12:58

BG, after seeing your posts responding to everyone against removing XP loss, I hace to ask a question, are you "discussing" this with us or you already made your decision ? Just to save our time posting about it

The XP loss is a critical issue which needs to be addressed. I think BigGrim has just been explaining why XP loss is such a plague right now to players looking simply to play the game, and not be victimised and have their gaming progress reversed by a few PvPers intent on de-levelling them as much as possible.


The issue to me seems to be:

- Players who aren't interested in pvp are being targeted and massively de-levelled, as an example, for simply stating an opinion on something. As such, they become frustrated and leave the game. (A de-leveller "troll")

On the other hand...

- Players who, for example, steal from a guild, can also be targeted and massively de-levelled for their actions.


Which is more vaild? Lets consider options here. :D

In Topic: 'BLOOD' a possible idea for Grims intended removal of xp loss from pvp.

23 September 2014 - 12:00

As doom said, I would place fixing an important part of the game before bug fixes.  After all the advertisment on the HCS site for fallensword states: "along your travels you will encounter fellow players who you can engage in battle against." 


As such, maybe just maybe can we shove everything else to the back burner and try and fix something that is quite important?


I don't see the problem? You can engage other players in battle. What is being discussed is the XP loss issue, not the fact PvP exists. :)

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